AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK” In An Elevator

AT&T’s yearlong “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign continues with this new set of ads. In one, an elevator doesn’t quite get out where it’s supposed to and a chatty guy talking about people getting stuck in elevators in the movies doesn’t help matters. Just OK doesn’t work when you’re skydiving. A sketchy tax “professional” who’s getting audited, takes a lot of trips to the Cayman Islands on his yacht “Offshore Accounts” and changed his name to Dennis Celery (he was Phil, but Phil is now legally dead after falling off a boat)? Not OK. By the way, Dennis Celery is played by Bob Stephenson (not Jim O’Heir as previously written). And finally, a wedding with a cringe-inducing pause before “I do” is not OK. I’ll add some more actor/actress info to this post when I find it.

1/13 update: The Cayman Islands objected to this commercial, and subsequent edits just referred to “islands” instead of The Caymans.



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13 Responses to AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK” In An Elevator

  1. KEVIN says:

    Who is the actress standing by the elevator door in ATT commercial? I remember seeing her in another commercial where she falls or on a table or something like that few years ago. Thanks.

  2. Phil says:

    Dennis Celery for President 2020.

  3. Steve says:

    That is definitely NOT Jim O’Heir. His name is Bob. Same guy in the Geico “Unexpected Lawn Mowing Win” spot. Not sure of his last name.

  4. Rob G. says:

    I dislike this campaign for the fact that it is anti-male. Like a lot of ads today, men are portrayed as idiots, losers, buffoons, schlubs and now, ‘just-okay’. Yes, there is one woman who can’t say ‘I do’, but she is not shown to be stupid, just ambivalent. Every other ad has a female character questioning the idiot, just-okay, man.

  5. Phillip Ammar says:

    The Cayman Islands can’t take a joke.
    Remember when Walter White on Breaking Bad told Jesse that he’d “send him to Belize” which is a reference to disappearing forever. Belize tourism embraced it and shared it on social media and it helped increase tourism there. Too bad Cayman Islands tourism is a bunch of whiners.

  6. Scott D Lorencen says:

    Who is the adorable gal in the AT&T ad with Dennis Celery?

  7. James Threlkeld says:

    Who is the actress in Ok tax preparation commercial by at&t ?

  8. Tom Austin says:

    I’m not a fan of most commercials , but I think these are hilarious. My favorite is the doc who just got reinstated ( well not actually) .

  9. Anthony says:

    We want to know the name of the young actress who is in the “Dennis Celery” AT&T commercial; we have been looking for about a week.. any clues to her identity? We though we saw her in something else, but can’t place her.

  10. Bruce Barden says:

    Every time I ask who the actress is in the Dennis Celery commercial is, it keeps putting up the actress that played “Lily”.

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