Lil Jon Promotes The Jimmy John’s Little John Sandwich

Jimmy John’s is introducing a skinny mini version of any of their original sandwiches. It’s $3, and it’s called the Little John. So who could be a natural person to pitch? I think you already know. YEAHHH!

What If Men Got Periods? Thinx Pictures It

In its first TV ad, aptly called “MENstruation”, Thinx imagines what would happen if males got periods. We open with a boy who emerges from the bathroom and awkwardly tells his dad that he thinks he got his period. A man rolls over in his bed and we see a blood spot. Another guy checks to make sure his white pants are still white, and pads fall out of an adolescent boy’s locker. Various other menstruation related scenes occur, before we finally end with a couple who’s getting hot and heavy. He briefly stops and tell her “I’m on my period”, before she smiles and says “me too.” The ad closes with the thought-provoking “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.” It’s certainly an interesting an memorable spot, created by BBDO New York. Here’s more about it from Adweek.

Geico: These Young Women Get Griswalda The Witch As Their Third Roommate

One wanted a roommate who would help with the cooking, while the other wanted someone who loves cats. So the clear compromise is Griswalda the witch. We then cut to Griswalda cooking up a mystery pot in a kitchen full of black cats. When one of the women (Megan) tries Griswalda’s unknown brew, it ends up turning her into a cat. Besides, it could have used a little salt. Then, the other roommate ends up teasing Megan with a cat toy. Not nice! It’s another amusing spot for “Geicoween.” And also, Geico added some cooking videos with Griswalda. Megan Cournoyer plays Megan…anyone know who plays her roommate or Griswalda?

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