Tuesday Throwback: Marty And Joe Go Krogering

Hall of Fame announcer Marty Brennaman will be calling his last series for the Cincinnati Reds starting tonight. Growing up in Cincinnati, Kroger commercials starring Marty and his long-term booth partner Joe Nuxhall were omnipresent. This spot from 1994 is the one that I remember the best, and also the first result that came up on YouTube when I searched “Marty and Joe Kroger.” So farewell, Marty. It’s been a good time.

Farmers Insurance Visits Sesame Street

In honor of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary, Farmers Insurance has put together this cute campaign featuring some classic characters. Farmers Insurance will cover Cookie Monster’s broken cookie jar (or 4) and Grover/Super Grover’s many mishaps. Bert plays the straight man who only wears ties to the annual paper clip convention, Ernie lost his rubber duckie, and Count counts. Plus, an appearance from Mr. Johnson! Good stuff.

Allstate’s Mayhem Is A Cat

Allstate’s Mayhem (Dean Winters) takes a new form in this spot…he’s a playful, but scheming and destructive cat. See, he’s been plotting to destroy you ever since you took him home. He’ll drink from the sink and cause your bathroom to flood (which will also collapse the ceiling), he’ll eat your bird, and he’ll randomly knock stuff off tables. It’s a billion years of tiger DNA just getting ready to pounce. Of course, he’ll also be real cute when doing all of this. Allstate makes a funny commercial here, and I’m pretty surprised that it took so long for Mayhem to be a cat. Meow!

Tuesday Throwback: Eddie Money And Geico Have Got Two Tickets To Paradise

Rocker Eddie Money, performer of fratty classics such as “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Two Tickets To Paradise”, died on Friday at the age of 70. In this 2012 Geico ad, Eddie Money happily runs a travel agency. He gleefully sings to a family that he’s got two tickets to paradise…of course though it’s a family of four. Hah.

AT&T: Boy Bands Without Dancing Are Just OK

Well, I’m back after an unplanned hiatus. AT&T continues its “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign with this spot that features a confounding boy band. See, they sing catchy songs…but they don’t dance. They just stand in a still, robotic pose. And that’s just pretty awkward. What’s also awkward is that dad’s dancing…eek. Judging from the comments on this ad, people really like the song about a summertime lover. The actor/actress list for this one is quite long, so I’ll just link to iSpot’s info.

That Amazon Prime Band Practice Commercial With “Ave Maria”

If I had to pick one thing from this new Amazon Prime ad to be offended by, it would probably be that guitarist kid’s ridiculously stupid hair. But I’m not a Catholic, and judging by the comments on iSpot, a whole lot of Catholics are offended by the song choice of Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” The readers of this blog tend to be an opinionated lot…so what say you? Also, anyone know who’s singing “Ave Maria” here? She has a beautiful voice.

Progressive Presents “At Home With Baker Mayfield”

Swagger-filled Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is one of the NFL’s young shining stars. And now Progressive is featuring him in a new campaign. In “At Home With Baker Mayfield”, we see Baker mow the lawn of “his home” while a befuddled groundskeeper looks on. And a pesky circuit breaker gives Baker trouble while his wife Emily tries to make a smoothie. Here’s more about the campaign from Adweek.

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