Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Get The Most Of Your iPhone 11 Pro With AT&T

Here we catch up with Gordon Ramsay cooking up samples at a Costco-esque store. A couple approaches him as he’s making quesadillas and the woman snaps a picture. The guy quips that handing out samples seems like just “an OK use of your culinary talents, dude.” Gordon strikes back that it’s like getting a brand new iPhone, but not pairing it with AT&T. He also smacks the guy’s hand when he tries to grab a quesadilla with his grubby fingers. It’s not a buffet after all…use a cocktail stick! The man is played by Darrell Britt-Gibson and the wise-cracking woman is Jackie Preciado.

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16 Responses to Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Get The Most Of Your iPhone 11 Pro With AT&T

  1. I’ve been furiously searching the web trying to figure out who she as well but no luck 😦

  2. Cv says:

    I agree and have been trying to fiqure it out – i thought at first it was Esther Povitsky
    But can not confirm

  3. David says:

    Hi. I believe the female in this at&t Gordon Ramsay commercial, also appears as a Nurse in a previous at&t commercial called “OK Surgeon”. From the “It’s Not OK” at&t commercial themes. Google it, she’s a scene stealer in all her short performances! She deserves some props, looking forward to anything new she has coming out.

  4. John says:

    The woman is Jackie Preciado

  5. LittleBear says:

    I love this commercial! It time I see it I am fixated on watching the facial expressions of the overly ready to munch guy or the hilarious words and expressions of the young lady! Every time I watch find myself saying; “Use the cocktail stick!” One of the best commercials to date!

  6. Jason says:

    Ugh not another one of these commercials….🤮

  7. TahoeDave says:

    Especially like the way the young lady affects Ramsay’s accent when chastising her companion with those immortal words, “Use a cocktail stick!”

    Back in the day we called these things toothpicks….

    • larry wheeler says:

      I agree – love the accent – and ‘use the cocktail stick’ could become one of the top lines in our history.
      today we are engaged in a great ci…..
      ask not what your country……..
      we have nothing to fear but……
      I had never heard of Jackie until yesterday and after a bit of research the following may be stated.
      not only pretty, but extremely talented and intelligent
      actress, producer and has had real jobs
      loves animals especially dogs
      very very very funny
      long time tweeter – i hang on her every word and have read all she has tweeted ( even if i had a life, i would do this) – funny thing is she has been tweeting (albeit rarely) about gordon ramsay for years
      She had an affair with a amazon drone back in 2013 (or so) – way ahead of her time
      if she wasn’t so beautiful, sexy, and talented this would ruin her for me – she knows ron jeremy
      did i mention that she plays banjo
      Do i love her – define love – ok, well, by any definition – got me
      I’m a sap – it’s the beauty and the smarts

  8. Bart Booperboop says:

    That actress is so annoying at the end I wanna stab her with a “Cocktail Stick”

  9. JUNE SCHIADA says:

    The girl made this commercial! The guy who wants to stab her is wrong. She played off the story and was so cute! I love watching this commercial and I have a dvr and can pass by all commercials!

  10. Little Bear says:

    She sure did make this commercial! I love how even the guy she is with does a double take of her! Totally threw him off guard! Gosh she was funny!

  11. shame they cut off the last two frames, where the guy backhands her

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