This Boy Loves Golden Corral’s New York Strip And Butterfly Shrimp

Golden Corral’s carved NY strip and jumbo butterfly shrimp make him feel like a real New Yorker, which he expresses with a stereotypical “Eh, I’m eatin’ here!” when his mom tries to swipe some fries. The real question here: is the kid and the ad funny, or are they just annoying? Since Golden Corral seems to update their YouTube page as much as they change out their tray of mac & cheese, it’s not up yet…so here’s a link to iSpot.


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14 Responses to This Boy Loves Golden Corral’s New York Strip And Butterfly Shrimp

  1. toad says:

    Annoying, mainly because the kid appears to be thinking the words, yet the entire table bursts into laughter at his Ratso Rizzo mind accent.

  2. Salandra says:

    Take that stupid commercial off of the air. We support Golden Corral in Florida all year long and you are catering to the New Yorkers…Stupid..

  3. Salvstore says:

    I find your new New York commercial very disturbing especially to those Floridians that support Golden Corral all year long. Frankly weare never happy that they are here and hope and pray they never come back as they are the most rude and mean people on this Earth. And believe me when I say Florida will survive verynicely

  4. Sal says:

    We do not appreciate this commercial. You can take that commercial off the sir and send ALL the New Yorkers back AND KEEP THEM THERE FOREVER . Florida will do just fine without them and their money and be a lot happier without their rudeness.

  5. Shsron says:

    Unbelievably..I don’t believe you are so dumb that you would put a commercial like this one on the air. Who thought this one up a New Yorker on vacation in Florida because it is being crammed down our throats each and every day and we are petty sick and tired of it. Along with the NOT WANTED mass of rude New Yorkers each winter.

  6. Salsndra says:

    Three different people stupid

  7. Salandra says:

    Three different people stupid

  8. hot genius says:

    This anti-NY thing seems to be the long overdue Trump backlash! Finally, America is waking up to the horrors of The Orange Nightmare!

  9. allen says:

    I love watching near the end of the commercial the kids can’t cut through the poor cut of meat on the plate

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