Downy: This Mom Gets The Wrong Message From Her Daughter’s Wrinkly Clothes

This Downy commercial has been out for almost 2 months now, but I just saw it for the first time. A teenage boy is returning his date back to her house. Their clothes are wrinkled and he comments “those darn seatbelts got me all crumpled up.” Her mom comes to the door, sees their wrinkled appearance, and angrily pulls her inside. Seems that she thinks there was a specific reason they got all wrinkly. Whoops. So he uses Downy WrinkleGuard, and their clothes look much better. She did leave a lipstick mark on his neck though. Commenters on iSpot aren’t fans…what say you? The boy is played by Ryan Connors, girl is played by Ashley Boettcher, and her mom Mrs. Patterson is Heather Simpson. The song playing is “Teenage Love” by Kimball Coburn.

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15 Responses to Downy: This Mom Gets The Wrong Message From Her Daughter’s Wrinkly Clothes

  1. Raylene van Rijn says:

    This commercial makes me not want to buy Downy! The message that this commercial portrays is all wrong on so many levels. Jump to conclusions, embarrass the daughter and treat her in a hostile manner, glaring at an innocent young man and embarrassing him. This mother is a total bitch! It’s not funny!

  2. Laura says:

    I totally agree. Why does the mother need to be so ignorant? Great lesson to teach your daughter. Look how shallow we are!!

  3. Judy smith says:

    Don’t like it

  4. Judy smith says:

    Don’t like it mother overreact treating her daughter so mean yanking her arm. Take it down

  5. Phyllis Bookbinder says:

    This commercial sends the wrong message. The young man was being polite and was doing the right thing by using his seatbelt. The mother was rude and judgmental. When he returns from another date he is rewarded for not having a wrinkle shirt, well maybe he didn’t wear his seat belt for fear of her mother’s rathe. Maybe it wasn’t wrinkle guard at all. Bad message.

    • Kevin says:

      Except that, when the daughter left the house, her clothes were wrinkle free but upon her (first) return, the GIRL’S (and boy’s) clothes are badly wrinkled, far beyond what seatbelts can do, so obviously something was going on that the mother was unhappy with.

      • leanlulu says:

        If that is the case, realistically, the mother would not allow the daughter on a second date. This commercial is wrong on all levels, including logically and due to the violent message of wrenching the daughter’s arm. Unacceptable, please remove.

  6. Andrew Foreman says:

    a little “rough” on the mother’s part yanking the young girl into the house! like really????

  7. KK says:

    I thought the mother was very judgmental about his appearance and very “snobby” –didn’t think of her thinking he was wrinkled because of them fooling around. That puts a different spin on it.

  8. leanlulu says:

    The mother is violent. Unacceptable message.

  9. subzero says:

    the mom looks upset and ready to spank her daughter behind closed doors

  10. Susan E Kumpe says:

    I agree, The mother is violent and abusive and makes me concerned for what she did to the daughter behind closed doors. I mute the TV every time it comes on. The commercial should be removed or remade with a different actor for the mother to make it not so violent.

  11. Ron says:

    Nasty, controlling mother.
    What makes you want to buy the product?

  12. Edna Haney says:

    The mom in this commercial is sending the wrong message…she is downright MEAN!!

  13. Savannah says:

    So does the mother use Downy wrinkle guard on the daughter’s clothes after this incident as well?? She was clearly wrinkled just as much as the guy upon returning home the first time. How not the second time? Hate this commercial.

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