That Amazon Prime Band Practice Commercial With “Ave Maria”

If I had to pick one thing from this new Amazon Prime ad to be offended by, it would probably be that guitarist kid’s ridiculously stupid hair. But I’m not a Catholic, and judging by the comments on iSpot, a whole lot of Catholics are offended by the song choice of Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” The readers of this blog tend to be an opinionated lot…so what say you? Also, anyone know who’s singing “Ave Maria” here? She has a beautiful voice.

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240 Responses to That Amazon Prime Band Practice Commercial With “Ave Maria”

  1. JH says:

    Offensive is maybe a strong word. I am Catholic and it is weird and repugnant to have a song that hails the Mother of God – yes – used to sell product.
    I am not some snowflake but this just strikes me as incredibly tone deaf.

    • Dave R says:

      Interesting and good you asked the way you did, cause some people on here just damn, mean, or extremist… I have Catholics and other religions, and some not so mixed in the family. Some though it was fine, some didnt like it and some “got it”, the ones who “got it” said the guy was listening to the song in peace using the headphones by blocking out the world. Yes a stretch but they were trying to show peace can still be heard among the noise.. Thats how most in my family took it anyway.

    • Edelmira Espinosa says:

      You’re right I don’t think a song like Ave Maria should be played for commercial reasons…There are so many more commercial songs that would have sound so much appropriate for that commercial they should change it definitely not only because it is our “mother’s” song but because it really doesn’t match the commercial, I don’t see the connection…

      • Kristen Lester says:

        I get what they were trying to do but the choice of Ave Maria was poor. I’m not Catholic, but my parents were and it was played at their memorial services (and those of many others) so it doesn’t conjure up consumerism in me.

      • Mary Geiger says:

        Do you complain about Christmas (religious) songs used during Christmas commercials?

      • Karen OHara says:

        Frankly, yes I do complain. I do not care for the exploitation of another person’s religion nor spiritual beliefs. Also Ave Maria is used at a lot of funerals so the whole idea of using it for such ridiculous exploitation is offensive. I think Bezos has enough money without having to use his business for such exploitation and he over-exploits people at all levels most particularly his employees.

      • Kathleen Doyle Murphy says:

        I think it should be played anywhere and everywhere. It is so beautiful.

    • Kathleen says:

      I agree. I am not religious but I find this immensely disrespectful. Would you have people saying kaddish over broken toys?

      • mary moore says:

        I am Catholic and love that they chose “Ave Maria”, I’m not offended at all. Everytime the commercial airs, I stop and say a Hail Mary…Love that they used this song.

    • Carol Hamilton says:

      I agree. feels wrong, just had it sung at my husbands funeral.

    • SL says:

      Most importantly, this is a VERY STRONG reminder of the loss of loved ones. Most Churches play this at funerals. My Boyfriend is terribly troubled by this commercial as it reminds him of his Dad’s funeral when he just five years old…me, My Grandmother. Can’t you find another “peaceful” song to use??? It’s extremely hurtful without a TRUE purpose…selling a product. Please consider yanking it and replacing it.

    • Frances Eckert says:

      Completely tone deaf, and reveals that these people have no clue the significance of the piece. They could have used any of hundreds of secular classical pieces, someone just liked this.

      • Anthony Diodati says:

        Yeah, there is a lot of songs they could have used?
        Everyone is wondering who is singing it, do you happen to know?

      • kirk says:

        Similar to Ave Maria by Leona Lewis on her Christmas album. Piano accompanied and beautifully done

    • Karen OHara says:

      Well I have to agree particularly since my grandmother picked that exact recording to be played at the end of her funeral. It just breaks my heart to hear it – let alone see it being exploited by Jeff Bezos.

    • Cathy Tozzi says:

      I am also Catholic and was quite touched to hear the Ave Maria on a TV commercial, or I should say I was very happy to hear The Virgin Mother get some coverage. “AVE MARIA” , Mary mother of God.

    • CK says:

      I was raised Catholic and although I know longer subscribe, I find the use of this Catholic hymn a disgrace. There are countless pieces of music that could have been used to convey the message. Why chose this one? I have to think it was chosen by someone young and clueless. Would someone who knew what the hymn is abut select it. If so, it makes it all the more offensive. I cringe every time I hear it. It was my Mother’s favorite hymn, the one piece of music she asked to be played at her funeral. She’d be rolling in her grave if she knew how it was being used.

    • Maria O’Donnell says:

      I am a catholic and I loved this when I heard it especially in month of October. It makes people think of their faith that maybe have not practiced for a time. God works in mysterious ways.

      • Jason says:

        No, it doesn’t. It makes people cringe when they remember their mother, grandmother, or some other (usually female) relative died.

    • Nana says:

      Maybe, just maybe, it will someone’s heart that normally doesn’t believe.

    • Edelmira Espinosa says:

      Agree, Amazon made the worse choice ever, and on top of being
      disrespectful it doesn’t even match the scenes shown, this is ludicrous.

    • Jason says:

      It’s not offensive because of religion, per se. it’s offensive because it’s a funeral song. For people who just lost a loved one, when that stupid commercial (stupid because it’s not amusing, thought provoking, or meaningful) comes on, they get upset. What imbecile ad rep decided on this ? I mean that. It’s not a vent, it’s not a snowflake cry, it’s a legitimate ‘what dumbass thought this made sense’ question.

      • Karen says:

        Thanks Jason. I couldn’t agree more. They use this song to sell their services. It is so unnecessary to exploit the feelings some people experience hearing this song.

  2. Johnny says:

    I just saw the commercial and am trying to find out the same thing

  3. Catherine Csongei says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Amazon chose to use The Ave Maria for this ad? What is the ad about in the first place? This hymn is an expression of my faith and not background music for two stupid kids with frizzed out hair.

    • Susan Rayburn says:

      “Two stupid kids with frizzed out hair”. Pretty much the biggest asshole response i’ve seen in a while. The kids are stupid and their hair is “frizzed out”. Jesus, what an asshole you are. Is saying racist and mean spirited shit an expression of your faith, too?

      • Dave G says:

        Boy are you an angry liberal that has some serious issues. Nothing racist was said in Catherine’s comment. The commercial is highly insensitive to Catholics. If a similar insensitive to the Muslim faith commercial was made I’m sure you would be on here raising holy he’ll about that. But I guess it’s a sign of the times.

      • Dave R says:

        Wow Dave G you seem equally angry. I know a lot of liberal and conservative Catholics, I agree the response is a little mean spirited but what did they say that makes you think they are liberal.. Many of the worst offenses were done by “conservatives” so it’s odd you make that leap. I also might add kinda odd you throw the Muslim card when you have no evidence she’s Muslim.. Interesting and equally ignorant..

      • michael says:

        Geez what a bitch.

      • Catherine Csongei says:

        Susan clean out your mouth and get over yourself. Define a____e response, racism , and expression of faith. Free. Speech baby it applies to me too.

    • Dissenter says:

      How do you know those kids are stupid?

    • kakryn s. says:

      The “two stupid kids with frizzed out hair” are child actors working in a TV commercial. They aren’t REAL people and are not deserving of your ire. As for the meaning of the ad, I think Dave R. (above) got it right when he said that the commercial is trying to show that using those noise cancelling earphones would eliminate all the obnoxious extraneous noise in the house. No need to be so angry over a simple TV commercial, as disagreeable as it might be for some of us. And the woman singing Avé Maria does have an angelic voice…..try to enjoy it when you hear it, instead of allowing yourself to feel and generate so many negative vibes.

  4. Renecca says:

    It’s 18 year old Connie Talbot singing the most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria i’ve ever heard.

    • Linda Joy says:

      Thank you. She sings beautifully.

      • Heather says:

        Agreed. Beautiful song. Can’t we look at it that a new world of people may find the music beautiful and inquire further as to this genre of music. Also, maybe in a world of chaos we get 15 seconds of peace and calm.

      • Karen OHara says:

        Yes, Heather there is nothing better than hearing music that means something to me and a lot of other people be used for exploitation to give the world peace and calm. Sorry for being sarcastic, but this music just reminds me about someone very special to me and seeing it used for exploitation to line the pockets of Jeff Bezos does not bring me any peace at all.

      • music lover says:

        Thank you. Love this version!

    • anibasuaelu says:

      Yes!!!!!!!! I am Roman Catholic and the Ave Maria is beautiful as a prayer, hymn, or classical music piece. I love hearing it on national tv. The young lady singing it has a heavenly voice. I would like to hear the complete piece performed by her. People, lighten up and enjoy the music. This is no different than Christmas music in commercials at Christmas. I much prefer this commercial to all the recent ones that show men on the toilet or at urinals. “Cure”? Let’s not erase this little bit of class.

      • anibasuaelu says:

        BTW Today, September 8, is the Blessed Mother’s birthday!

      • MD Walton says:

        It’s unfortunate that we have become so judgmental that some claim to Schubert’s classic, “Ave Maria” as the sole property of the Church. Did the church contract the composer to write it for the sole use in Catholic services? Regardless of what memories it conjures up for you, don’t be so critical of how others receive it. It was beautifully done at Obama’s inauguration and how political was that to some. Some gave gone so far as to criticize the boy’s hairstyle. I like the commercial and I am an Amazon Prime shopper. The best thing about the commercial for me, is the look of contentment and peace of guy listening to a beautiful song. Live your life! But as Christ taught, don’t be so judgmental of others.

    • Cheryl Miles says:

      Thats not Connie Talbot singing Ave Maria – Its Jackie Evancho

    • Barbara says:

      Beautiful piece of music and has nothing to do with Catho.ic. Its clasd8cal music period. The young lady singing is fantastic.

    • Patricia Johnston says:

      Thank you. I thought so too! She is fantastic!

    • rick says:

      Nope……It’s not her. It’s Leona Lewis.

    • Judy Ford says:

      Am not catholic, but do understand the importance of the annunciation in protestant terms. However that may be, this is a beautiful song written about one of the most important events in human history, and such a stunning version of the Ave Maria. I feel peace every time I hear it. Maybe it can even be used to draw someone to the faith. Amazon may have made a mistake in choosing the song, because it doesn’t attract me to what they are selling.

    • Elwood Myers says:

      I did sound hound app and came up with Anaele Dubeau.

    • Nadine Beland says:

      Thank you !! It is beautiful !! Always wanted to know who song this song !!!

  5. Kathleen Barbera-Keen says:

    To trivialize “The Annunciation”, which is what “Ave Maria” is about: The greeting of Mary, by the Angel telling her that she has been chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, is a reduction of the sacred to the commercial.
    Can we not be sensitive to and respectful of one another’s areas of sanctity?
    I am DEEPLY offended by the cavalier use of this sacred moment in biblical history and origin of the Birth of Our Lord, God made Man, thru Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

    • Joanne Schihl says:

      I agree with you Kathleen Barbera-Keen! Amazon is absolutely WRONG to use the Ave Maria in this way!!!

      • Susan says:

        I also agree with Kathleen Barbera-Keen! The Ave Maria should not be used in this commercial presented by Amazon Prime. It, too, offends me! Please replace the Ave Maria with another song.

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with you Kathleen. Amazon is about selling their products and nothing else. They used the sacred to sell their product. Very disrespectful to say the least.

  6. Tj says:

    Amira Willighagen
    Unbelievable huh?

  7. Rena Lantz says:

    Why would you have a beautiful song like Ava Maria on a horrible comerical? Please remove this from the air it offends me .This is a tribute to The Blessed Mother and should be shown the respect for its intended use. This is a poor choice snd whi ever ok’d this was totally off the mark. Please remove this song from this comerical.

    • Susan says:

      Rena Lantz, you are SO right!

    • Nancy Williams says:

      To me, it was the perfect choice of music. What better time to commune with peace than during this noisy, turbulent time going on in our world today. I’m not Catholic, but I appreciate beautiful music performed beautifully.

      • Lyn Santos says:

        Ava Maria sung by Laurn B. Rings . when I first saw the commercial I was offended too but the 2nd time I saw it…I realized the man with the headphones was listening to this song and smiling. Also the more people see this commercial…maybe they will think of Jesus and His mother. So….its all good.

  8. Donald Trump says:

    Barbara Bonney is the soprano in the commercial.

    • Mary S says:

      While I think another song could have been chosen as a Practicing Catholic I am going to say Good Job Amazon. Maybe this little piece of a very blessed song will make someone want to hear more of it, find it and want to learn more about it and then learns more about our faith. Let’s look at the possibility of good coming out of this choice

  9. Harold Stewart says:

    I’m not offended, at all! I just want to know wno is singing Ave Maria! so beautiful!

  10. Sheryl Stoner says:


    • Kathleen Wills says:

      I don’t think it’s Evancho, either. Jackie’s tone is a bit more nasally than this singer. It’s Barbara Bonney

      • Jaime says:

        It’s not Barbara Bonney. She’s classically trained, this singer isn’t. There are several poor diction and style choices.

  11. Carla Stewart says:

    Iam confused. Out of so many beautiful, peaceful songs we have at our disposal, why did they choose a song about the blessed Mother and why would they play something for a child getting a drum set or hair gel that was sung at my mother’s funeral?
    Please advise..

  12. Lisa says:

    Definitely could have picked a different song for this commercial. Not appropriate in my opinion to use this some to sell a product. Disappointed in Amazon for this.

  13. Dessenter says:

    You people who are offended really need to get over yourselves. You Catholics don’t own the song. Let me make a suggestion. Take care of your shit in your own houses. Or should I spell it out for all of you?

    • A Catholic says:

      Ave Maria is the prayer more commonly known as the “Hail Mary”; the words are not just lyrics to a song. We don’t “own” it, but it is a sacred part of our faith.

  14. Linda says:

    I’ve been a customer of Amazon since the early 2000’s. More and more they’re my refuge especially when trying to locate difficult items. I’ll remain loyal but I must say something about the Prime commercial using Schubert’s Ave Maria for an add campaign. I’m offended. And not just because I’m a Catholic. Schubert’s piece is a form of the Hail Mary prayer preformed in Latin. The commercial is cheep, and as I said, offensive. Amazon needs to discontinue airing this travesty. They’re not gonna loose any money if they do.

  15. EM says:

    Totally offended that Amazon would pick Ave Maria for this commercial. Seems sacrilegious.

  16. Karen says:

    Peace among the chaos. What better song that Ava Maria. Honors our Mother

  17. Diane says:

    The soprano is Barbara Bonney.

    • Jaime says:

      That’s not Barbara Bonney. She’s a great operatic soprano, and this person makes loads of mistakes.

      • Lyn Santos says:

        Her name is Lauren B. Rings

      • Anthony Diodati says:

        Answer still the most annoying commercial that I’ve heard in the longest time 4 times they played the stupid thing, while Two and a Half Men was on. It’s sickening to me.
        I can’t bring the remote app up on my phone fast enough.

  18. James Raymer says:

    ….Don’t be an asshole – it’s only a commercial!!

  19. Mary L. says:

    This is so very sad and disrespectful to The
    Blessed Mother, and our Lord JESUS.
    Promoting products for sale at Amazon.
    This is Disgusting and Sacrilegious!!!!!!
    Please, remove this song out of decency.

  20. Sylvia Robert says:

    The singer is Molly Watson

  21. Kait says:

    This is very offensive to take a holy song and turn it into this!!!

  22. Tori says:

    I’d love to find out who sings Abe Maria in Amazons commercial.
    Let me know if you find out.

  23. Nancy C Gordon says:

    I think it’s highly inappropriate to be using Ave Maria in a commercial

  24. Mary Blough says:

    I actually called my daughter in Taiwan to see if she recorded her voice for the song! 🤣
    She is an opera singer and chorus director for Taipei American School.
    She said no, but had a good laugh. Her dad an I are a little unnerved by it. 😊
    It is beautiful and as a former catholic, it’s all good. 😊

    • Peace says:

      This song was written by Shubert, not by the Catholic church. Just because the church hijacked it centuries ago does not make it theirs. Get over yourselves. It is a clever commercial. And it nice to hear that music instead of drug ads during commercials

      • Rick says:

        I’m surprised at all these Catholics acting as if Amazon created a sacrilege but they are still condoning the actions of this Pope we now have.

  25. Marcouxpm1 says:

    I find it offensive It is a Catholic Song which is sung by chiors around Christmas Time It is also sung at Funerals.It makes me angry every time I hear it. Please take it off!

  26. Jael says:

    Maria Callas

  27. John Bass says:

    I found it offensive, all the music in the world and they pick a treasured Catholic hymn.

  28. Judy says:

    Don’t know about the kids hair gel but I love this singing.

  29. Comrade Binky says:

    I’m not a Catholic, rather a life-long musician and music lover. Yes, I find the use of Ave Maria
    to be offensive and inappropriate. Just because something is in the public domain doesn’t
    mean it should be used to save some royalty bucks. And why should they think anything as
    sublime as Ave Mariia be denigrated to advertise their insipid website.

  30. MARYANN says:


  31. Jaime says:

    Her version isn’t good. Her lLatin pronunciation is very American-sounding, her timing is off, and she scoops like it’s a pop song. Not offended by the choice of song – offended by the choice of classically untrained singer.

  32. CC says:

    It’s a beautiful song ! Get a grip people with all the crap on tv these days I find it refreshing to hear this music , forget the reason for it , try to enjoy it. I am a Catholic I am not offended in the least. I think I will write to Jeff Bezos to thank him and ask him to keep them coming. They could have used a better singer with a more accurate wording of “Maria” not an Americanized version.

  33. Riley says:

    So far, no one has guessed the artist singing Ave Maria. Please keep trying; I’d like to know as well.

  34. James O’Malley says:

    VERY Disrespectful.

  35. Sheila Clark says:

    It sounds like Maria Callas

  36. John Schmitt says:

    There is nothing more beautiful than the Ave. Do you have to complain about everything?

  37. Anthony Diodati says:

    I’m not offended by it, I just think it’s annoying
    It gets on my nerves, they play it every 5 minutes.

  38. Cyndy says:

    That’s what I wanted to know…who’s singing in this commercial. Beautiful.

  39. Fran deLaRue says:

    The closest thing I can find is Gisela. Seems to match the closest downloaded from Amazon mp3

  40. DIANE WARD says:

    (206) 266 – 1000

  41. Judith A Harl says:

    So bad using this beautiful song and stupid ignorant commercial Prime is rich enough ditch this commercial

  42. Jm says:

    I am Catholic. And it’s not that I am offended so much by the commercial as the fact they it makes no sense. That song is the most sacred Catholic song. It is used 99% of times AT FUNERALS. This is what all Catholics associate the song with, so it’s usage is just super ignorant. The guy on the couch smiling as he listens to it makes zero sense. They have totally missed the mark.

    • mj says:

      I am Catholic & DO NOT associate it with Funerals! We sing it various times during the year! I have heard it sung at weddings as well as Anniversaries

  43. Lyn Santos says:

    Ava Maria sung by Laurn B. Rings . when I first saw the commercial I was offended too but the 2nd time I saw it…I realized the man with the headphones was listening to this song and smiling. Also the more people see this commercial…maybe they will think of Jesus and His mother. So….its all good.

  44. Cathy says:

    Maria Ferrante

  45. Maxine S says:

    Loved the beautiful song, Amazon who is singing it?

  46. Elynoon says:

    The singer is Maureen Batt.

  47. Tracy says:

    I love this commercial. I am a Catholic and my aunt cantor’s for the church. When I hear this commercial it makes me smile because it reminds me of my aunt when she sings Ava Maria. Very similar yet different style. Beautifully done.

  48. TracyJ says:

    I love this commercial. I am a Catholic and my aunt cantor’s for the church. When I hear this commercial it makes me smile because it reminds me of my aunt when she sings Ava Maria. Very similar yet different style. Beautifully done.

  49. Lee Popham says:

    Yes the woman singing Ave Maria has a beautiful voice!!! I would love to hear the entire version by her. Who is she?

  50. Deb JOHNSON says:

    Who sings Ave Maria on Amazon commercial?

  51. Rosemary Scala says:

    Prime. Commercial with Ave Maria
    You should take this commercial
    Off the tv as The Ave Maria is a
    Sacred song for Catholics. I find this
    Offensive to all Catholics. Amazon
    Should have known better.

  52. Ralph Greer says:

    This highly revered hymn is representative of the Mother of Jesus and is being disrespected in your commercial and is shameful and used to promote your product. Shame on you and prime for your disregard of catholic and religious tradition. Ralph Greer and family


    Who is Singing Ave Maria in the Amazon

  54. Cathy Hoffman says:

    I am Catholic and love the commercial
    Being Cathic should not have anything to do with the singing of Ave Maria!
    Please let me know who is singing?

  55. Madison McFarland O'Neil says:

    I can’t understand why Amazon would select the religious song, “Ava Maria” to influence the “masses” to buy their inventory. Usually, Ava Maria is played at funerals. Perhaps one day we can play the song Ava Maria at Amazon’s demise. Just a thought.

  56. Sandy says:

    Her name very Mirusia.

  57. Linda says:

    I don’t who is singing this version, but it is absolutely gorgeous! I listened to the versions of all the names mentioned here so far, and I don’t think any of them are correct. I Shazam-ed it, and there were no results.
    I don’t care if she’s not professionally trained. I am, and I’ve never come close to her beautifully placed vowel sounds that are so open! It is stunning, and I wish someone could identify her b/c I definitely want to hear more.

    • Linda says:

      It might be Mirusia, but she rolls her r’s singing “Maria” every time, whereas the rendition in the commercial never does.

  58. Joseph Randazzo says:

    I’m offended that I can’t get rid of this annoying ad that keeps popping up on my phone.

  59. Joseph Randazzo says:

    I’m offended that I can’t get rid of this terribly annoying ad that keeps popping up on my phone.

  60. John says:

    She sings with an American accent. Wish I knew who she is.

  61. Liz says:

    I’m after the vocalist’s identity, too.
    Surely, even a pagan is able to appreciate a beautiful paean to The Mother.

  62. Séamas Breathnach says:

    Well, I am Catholic, a serious one at that, and I don’t understand why anyone should be offended because the commercial’s Dad is listening to Ave Maria. Maybe he is Catholic, or just enjoys beautiful music. If anything, it exposes more people to the music, and perhaps makes more people think about the Blessed Mother and thus, her Son.

    It’s not as if it is sacred music. The original work by Schubert, “Ellen’s dritter gesang” (Ellen’s third song) was never intended for liturgy or prayer, but was part of his Opus 52 based on Sir Walter Scott’s poem “Lady of the Lake.” The original words, apart from the words “Ave Maria” were entirely different too, though still a prayer to the Virgin.

    I would be more opposed to using Gregorian chant or sacred polyphony in such a context. I am not a fan of the numerous such recordings put out by various Monks and Nuns for secular consumption, because though while beautiful, it is sacred music intended for liturgy, not for popular meditation or relaxation.

    I’m not even so sure about Catholics using it as a backdrop to personal prayer, unless they are praying the Divine Office, which is at least liturgical prayer. I’m not strictly opposed to it either, though.

    The only thing about that setting of Ave Maria is that the lyrics are a popular traditional Catholic prayer, and the first half makes use of words in Scripture. But to inject prayer into the secular world can be a good thing, as long as the prayer is not mocked or diminished in the process. I don’t see that here, though I get why some do. it’s essentially using the Ave Maria prayer to sell Prime. But would they rather that commerce, society and culture be devoid of anything faith related, that we keep the faith in its own little box completely separate from the secular?

    We Catholics are supposed to be “leaven” in the world, bringing our faith into our communities, work, culture, etc. Maybe this accomplishes that in some small way.

    Or maybe it was just portraying a father getting a little peace amongst his chaotic family. And Mary has, after all, been called “Our Lady of Peace.”

    • Karen O'Hara says:

      Well that is you. For me it reminds me of my grandmother’s death. It is exploitation. They are using the song to SELL their product (i.e. services).

  63. Alan says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Amazon would just tell us who the artist is. It is a composition from the heavens and for the ages, and this rendition deserves proper credit. It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. Come on Jeff, give it up already.

  64. Lena Rotenberg says:

    I’m not Catholic but every time I hear this commercial it irritates me and I curse Amazon. Negative points. Not right to associate a religious song with consumerism.

  65. The Ave Maria singer sounds a lot like my daughter singing, she recorded it twice
    “Angelina” iTunes.

  66. Judith Brown says:

    Who is singing ‘Ave Maria’ in the Prime commercial? Awesome voice!

  67. Ron Lauda says:

    Sounds like Tarja Turunen, former singer of Finnish opera metal band Nightwish

      • Adam says:

        I am pretty confident it is not Turunen—the only recordings I have found of her singing it are in German, and the Amazon commercial is in Latin (note that it continues “gratia plena” rather than “jungfrau mild”).

      • judiecole says:

        Adam. I have a smart TV. It has a feature when a commercial comes on, you press a button down and speak into the microphone “who sings this song?” It pulls up her name photo and the album cover the song is on. Disagree all you want, but technology is pretty great.

  68. Marie Whitecotton says:

    REALLY, how do you sleep at night, how disrespectful, you is the big brain who thought this up? I”m sure they are overpaid and lack any common sense. forget “PRIME”!!!

    • Anthony R. Diodati says:

      IT’S ANNOYING!! I’M Sorry, But IT MAKES ME SICK!!!

    • mj says:

      Suggestion: you don’t approve or like commercial- CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

      FYI: WAS NOT composed as a “Religious Hymn “
      The father is listening to it on his headphones to drown out son’s guitar

      I am CATHOLIC & am NOT offended by use of song!

  69. Michael Anthony says:

    Ave Maria means Hail Mary in Latin, it is a sacred Catholic prayer. Yes, I am very offended by it, and will not order anything from Amazon for the near future in protest. There is always ebay and walmart, etc. There are so many other good songs they could have used.

  70. Theresa Post says:

    I’m Catholic and I’m not offended – it just makes me remember how beautiful this song is and inteflect upon this!

  71. Peg Behney says:

    Please take this ad off the air. I am a Catholic and love the Mother of Jesus. I think the playing of “Ave Maria” on a commercial like this is sacrilegious. It’s too beautiful and needs to be song in the proper venue. Not in a commercial to make money for a company.

  72. Mozart says:

    i find the use of this song extremely annoying and inappropriate. Clearly whoever is responsible for this views that song as background noise. But Really using the intro to any song especially a classic as an intro to a commercial is inappropriate, If i want to here music start i will play it myself.

  73. TREYH007 says:

    Barbara Bonney I believe, Just BEAUTIFUL!

  74. kalamaula says:

    Hawaiian Music Man Says: Dear sadly angry people, much of the now scattered beauty of the world that biased, ethnocentric, hateful, and sanctimonious “True Believers” of one kind or another ignore, deprecate or blindly criticise is appreciated in any form available by we not so high hoity simple folks who appreciate the violet in the parking lot, the old has been or never was singing his heart out in a bar or the purity of a beautiful song in a harmless commercial that does nor espouse the violence hate and every facet of our society that revolves around competition, injury death and destruction.. That would include your religion your gun your team your video your movie, tv show, “———collection, you fill in the blanks……and by the way the most vile, any politician than exibibits narcissism, paranoia, delusions of grandeur , sociopathy,total lack of sympathy, empathy, respect for morality or ethics, and symptoms of rapidly approaching senility.So don’t listen to that flower of song now and don’t listen any to them all 3 months of Christmas, don’t buy any presents from anybody who uses the music, or invokes the spirit of the tru Christmas and wait til February to buy. the families new AK’s and you will really raise your self esteem. sorry about grammatic spelling and logic errors….like you I am just expressing an opinion. Thank youALL for your very obvious views from all sides.It just remids us. At the END OF DAYS some families will have the last cans of chicken noodle soup, some will have the lasy 2 million guns.Why does there have to be sides……hmmmm

  75. Nora R McGowan says:

    I find the use of a religious song extremely unacceptable and inappropriate. I take offense to it being used. Surely I am not alone in my opinion and concern

    • Karen OHara says:

      It is offensive, but it is also just pure exploitation. It is amazing to me that exploitation goes unnoticed by so many people and that people are willing to exploit themselves and even their own children. The lack of respect for one’s self is really sad.

  76. Dm says:

    Worst commercial ever…..sacrilegious to use that music for other than religious purposes….how low will you go to sell yourselves……sad….poor taste…..sick

  77. mj says:

    who is the person actually singing Ave
    Maria in the commercial? she has a fantastic voice

  78. Fred says:

    Beautiful voice, yes I agree, but it’s a real shame she ruins it by “scooping” the first couple of phrases. Really spoilt an otherwise nice performance.

    • judiecole says:

      I’m a professional singer and I find her interpretation absolutely beautiful. If we all sang each and every song EXACTLY the way it was written each and every time it was performed there would be no expression and no variation in the world. How many different and beautiful variations on operatic arias are there by different artists. That’s what makes the arts so incredibly enjoyable.

  79. Teresa says:

    Who’s singing the song Ava Maria on Amazon Prime commercial? Where can I listen to the whole song? Thank You

  80. Deborah Lerner says:

    Why do people look for the bad in things.
    The point of the commercial is to show that the earphones the man bought us g Amazon Prime, is blocking out all the noise in his house

  81. Fifi Zambon says:

    I am a devout Catholic and at first I was offended.
    After really looking at the whole commercial,
    the father is peacefully listening to Ava Maria!
    That’s not such a bad thing! Sounds like Barbara Bonney, who’s singing the Ava Maria! Absolutely beautifully sung!!
    God Bless!!

  82. Thomas Haulk says:

    I love it. No clue who’s singing.

  83. Vincent D'Antonio says:

    It sounds like Tarja Turunen

  84. Amazon prime is using the Ave Maria song to sell their products, they should be ashamed of themselves. Using the hymn that has been sung for generations to the Virgen Mary, the mother of our lord, to make more money that they already have. Be careful, I’ve seen empires and rich people fall hard to the mud, because they believe they are untouchable.

  85. Suzanne Cassiliano says:

    But to use such a sacred song for advertising. Not cool and rude to catholics.

  86. Daniel says:

    Vile, offensive & disgusting that Amazon would use the sacred Ave Maria for monetary purposes.

  87. Matt says:

    Its offensive on many levels mostly because theyre (Amazon) using one of the most beautiful musical peices of all time, a sad but beautiful peice about death and ones dedication to the the lord to promote a commercial product,

    And who cares who is sining it, do you people really think its the artist making this song beautiful,… every single ave mary sounds this way!! Why?? because the music is written that way to be sang specifically that way

  88. Wendy Zelanti says:

    They should be sued it’s a awful use of this song how did they get the rights to use this beautiful religious song in such a highly offensive way I am a Roman Catholic and this is horrific !!!! I’m offended and outraged by their horrible choice ! The commercial needs to be removed it is not funny or cute ! You have just lost my business and respect for your stupid marketing people !!!!! And your company as A whole !

    • judiecole says:

      Schubert is in the public domain. Nobody owns his music. He’s been dead too long.

    • Sue Adivari says:

      Geesh Wendy…get a grip. I’m Roman Catholic. When that commercial comes on I stop what I’m doing and listen to the beautiful music. They should be sued??? I don’t think it was anyones intention for it to be “cute” or Funny”…..In this crazy world we find ourselves in it shows a man at peace with the world and his surroundings …..People are going a little overboard with seeing and being offended at everything. Take it as it was meant to be taken. Get a little peace and quiet in your life and calm down. I want to know what head phones they are so I can buy a pair for when my dog barks for three hours without taking a breath. Forget the lawsuit….play some beautiful music and you will find your a happier person.

  89. Mindy W says:

    Did anyone find out who is singing Ava Maria on the commercial?

  90. Anne Brady says:

    One of the Sirius XM Catholic channel hosts tried to make a show with the question “What do you think of the Avi MariaAmazon commercial?” He himself was leaning towards it being offensive but I would say almost every caller really loved it.

  91. Anne Brady says:

    One of the Sirius XM Catholic channel hosts tried to make a show with the question “What do you think of the Ave Maria Amazon commercial?” He himself was leaning towards it being offensive but I would say almost every caller really loved it.

  92. Grace VanDuinen says:

    Charlotte Church?

  93. Velda says:

    Sacriligeous Blasphemous SMH Amazon should be ashamed of themselves and pull the ad. They are not above God and need to leave religion alone and out of their marketing.

    • Mary L, says:


    • judiecole says:

      They are not above God. Neither was Schubert or Mary herself. Quit throwing temper tantrums and imagining yourself the voice of an entire religion. If that beautiful voice and song touches one person in the right way, it’s done it’s job. Now go back and pray for all the souls killed in the name of forced Christianity.

      • Karen OHara says:

        Not really my choice — heartbreak is never a choice. And YOU have NO idea how I celebrate my loved one’s life. Again your assumption is arrogant. It must be nice to be so sanctimonious.

  94. Goregous voice.Who is

  95. K. Bunnell says:

    People — Ave Maria is specifically religious in origin, intent and use. It is profoundly important to an immense international group of people. Amazon’s intent is crass commercialism, and its marketing strategy to shock is cynical but effective in getting a reaction. Amazon — acknowledge your mistake, and replace Ave Maria with Bach, Mozart or any number of other beautiful, inoffensive works. You people who want to know who’s singing? Do a little research.

    • judiecole says:

      Quit throwing temper tantrums and imagining yourself the voice of an entire religion. If that beautiful voice and song touches one person in the right way, it’s done it’s job. Now go back and pray for all the souls killed in the name of forced Christianity.

      • Karen OHara says:

        You are very good at telling people what to do and how to feel and your comments are very sanctimonious. The voice is not the point. As far as doing its job — the reality is that this is a COMMERCIAL to sell a company’s service that by the way has a lot of hurt small businesses. Doing its job is called exploitation which in and of itself holds no beauty.

      • judiecole says:

        You’re a very angry and judgmental little catholic, Karen. Seems you need to reply to every post with big words. I’ll pray for your soul.

      • Karen OHara says:

        And you assume a lot. Who said I was Catholic? As far as being judgmental, I am not the one making assumptions, I have only replied to your assumptions. Sorry if that is too big a word for you. Prayers are always welcome, however, you may using a mirror while praying.

      • judiecole says:

        Keep it coming. I can understand all the BIG WORDS you can throw at me. You only serve to prove my point how bitter and angry you are. Closed up in that sad little world you live in. I feel sorry for your grandmother. She must have been so ashamed of you.

      • Karen OHara says:

        OMG you really are pitiful. Just because I feel like objecting to a commercial you make all sorts of assumptions about me. Angry — hardly, more like annoyed and only about the fact that you keep trying to project your assumptions onto me. I stated my opinion — hardly makes someone angry. I have serious doubts about your feelings for MY grandmother whom you know nothing about. Your arrogance though continues to amaze me.

      • Karen OHara says:

        I should thank you, however, because now when that awful commercial is played I am reminded of your brilliant mind and tolerance. I am also reminded that there are people in the world who will spew assumptions and commands at you should you disagree with their opinion. Thanks judiecole.

    • MD Walton says:

      Before you send us to hell, note the history of the musical piece, “Ave Maria” which real title is “Ellens dritter Gesang” (“Ellens Gesang III”, D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6, 1825), in English: “Ellen’s Third Song.” It was composed by Franz Schubert in 1825 as part of his Opus 52, a setting of seven songs from Walter Scott’s popular epic poem The Lady of the Lake, loosely translated into German.

  96. Alan says:

    Sounds like Carolyn Sampson singing

  97. Janis Reasner says:

    Not offended at all by the commercial. It brought my attention and love for the song back. I had forgotten how beautiful a song it can be if sung by the right person.

  98. Diane Edwards says:

    Why is the singer’s name not revealed? The question is “who is singing Ave Maria?”

  99. judiecole says:

    Get a grip. Who cares how and when the song is heard. Do you think only Catholics should hear this glorious song behind the locked doors of a church? And do you think using the song will boost sales ergo make money for Amazon?
    As an opera singer I’ve sung this song many times and this arrangement is by far one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. And you know what? I usually don’t remember whose ad it was. I remember the music. So get your little papal panties out of a knot and enjoy it for the beauty that it is. Quit writing letters to Jeff Bezos and go out and do something charitable in Mother Mary’s name instead.

    • Karen OHara says:

      I have a grip at your arrogance. You know that song reminds me of a very heartbreaking time since the song was used during a Catholic funeral of someone very dear to me. It feels like a gut punch each time it comes on my television. The exploitation is just to make sales and that is the reality of it (not an opera performance). Jeff Bezos is someone whom his consumers cannot get in touch with (or their marketing department) – they hide their contact information. They are not brave enough to make their contact info available. (an even more arrogant statement is) Just how do you know whether anyone has participated in or provided charitable services in the name of Mother Mary? As far as hearing the song behind CLOSED doors that is a ridiculous statement. Also advertisements are not made for the enjoyment of people, they are made to sell a product or did you know that?

  100. Monte Ann Finegan says:

    I feel the Ave Maria is not appropriate in a setting to advertise buying something. To me, it is sacrilegious and should not be used to promote consumerism. Please change the song to something calm but not a religious piece.

  101. Fred says:

    The artist Doing this rendition is Maureen Batt

  102. judiecole says:

    Well I’ve pretty much heard everything from let’s sue that sacrilegious Jeff Bezos to How dare they steal OUR music to sell stuff.

    First I have no idea where Jeff Bezos stands on the subject of religion.

    Second it’s not your music. It belongs to everyone. Quit claiming rights to something that was never yours. You sound like Columbus taking over a continent.

    The conversations about a Hail Mary and Ave Maria being the same sacred biblical text are incorrect.

    The words to the Hail Mary are totally different than the Ave Maria.

    Ave Maria is about a young girl praying to the Virgin before sleep.

    Ave Maria, maiden mild
    Oh, listen to a maiden’s prayer
    For thou canst hear amid the wild
    ‘Tis thou, ’tis thou canst save amid, despair
    We slumber safely till the morrow
    Though we’ve by man outcast reviled
    Oh maiden, see a maiden’s sorrow
    Oh mother, hear a suppliant child

    Nothing about “the Lord is with thee yadda yadda.

    If you don’t like it change the channel, don’t buy, or head in down to Walmart for your shovels and pitchforks.

    For those of you in severe emotional distress over Grammy, get a therapist.

    For those who love the song, enjoy.

    For those who are agnostic or atheist please continue to discuss why Mary is worshipped when she merely represents the milk carton and we should be focusing on the milk.

    Oh and for those who love to bandy about their one favorite big word, Karen (and she is such a Karen) have a perfectly sanctimonious day.

    I’ve gotta go get in a Twitter war with the president.

    My work here is done.

    • Karen OHara says:

      LOL once again telling people what to do. Juliecole the accusations you have made on one side combined with the hypocrisy on the other just over people’s expression of their displeasure of a commercial seems to conjure up some rather oddly expressed thoughts and aggressive expression of language. Maybe taking your own (unsolicited) advice to chill would be helpful. If this is your work — you are appropriately paid. Sincerely, Such a Karen.

    • Karen OHara says:

      P.S.: Apologies for the use of (supposed) “big words.” Apologies meaning “a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.” Supposed meaning “generally assumed or believed to be the case, but not necessarily so.”

    • Karen OHara says:

      Oh and I almost forgot the most important definition of the big words – Arrogant meaning “having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.”

  103. MD Walton says:

    It would open many minds if the critics here knew the history of the piece, “Ave Maria.“ The real title is “Ellens dritter Gesang” (“Ellens Gesang III”, D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6, 1825), in English: “Ellen’s Third Song.” It was composed by Franz Schubert in 1825 as part of his Opus 52, a setting of seven songs from Walter Scott’s popular epic poem The Lady of the Lake, loosely translated into German. With knowledge you get understanding. (Source: Wikipedia)

  104. Tilman says:

    Excuse me, but Johann Sebastian Bach (Protestant) music combined with ave maria doesnt fit. More over zur singer is singing with an english accent. It went so amaz ing wrong this music combination.

  105. Claire says:

    If you’re still wondering about the version of this song, it’s Franz Schuberts’ ‘Ave Maria’ D.839…
    There are many various artists who have sung this, but I’m pretty certain the commercial has used the version with Barbara Bonney. You can hear the whole version or download via Spotify.

  106. Jackie says:

    How dare you call this child’s hair stupid!! His hair is natural just like mine, it is a part of our culture!!!
    YOU need to say a few Hail Mary’s!

  107. Squints says:

    I was offended by was somebody singing Latin lyrics with an American “r” pronunciation. Come on now.

  108. Smith says:

    I wasn’t told that Ave Maria was a ‘Catholics Only’ song. I always enjoyed listening to it, but since I am not Catholic, I guess now I’m not allowed. Shucks!

  109. Guest4579 says:

    I am not Catholic but find this commercial OUTRAGEOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL. For this reason alone I will NEVER purchase any Prime. Also, I did not link any peace-in-headphones with this.

  110. Martin Kelly says:

    The artists name is Lauren B Rings. Awesome voice.

  111. Kim says:

    As a Catholic I do not understand what the uproar is about. I was not offended and I actually enjoyed hearing it on the commercial. I’m not the only Catholic who feels that way. It would be nice if people would quit saying “the Catholics” or “all Catholics”.

  112. Joan Salopek says:

    It’s sung by Canadian, Maureen Batt.

  113. judiecole says:

    It just dawned on me I have a smart TV. When you hold the button down on the remote and ask “who sings this song”? It will show you the singer and the album it’s on. In case it hasn’t been answered the singer is Finnish singer Tarja Tarunen.

    • Joanna Lopez says:

      Really? How do you know its her? I Love her rendition of it … Thank you Also, I LOVE the Ave Maria (latin) I sang it at my mother’s funeral… And
      I love hearing it! I love hearing it on the commercial… A nice break from other annoying songs/music on tv… Besides, its a very beautiful, calming and peaceful song…We all need more of that in the world❤️

      • judiecole says:

        When you have a smart TV you can press a button and ask the TV “who sings this song” it will pull up the persons name and the album it’s on. Pretty cool.

  114. Frank Kuna says:

    I am absolutely appalled at the decision to use a religious song for commercial purposes, it’s absolutely horrible!: Why use something that you don’t believe in or respect for commercial gain?

  115. jenny says:

    The commercial is stupid. But then, most commercials today are. No wit, comedy.. just stupid.

  116. Jack says:

    What kind of headphones are they wearing

  117. Valerie Verrecchio says:

    I say let’s not miss an opportunity to turn something beautiful into something controversial and ugly. If you didn’t like it, ignore it. Or call and complain because you were forced to watch an ad you found offensive? It’s Schubert you assholes. I’m Catholic and even they are angry. First, the music is awe inspiring, second, if Catholics (I’m one of them) find this offensive, then I guess you didn’t see the opportunity to introduce others to the mother of God. What is wrong with everyone? You’re not outraged by half naked pop stars and teenagers, but this totally offends. Really?

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Jason. I couldn’t agree more. They use this song to sell their services. It is so unnecessary to exploit the feelings some people experience hearing this song.

    • Karen says:

      The opportunity to introduce others to the mother of God. Seriously – they are promoting a service NOT introducing the mother of God.

  118. yaya says:

    I asked Amazon through their customer chat window and it is barbara bonney. The commercial is edited so you do not hear the part where she rolls her r’s like in the full version.

    • Riley says:

      Hmmmm…. What Amazon used is not what’s on YouTube. As an audio engineer, it’s fairly easy to compare the YouTube version to the commercial. They’re different. I won’t say Barbara Bonney didn’t record it; just that what’s on YouTube wasn’t processed/edited to be used in the commercial. And, I’m still not convinced it’s her….

  119. Graceann says:

    I am a Catholic and I feel that the Ave Maria is inappropriate and disrespectful.

  120. Beck says:

    Sounds like We McDonald from “The Voice”. She did it as a Duet with Alycia Keyes. Alycia played puano

  121. Theresa Post says:

    I’m Catholic and I love the AVE MARIA amazon prime commercial- it makes me pause and reflect peaceful times and revel in the beauty of this beautiful song!

  122. Danny Collins says:

    The kid playing the guitar has the right idea. His guitar has no strings! Lol. Air guitar?

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