Geico Makes You Feel Like You Matched All Your Socks

One of the most annoying things about doing laundry is when you’re missing socks. Which is like, always. So how would you feel if you matched them all? That’s apparently how Erin M. from Roswell, GA felt when she saved hundreds by switching her car insurance to Geico. We then go to a dramatization from the Spinville laundromat where Erin pulls out both green socks in succession, then two blue ones, and she keeps going until she’s matched every sock in perfect order. Everyone at the laundromat is amazed, and the owner is so impressed that he hangs up a plaque of Erin. “She really did it”, indeed. Nice.

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

2 Responses to Geico Makes You Feel Like You Matched All Your Socks

  1. Shay says:

    Geico fat shaming? One of the most obvious things in this ad–as we go into the campy, high-school musical-style reenactment of Erin’s feeling–is that Erin suddenly loses about 50 lbs in the reenactment. Did that poor girl actually say it made her feel like a woman half her size? I’m embarrassed for her, each time I see it.

    • CA says:

      Geico needs to fire whoever their current behind the scenes people are. Strike 2! With strike 1 being the girls shaming/mean girling a man for eating!

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