FemiClear Says “Joie De Hooha!”

I just saw this FemiClear commercial, and it’s a memorable one to say the least. Two women are at yoga when one’s uhh…”hooha” starts to sing. What’s that sound you ask? Why it’s the sound of a hooha whose yeast infection has been treated with FemiClear! It’s all natural and organic too…nice! So her hooha is full of joy! I’m sure the social conservative types won’t like this one, but I think it’s pretty damn funny. A hooha haha, if you will. Anyone know who play the yoga women?


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31 Responses to FemiClear Says “Joie De Hooha!”

  1. William Kynett says:

    I think your add execs need to grow up!

  2. R D Selk says:

    Kailey Carey is the woman in purple. The friend looks familiar, but I haven’t been able to find out her name.

  3. Linda Rothrock says:

    I think its disgusting. What’s next? Dancing penises for Viagra?

    • nunyobizniz says:

      not a bad idea for a truely all inclusive non-sexist society. seriously i couldnt believe it. was watching live pd where some cop pulls over a young woman who is stoned out of her mind but he lets her go, she had expired tags. he keeps her weed and shes all whaa. couldnt believe that shit either.

    • Tiffany says:

      We would love to see that, maybe they can play them back to back, or even front to front??? Have some fun in life, there were no “Show and Tell Pictures”…

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Do not care for the commercial. I feel it is distasteful. I guess I don’t see the humor.

  5. Jim says:

    ‘Joie de hooha’ … from her lips to Gods ears! 🤩

  6. Denise Morgan says:

    Your commercial is disgusting! Who ever came up with,needs a lot of help.

  7. GJS says:

    Absolutely disgusting. The fact that women’s vaginas are now being commonly featured on tv commercials just proves that advertising has gone into the sh*tter. I thought the razor commercial with little plant bushes set directly in front of the women’s area while they shaved the bush was as low as it would go but obviously that was wrong. SERIOUSLY – let’s leave our vaginas off the tv air waves. Unless of course men’s PENISES are going to also be singing on tv now too?
    Advertising executives must all be 10 year old boys. How about some farting butts now too, huh guys? Sad state of commercials today.

    • Faith Thomas says:

      I just 5 minutes ago viewed this commercial and it really turned me off!!! What I like to ask is: Is it necessary to show a young woman at yoga, & the camera zooms in to where she opens up her legs wide, and you can hear her actual vagina – SINGING!?? The young woman explains to a female next to her that hears this “singing” that she used your product & it quickly cleared up her vaginal infection, thus her “hooha”/vagina is singing. And these “hooha” close-ups, etc. keep happening! I suppose the creator of this Ad thought it was a memorable & cutesy way of illustrating your product. However, I feel that your Ad is overly graphic, disgusting, disrespectful & demeaning to women!!! Couldn’t you have had the young woman in your ad spontaneously dancing & singing (or whatever clever but non-offensive setting) wearing a pretty dress or something less form-fitting? Memorable & catchy is one thing, but remember that this is the age of “Me Too” etc., & we all need to project a woman’s image in a more respectful manner!! 》Thank you for listening.
      F. T. In Missouri

    • G Perez says:

      I absolutely agree. I think their advertising and the razor commercials showing three women shaving their ” bushes” are disgusting, tasteless, and without class. Advertisers do not need to keep showing and pointing directly at women’s vaginas. Just another example of the decomposition and destruction of American values. Your “hooha”
      commercials are NOT FUNNY.

    • G Perez says:

      I absolutely agree. I think their advertising and the razor commercials showing three women shaving their ” bushes” are disgusting, tasteless, and without class. Advertisers do not need to keep showing and pointing directly at women’s vaginas. Just another example of the decomposition and destruction of American values. Your “hooha”
      commercials are NOT FUNNY.

  8. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness I agree with all of the reviews. I thought the camera pointed to the crotch of a bike riding lady to advertise tampons was sad and vile but this one takes the prize. I swear they must be recruiting 12 yr old boys . Absolutely no class!

  9. amanda Hossack says:

    I think its a freaking hilarious commercial! The negative Nancy’s need to loosen up a bit.

  10. Nancy Curry says:

    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous commercials that I have ever seen. It’s right up there with the curved penis commercials.
    Wow your writers are idiots !!

  11. Vic says:

    Worst commercial ever. The equivalent of a Viagra advertisement with the man’s crotch crooning Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”. What is the median age of your advertising department … 12?

  12. Concerned says:

    I find this commercial disgusting and ask you to please consider removing it. It’s bad enough that our business is in the streets but to act like we speak and sing out of our vaginas is vulgar. With the disrespect of women and girls; pedifiles and sex offenders don’t need additional visuals. Don’t add to it. It’s not funny nor is it cute.

  13. nunyobizniz says:

    Only a low class or no class culture would permit this. But I’m not surprised really these days. What with a “president” who bragged about grabbing women’s crotches and all… well maybe thats what we get for voting for a pig. If I was a woman I’d really be pissed.

  14. Patricia says:

    Worst commercial ever. Highly offensive.

  15. Vic says:

    They have a Facebook page. Most negative comments are encouraged to private message them. We need tol let them know just how offensive this commercial is: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=837542996647107&id=461227040945373&anchor_composer=false

  16. Donna Nezat says:

    I hate it when this nasty commercial with the vagina singing comes on! Not only is it disgusting to see/listen to but the audacity of it being on TV is so annoying. If you can’t come up with something better then take this off the air until you do.

  17. R. Smail says:

    Can’t we be discreet about anything? In front of every man, woman and child on Daytime tv. Disgusting. Fire the fools that let this classless ad go to air.

  18. Della York says:

    i agree with a lot of the above… it is wrong…and stupid. please remove the ad…we still have kids looking at everthing we as ADULTS share

  19. Janet Jones says:

    Get rid of this commercial! Totally offensive! Men would never be exploited in this fashion. Until you can advertise a singing penis I will turn the channel.

  20. stop this commercail says:

    I tried to find their website to complain about this, they dont have one…….please explain to my kids why a girls “Who Ha” is singing…….. totally sexual commercial.

  21. me says:

    This commercial is ridiculous. I would not purchase the product for that reason alone…..i feel it is out of line.

  22. Kendra R says:

    Yes, I’m a Conservative & I hate the commercial. Of course somebody has to bring politics into it. The bottom line is that it’s cultural rot. I have a great, wild sense of humor but this is down the toilet trash. I don’t find it funny, you have to have a very simple sense of humor and be very low class to enjoy this ! TRUMP 2020 !!!! Make them cry again !!!

  23. Carla Wilson says:

    Done in very poor taste.
    Ad companies used to have a sense of pride in coming up with play on words, cleverness and funny. This ad is stupid. A waste of advertisement funds.

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