That Infiniti Summer Nights Commercial

My entry on Infiniti’s QX50 ad has been one of my most popular and polarizing posts lately. Now, Infiniti has another new commercial that also combines striking visuals of summer fun with a distinctive song. But this time, the sound seems more on-brand for Infiniti. The song is “Summer” by Moonlight Breakfast, and it’s a real toe-tapper.


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5 Responses to That Infiniti Summer Nights Commercial

  1. Dumbest commercial I’ve ever seen. Why should people in formal wear jump into a pool. Why should they. soaking wet, get into a car.

    • I hate that freaking commercial. Infiniti is blitzing the airwaves with it. I see it every commercial break on every commercial channel. Sometimes, it’s on freaking youtube vids of old 1980s indy rock bands.

      And like somebody said, if you have an infiniti, then you aren’t going to get into it soaking wet. Who drives on sand?

  2. Girl says:

    Love this commercial. Genius makes me want to buy a QX80 definitely awesome 😎

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  4. InTheShallowEnd says:

    It’s on every 2 minutes, and it’s obnoxious beyond words. Well off, beautiful happy young family driving their brand new, pristine, somehow completely dust-free SUV in a totally isolated desert, teaching their well-behaved excited and beautiful children in designer sunglasses to sand board down a completely perfect dune. Kind of a ‘screw you’ anthem to everyone else. . .which actually is *everyone else. Makes me wish for a sandslide.

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