Better Late Than Never: State Farm Shows Sheryl’s She Shed, Which Is On Fire

State Farm’s “She Shed” spot isn’t new…it debuted more than a year ago in March 2018. I’m sure most of you have seen it a million times already. But it was one that I never wrote about on here for some reason, and it’s continued to be aired seemingly as often as when it was new. It’s a memorable one, but also quite annoying. Sheryl’s on the phone with her State Farm agent, Zachary. She says somebody finally burned down her “She Shed” and her husband counters that it was struck by lightning. Sheryl’s She Shed is being on fire is the point though…is it covered? Because it’s a State Farm commercial, of course it’s covered. Looks like Sheryl will be getting another She Shed, much to the annoyance of her husband, Victor. Inquiring minds want to know…was it really lightning, or did Victor actually burn it down? I hope this ad didn’t begin a trend of women starting She Sheds, which I guess is the female equivalent of a man cave. Sheryl is played by Nicole J. Butler, Victor is Reggie Currelley, and Zach Bay is a real-life State Farm agent based in Redding, CA.

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8 Responses to Better Late Than Never: State Farm Shows Sheryl’s She Shed, Which Is On Fire

  1. Gayle Turner says:

    I agree that commercials that are repeated too often can become annoying. But I can’t get enough of State Farm’s Cheryl She Shed commercial, a clever jab at Man Caves. It’s probably because my daughter and her husband live in Seattle where he had an ugly, heavy canvas man cave, about 10×10, with a few overstuffed chairs and a TV. A cigar-smoking getaway. Last winter when Seattle had a rare heavy snowstorm, it collapsed under the weight of 3 feet of snow. My daughter couldn’t wait for her hubby to wake up and mourn while she was doing a happy dance.

  2. dee patrick says:

    it’s a totally stupid, annoying idiotic commercial in eubonics

  3. Nancy Zeigler says:

    Stop the she shed ad!!!!! Its overdone@!!@ cant take it. Stop!!!!😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞.

  4. jimmy says:

    I hate this commercial I want it to go away forever, I will never use state farm because of this commercial

  5. sandy johnson says:

    Come on Jimmy! You work for an ad agency and they can’t come up with anything close to this commercial….right? I love this commercial….and I loved the “Jake From State Farm” one, too!

  6. Norma Boren says:

    I can’t understand what she says at the end. It sounds like “she shear she shed” which makes no sense.

    • Andrew says:

      Took me a while to figure this one out, too. She is saying “chichier”…meaning “more chi chi”. Chi chi means showy, frilly, chic, fashionable.

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