Progressive Presents “Progressive On Ice”

Progressive gets meta with this bizarre spot. Are you adequately prepared for the insurance-themed experience of a lifetime? Well, here’s “Progressive on Ice”! There are Flo and Jamie lookalike ice dancers shimmying away with house and car props. “But why?” Ice Dancer Weekly asks. The Family Fun Times notes “I had the whole row to myself.” Tickets are not available now or ever, but some YouTube commenters say they’d actually want to see this if it was a real thing. Silly, but amusing work from Progressive.


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14 Responses to Progressive Presents “Progressive On Ice”

  1. Jackie Marino says:

    Sorry… there is only One Flo. Please don’t put look alikes on. Thanks.

    • Brian Hyland says:

      I agree 100%. I spotted the fake Flo immediately. Not good, now or ever.

    • John Schauer says:

      I think it’s intentionally a double for Flo and Jamie, just as you don’t see the “original” Disney princesses at Disney on Ice. With today’s special effects, they could have easily made it look like the actual persons if they wanted to. I think that’s part of the spot’s charm.

  2. I Absolutely Love this Commercial, Progressive on Ice, I think it’s Hilarious 🤣💦

  3. Yvette Lee says:

    I think it would be fun for the children even if it about car insurance. The children will enjoy themselves laughing and cheering. Y’all need to try to make that happen for them please. I don’t have a car because of my disability.

  4. Jason Goldman says:

    Where’s the talking box?

  5. Jan says:

    Please use the original flo and jamie. I looked forward to new commercials with the original actor’s. I was so disappointed with the ice skating commercial

  6. Bill bob says:

    Some of these are sofa king we todd did

  7. Nicholas Gagliano says:

    Hey Bill Bob, learn how to speak and write english

  8. Brian Lauer says:

    Dear Commentators, Pointing out, gently I assure you, that there are layers of humor here. One of which pokes light heartedly at the ice dance show genre, where there are ALWAYs rather obvious (and poorly done) look-a-likes of the theme characters. But I love the comment, “I had a whole row to myself!” I seldom have LOL moments from commercials, but that was one. I’ve been a Progressive customer since 2000 and have loved the Flo campaign since the beginning. Ms. Courtney is to be commended. Her characters are wonderful!

  9. Flo says:

    I need tickets for next month!

  10. jImMy bArR says:

    Who is the lead boy skater? Is he a professional?

  11. David W Haskin says:

    When will the show be in Denver? My In-laws saw the show in Kansas City and said it was fantastic…

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