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44 Responses to That Song From Infiniti’s QX50 Luxury Commercial

  1. Put me in the “hate it big time!” group. The song’s country twang and nasal squawk seem completely out of place in an ad promoting an upmarket brand like Infiniti … sorta like walking into a moderately high-end steak house and finding Def Leppard blasting from the speaker system.

    Well, OK, maybe not that bad but still pretty discordant.

    • evdebs says:

      I don’t normally listen to commercials. I watch MSNBC and hit the mute on most of them, usually the ones that are hawking some medication such as the one that will clear up your psoriasis (“Oh, oh, oh, Otezla.”) but will kill you, slowly and painfully, or the ones that grind you down, such as that which hollers, 22 times in a few hours, “Do YOU use catheters?”

      I’d rather have an ugly corpse. Most of these meds have side effects that are scarier than the condition they claim they’ll ameliorate. They also tend to be hugely and disproportionately expensive, i.e., Eliquis vs. warfarin.

      This “Follow the rain,” from the “Tallest Man on Earth” makes me grab for the sound controller to mute it, even if I have to dash across the room.

      • Agreed – that song is the WORST – I now keep the remote in my hand so that I can hit the mute button when it comes on, and it comes every 5 minutes – haven’t we suffered enough??

    • Deb says:

      I whole heartedly agree with you. I hate this commercial and it sets my nerves on end. What can we do to get rid of it? I swear it is on every half hour.

    • Franc Cazaers says:

      I absolutely agree. The song is nauseating. I mute my TV every single time it comes on.

  2. Raymond Helfrich says:

    Thank you!

  3. James Lee Greenlee says:

    Horrible, annoying, awful song. It’s like the man is singing through his nose. Ugh.

    • Virginia K says:

      I LOVE this commercial!!! The song is etherial…very beautiful…If I wasn’t a Mercedes girl I would buy an Infiniti..LOL Infinity you can’;t everyone happy…this was a great commercial..loved the part where the two lovers embrace…made me cry …

      • Rene says:

        I love this commercial, just added the song to my playlist.

      • joanm@bigfoot.com says:

        i usually ignore commercials but this song got my attention in a good way. I liked it so much I looked up the artist and the lyrics because I’d never heard it. I find the song enchanting, even the snippet in the commercial, and it’s now on my playlist.

  4. Mike Kuehl says:

    Bob Dylan “Wannabe” for a luxury car commercial? It’s as bad as using Enya’s “Only Time” in that disconnect with Kraft Mac and Cheese spot!

  5. J Moran says:

    Absolutely hate the song. Why would an upscale brand like Infiniti want to associate itself with such a horrible piece of music…and to me, it’s not even music. Terrible choice for an ad. I WILL NOT be buying an Infiniti now.

  6. Dan Master says:

    The song is fine. But the woman is a natural beauty

  7. Lucinda says:

    Terrible jarring song. Would avoid this car just because of this commercial, since the creators clearly have no taste.

  8. Sandybeach says:

    I absolutely HATE that song. It is depressing. It sure doesn’t make you want to go out and buy an Infiniti. I think it would better serve an advertisement for an old Beverly Hillbillies type of vehicle. Surely doesn’t say Infiniti. It also could be used for a tourist ad touring the most depressing poverty stricken area. Very sad.

  9. Lisa Trueman says:

    Love the song, love the road trip to see relatives. The song is cool (I came from the subset of my generation that venerated folk music) and it is memorable and grows on you if you listen to the lyrics. My husband does say that the song is too folksy for such a modern car. The representation of the road trip is great with the Infinity nicely featured in every shot. All in all a very good commercial that still draws my attention.

  10. Bill Yaindl says:

    Open your minds to something different. Dylan, Neil Young,etc. I love the sound because it’s so different.

    • Virginia K. says:

      I so agree! Lots of people here who do not know or appreciate this genre of music!

      • evdebs says:

        Bob Dylan’s early mentor was the late Dave Van Ronk, a friend of mine from the ’50s. I’ve been listening to Dylan since 1962, and to Neal Young since 1966. The caterwauling in this ad isn’t remotely of the same genre.

  11. marc pondel says:

    The horrible sound of this guys voice sends shivers of pain down my entire body every time the commercial comes on. What I hate most about the guys voice is the totally fake twang he employs. The singer is from Sweden (Tallest Man on Earth)! He is no Bob Dylan or Neil Young. The twang is an affect (not real). This is what Madonna does when she sings with an English accent. It’s fake and not something a car company should employ to generate confidence in their product! The stupidity of the company to employ this commercial with a “fake” country/bluegrass/folk singer makes me steer clear of their cars.

  12. Rick says:

    Disgusting song, the woman and her cuck boyfriend are annoying.

    • Virginia K. says:

      Rick,you are disgusting and don’t know how to spell “COCK”…suspect you are one!

      • evdebs says:

        He can spell. He did gratuitously use a slang term for “cuckold” but he’s right. The song, singer and lyrics are terrible. Infiniti should fire the ad agency that made it and their executive who approved its use.

      • John says:

        Cuck means cuckold. Look it up.

  13. Zhana says:

    Absolutely DREADFUL commercial! The annoyingly self-absorbed characters are unwatchable. And I mute the volume to avoid having to ever again hear quite possibly the WORST song in the history of western civilization. (An ice pick through the ear would cause less pain.) What was Infiniti thinking? I don’t know anyone who has anything good to say about this ad.

  14. Dale says:

    OMG! Every time I hear this commercial come on tv I have to leave the room. Why was this sound track chosen for this commercial? It’s horrible! Such a terrible choice.

  15. Chet says:

    Infiniti marketing folks: Ever hear of a focus group? It’s apparent your commercial and accompanying “mood” music is not well received. In terms of the song, it’s absolutely inaudible, grating to the ear and with lyrics impossible to decipher. If you need a lesson in class and what a winning automobile commercial looks like, pay attention to this Chrysler ad with J. Ralph background music:

    Or, more recently, and the very best yet:

  16. Millicent says:

    UGH HATE THIS SONG always hit mute asap….

    • Jeffrey Breitbart says:

      I try to change the channel every time that comes on. I can’t believe that’s a male singing and the lyrics are ….so mysterious, make me delirious, or sometimes serious….EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
      Almost as bad as “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty. Liberty.”

  17. SET says:

    Great commercial…beautiful lady…and (for the person whose heart is rooted in music)…awesome; the car…well, very nice!

  18. Rich says:

    Love the song and that backside. The car, not so much.

  19. Bill Smith says:

    Forget about the music and the car, who the heck is the girl…sorry, but I wait for that commercial to come on only to see her jump out of the car and run to the beach…OMG what a beauty!

  20. ILikeTennis says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to declare how much I despise this song. It is the most DEPRESSING song on a commercial I’ve ever heard. The Tennis Channel broadcasts this awful, dreary ad a zillion times a day. Kills enjoyment of tennis. Mute button to the rescue.

  21. evdebs says:

    The lyrics to this song are equally ridiculous as if they’d been randomly generated by a computer, and a poor one at that.

    Have you ever seen the locust
    Lean his wings right after a plague
    Like ascendin’ of a dark cloud
    In the sunlight to end the day
    To kill the sunlight, to end the day

    I’m betting the singer has never seen a locust, and since he’s not U.S.-born and 90 years old, that he’s never seen a plague of them.

    • TA says:

      if a room full of moneys were given a typewriter and enough time eventually one of them would randomly write “War and Peace”

  22. Rosalyn McClenon says:

    I love the song. came to find out about the artist. Thanks for the info.

  23. John Sperber says:

    The song is a rip-off of “Land of the Navajo” by Old and in the Way”

  24. Baron Harkonnen says:

    This song has to be the worst decision by an advertising agency ever. How could Infiniti approve such “Nails Raking a Blackboard” screeching mess.
    I wouldn’t buy an Infiniti, afraid I couldn’t get this horror song off my mind. Commercial Disaster!!

  25. Phil Boylan says:

    If you like Woody Guthrie then you’ll likely appreciate the song. I do not. Is the attention from this commercial why ‘This Song is Your Song’ and its communist overtones was discussed recently? I certainly hope nobody brings back folk music – though most things do repeat. It was an era that has had its moment, but it is also a bygone era with its evolution connected to protest songs. Dylan managed to evolve – David Crosby not so much, and Neil Young completely changed genres. Put this music and its awful message to bed where it belongs. If Infiniti is trying to be hip, they missed in my opinion. Then again, the only constant is change.

  26. Nurse9ball says:

    I agree it’s not a good mood choice for this commercial, however, I miss hearing these somber indie folk pieces on TWD.

  27. Stephen Maggart says:

    It is predictably stupid nowadays! Somehow jumping in a swimming pool in your dress clothes and then getting in your car shaking your hair is attractive to some people! I’d prefer to have a car commercial show me on the points of the car not the stupid behavior of the drivers; And worse yet, this type of advertising seems to sell? Wow!

  28. catgrrl says:

    This ad sucks. Why does that stupid woman throw her t-shirt into the SAND when she runs out of the car? Does she enjoy having sand all over her clothes and on the seats of her expensive car? And what’s up with that passive shlub of a boyfriend? I guess he’s just horny for her, so she gets to go wherever and do whatever she wants. The obnoxious woman should at least let him drive the fancy car once in a while.

  29. TA says:

    The song on this commercial is an ear worm of the worst kind! It sounds like a mediocre Springsteen/John Fogerty cover band doing one of their “original” recordings……and the woman “grooving to the beat” on the way down the mountain is comical. Reminds me of the SNL skit where Dana Carvey is singing the broccoli song and Phil Hartman is also grooving to the beat. Please end this and spare us this torture.

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