AT&T: Just OK Carnival Safety Is Not OK

The sketchy/unscrupulous carnival worker stereotype is a common one in American culture. In AT&T’s latest from its “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign, a mother and son are about to ride a ride and when mom asks about whether it’s safe, the carny says he assembled it OK. The kid asks what if something bad happens and the worker simply responds “we just move to the next town.” Oof. Judging from the brutal like/dislike rate on YouTube and the angry comments on iSpot, there are a lot of offended carnies out there. In case you were wondering, Matty Cardarople plays the carnival guy, and Anthony Naylor Jr. is the boy. Anyone know who plays the mom? Elsewhere, AT&T has another ad from the campaign featuring crappy “Just OK” bearded movers (Beardos Movers…haha). That one hasn’t gotten angry reactions (yet), so I guess movers are less defensive about their profession.

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4 Responses to AT&T: Just OK Carnival Safety Is Not OK

  1. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    I think to stereotype carnival workers is a disgrace by at&t since a lot of those carnival people can buy and sell your employees!I guarantee over this billion dollar carnival industry there are thousands that use at&t they just all just cut ties with you!plenty of phone networks out there! Just shows your stupidity

  2. Ken says:

    This commercial I find in very bad taste, in 2017 at The Ohio State Fair, a carnival ride malfunctioned when the ride came apart, resulting in a fatality and multiple serious injuries. This commercial makes a joke out of safety., very bad taste.

  3. John Dothan says:

    Basically making fun of something that has caused injury and death to many people

  4. Steve Alessini says:

    The most dark, depressing, negative TV commercial I have ever seen.

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