Those Kraft Mac & Cheese Commercials With Enya’s “Only Time”

Enya’s “Only Time” is a smooth and soothing song. But if you’re above a specific age, it will probably bring back one very specific association: 9/11. So it seems like an odd tune for these brief Kraft Macaroni & Cheese spots, where parents struggle to get their kids to eat dinner before the kiddos blissfully devour some Blue Box. I guess irony was what they were going for though, like its usage in Volvo’s widely-viewed and critically acclaimed “Epic Split.” And now I’m watching “Epic Split.” Haha…good stuff.




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33 Responses to Those Kraft Mac & Cheese Commercials With Enya’s “Only Time”

  1. EER says:

    I was on my way into work at 4th and Broadway on September 11, 2001, and after that saw pictures of the missing on the street and in the train station, and, yes, the song is evocative, and when I hear it I get nauseous, tears come to my eyes and that will always be the case. Kraft has managed to tie one of the worst days to macaroni and cheese. Scratch that off my menu.

    • N says:

      Very poor song choice for their ad.
      Instantly brings up 9/11 memory.

    • Mare T says:

      Thanks to all who posted regarding the sad, evocative result of Kraft using this song. Every time I hear it, I feel sick. Wouldn’t think of buying or eating Kraft products anymore. The song was probably approved by someone too young to remember 9/11 clearly . . . or maybe someone from another country.

      • Kathy Henderson says:

        I got so upset when I heard the small piece of the song that I went to google to see if anyone else was and how I ended up here. I don’t think it is right at all

      • Mare T says:

        I Googled, looking for the name of the song, so that I could complain to Kraft. I don’t think they care. It’s hard to believe how much hearing it affects me after all these years, but it actually turns my stomach.

  2. Leslie Gums says:

    The state farm commercial…dont mess with my discount, is over the top obnoxious. I change the channel as soon as it starts. I won’t buy any product that has annoying advertising. GET OFF THE AIR

  3. Lurlene says:

    I would like say that I personally hate these commercials. The kids have to much control over the parents on what they eat. Who is buying food. If they aren’t allergic to the food. They should eat it. Be Thankful.

    • Maria says:

      No wonder we have a world with self-centered bratty kids and adults – the role of parents is to teach and guide their children but this commercial glorifies a world view that leads to warped kids and adults – will never buy this product again.

      • Debra says:

        oh and yes, I especially like the commercial with the boy pretending to vomit, HOW NICE!! And yes they wonder why the kids today are self centered bossy, cursing brats.

  4. Rudy Hernandez says:

    Kraft being very insensitive by using that 9/11 song. I will no longer buy any Kraft product.

  5. Marlene Jarvis says:

    These are very bad example for children to see. Is this really what your company represents?

  6. Justin Jeannero says:

    Its in super bad taste because the meaning of the song has nothing do with the commercial at all

  7. Emily Buchanan says:

    Everytime the commercial comes on my heart drops. It took me several times watching the commercial to realize what the commercial was about. . I don’t know the reason behind the song being chosen but I would suggest changing the commercial to something more kids friendly. The attack on us was not friendly. . My opinion thank you.

  8. Mugsey says:

    Kraft : you need to STOP using Enyas song that are a punch in the gut to the generation who LIVED 9/11 to sell your mac and cheese.
    REALLY??? Why would ANYONE want to eat or feed their children a food advertised with a song that cuts so many thru their heart from a horrendous attack on the United States that took so many innocent lives.
    Why would people feed their children a food that wrenches the hearts of so many?
    I didnt lose anyone in 9/11, yet it hurts SO bad. Imagine how it cuts the hearts of those who lost their loved ones to see and hear Kraft use such a poignant song to sell their food….tasteless food to those of us who have been fed REALLY nutritious mac and cheese.

    • KIM M DONOVAN says:

      I see that I am a little late with my complaint, but I just blocked my ears once again when the Kraft Mac and Cheese commercial came on. It makes me so sad that I can’t even listen to it. I have been complaining to my better half for a long time and this morning I decided to look up the song and found all these other complaints. He says at least I know I’m not the only flake that complains about it, but I think we all have the right to complain about it, It sickens and saddens each and every time I hear it. Soooo insensitive!!

  9. Joseph says:

    I don’t really care much for your commercials, I don’t think it’s teaching the right thing with kids.
    I mean the one with the boy complaining and his dad patting his mother on back by the sink is really disturbing because the kid is a brat and doesn’t deserve to be giving a special meal

  10. Bigal says:

    Can you fire an intern? What idiot decided to use that song? Instant 9/11 flashback. Idiots

  11. Elizabeth says:

    The somberly-toned song doesn’t fit the idiotic theme of parents giving in to whiny children and feeding them crap to shut them up. (And I hate that commercial even though I do not remember the song’s tie-in w/ 9/11–I mute the TV whenever I see it.) I swear, if I’m ever desperate for junk food I will NOT buy their product.

  12. jilldweber says:

    The commercial with the mother chasing the girl around the house shrieking “Just one more bite!” is so wrong. One, the child should stay seated at the table until excused. Two, the mother shouldn’t chase the child while carrying food! Food should be eaten at the table. Three, if the kid says she’s full, then the mother should respect that (unless the kid turns around and wants dessert. If that’s the case, then the mother should insist that the kid finish more of the HEALTHY dinner!) Lastly, bribing the kid with overprocessed, over salted, fatty food because that’s ALL the brat will deign to eat is a STUPID, STUPID idea.

    No wonder there’s an obesity crisis in this country.

  13. Taggart Snyder says:

    LOL! I’m sure Enya wouldn’t appreciate it being called “The 9/11 Song”. It’s a song. It can be licensed to whomever has the skrilla. If it affects you negatively, that’s on YOU, not Kraft. I’m 54 and I’ve never heard of this song being associated with 9/11. To me, Nickel Creek’s “When You Come Back Down” far more epitomizes 9/11, since it was released that very week.

    • Mare T says:

      Denying/negating the feelings of others because you don’t share them is rather self-centered, don’t you think? If you weren’t aware enough to have come upon the viral video in question, that’s on you, son.

      • Doc says:

        This is amusing on so many levels…
        Until I Googled the commercial/music, I had no idea whence it came, only that it was kind of a soft litany – almost a chant.
        Like Taggart Synder said, I, too, never knew of an association with this music. WHence came that?
        As to Kraft’s attempt to associate this with childhood/warm fuzzy feeling/comfort food, and all the rest, I never ate that crap as a kid, in college when it was about a dime a box, not do I order it in restaurants today.
        There are other food/drink I associate with childhood and good memories, but not that stuff.
        So T. Snyder disagrees with this thread, as I do. So we’re self centered because we have differing views> Jeeze.
        And for the record. If I didn’t eat what was put before me, it was removed, fed to the dog, and I went hungry. ‘Nuff said.

      • Mare Thomas says:

        It’s worse than being self-centered, I’m afraid. Being amused by the pain of others is sick beyond words.

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  15. says:

    Aside from the song being so strongly associated with 9/11, I just don’t see the point of using an Enya song to sell macaroni and cheese… it just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  16. Doc says:

    Precisely WHY is this song “strongly associated with 9/11. I am in the news media, was witness from the first few minutes, and lived that horror show for quite some time. Yet I’ve never heard the song, other than perhaps a snippet here and there…

    • Mare Thomas says:

      Shortly after 9/11, there was a viral video going around that showed some of the worst devastation of that day; people jumping from the towers, others crying and broken as they ran, along with the photos of the missing. That video had the song playing in the background. It was heartbreaking.

  17. florida91 says:

    Beat the brats dsmn ass!

  18. florida91 says:

    Beat the brats damn ass!

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