State Farm: Don’t Mess With Kim’s Drive Safe & Save Discount

Kim is very vigilant about her Drive Safe & Save discount from State Farm. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sharon from the office telling them they’re late for a meeting or if Kim’s son needs to go to the bathroom. It doesn’t even matter when Kim is going into labor. Don’t mess with her discount! Haha. The State Farm agent is real-life agent Katie Kelly….anyone know who plays Kim or her frantic husband? And as an aside, I guess State Farm likes commercials with protagonists named Kim.

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48 Responses to State Farm: Don’t Mess With Kim’s Drive Safe & Save Discount

  1. Mario Willoby says:

    Yes, who does play Kim. She looks familiar

  2. Carly Shea says:

    I don’t know his name but I think he was on an episode of iCarly.

  3. Harold W says:


  4. Mo hakin says:

    Commercial sucks and I’m tired of looking at it take it off the fucking air

  5. Liz Harris says:

    Soooo FREAKING sad that her discount. Is more important than the welfare of her unborn child and 4 year old needing a bathroom

  6. Ana says:

    Haha, Katie Kelly is my insurance agent.

    • Jeff says:

      Then please ask her the name of the woman playing Kim. It appears to be the one thing no one on the internet can figure out.

      • Yvonne Agnello-Adams says:

        I think it is Beth Dover who plays Linda Ferguson on Orange is the New Black

  7. Faith says:

    Really stupid commercial!!! Her shouting is super annoying as well!!! I grab remote to change channel as soon as I hear her voice!!! Take it off….

    • Karl says:

      You’re probably a woman then and you’re jealous of how hot she is.

    • DrCRA says:

      Thanks for saying what needed to be said. I don’t want to hear people screaming at the top of their lungs; shows me who I won’t do business with.

    • Aimee says:

      I CANT STAND THIS COMMERCIAL! I hate the yelling. I don’t allow anyone in my home to yell, yet every time this commercial comes on, no matter where I am in the house, I hear her yelling! I change the channel every single time. I’ll never get State Farm Insurance

  8. Karl says:

    The mom is hot and I would like to impregnate her with another child.

  9. Nicole Marler says:

    Actress Melanie Paxson plays Kim.

  10. John says:

    This commercial is very dangerous. Its not funny at all. The thought of State Farm showing off a client that feels saving a few dollars on insurance is worth more than the safety of a (new) life is blasphemy. The commercial is in poor taste .

  11. S says:

    It may be Brice Dallas Howard

  12. Joel Freudenberger says:

    I find this add to be offensive & annoying. The woman portrays pregnant women in a negative light, tells children to “hold it”….really?
    The most horrible commercial ever! It should be pulled & canned immediately.

  13. Sharon Collins says:

    The “Don’t Mess with my Discount” commercials are very annoying. It makes no sense to drive around while in labor or ignore your child’s request for a bathroom. This is one of the worst….I have become a channel surfer when it comes on TV. Please create a new advertisement.

  14. CRK says:

    The concept of this commercial is annoying as hell. I turn the channel or mute the station every time it comes on. And it sure doesn’t make me want to get State Farm Insurance. Quite the opposite.

  15. Jolynn Uban Grace says:

    Kinda looks like Ellie Stemper.

  16. Lora says:

    Can’t stand This commercial and anyone I’ve seen it with (at restaurants, etc…) have said the same! Perception is that this lady has zero regard for others and certainly doesn’t care about her kids. She’s all about the money. Doesn’t put a good light on this company.

  17. Christine says:

    Because of this commercial I will never ever have this company. I hate this commercial!!!!!

  18. Douglas Dixon says:

    I would never buy insurance that would make me as stressed as that lady.

  19. Mary Bradley says:

    How can stopping and letting your daughter use the restroom “mess with” your discount ?

  20. Elaine says:

    I LOVE this commercial, simply to hear her shout! I actually WATCH the ad, so seemingly I remember State Farm – I guess that’s the trick.

  21. L Jennings says:

    I hate this commercial so very much that I actually searched for a way to tell State Farm how loathsome it is. I scramble for the repost to mute it every time it comes on.

  22. Kevin Goldade says:

    ITS A COMMERCIAL PEOPLE WOW “the concept” the “message” you people are unreal its called humor not supposed to be real – ‘I think her acting skills are fantastic got you dummies to believe

  23. Cliff says:

    Kim’ discount commercial is the most annoying, ignorant, arrogant commercial I’ve seen in a long time. I would never buy a product from any company that promotes this sort of info. Alot to be desired of your ad company

  24. Flafreethinker says:

    Hate this commercial and Kim. State Farm must really want to turn people off. Kim, take a chill pill and become human.

  25. Paula J Snyder says:

    I am curious as to what the pregnant woman’s dialogue is when she is shown in the car with her husband……can anyone help?!

  26. Gab says:

    HATE this commercial, mute the sound every time it appears.AND, it is very demeaning to women with the implication that screaming, rude, insensitive behavior is warranted for an insurance discount. This is despicable: are you listening State Farm?????

  27. Sheila says:

    Annoying commercial!! Really makes no sense.

    I can semi relate that when I was due on Christmas Day 1989 and the doctors were okay with inducing labor early (on the 21st), because they had just one doctor on call and I had 15 people coming over on Christmas Eve that year. None of us made an issue about it!!

    This “don’t mess with my discount “ commercial is
    Really unappealing!!!

  28. Sandra Buchan says:

    I can’t stand the don’t mess with my discount commercial! Her screeching is rude and completely disrespectful!

    • Kenny Reynolds says:

      Um, it’s a commercial…..Not real life….Meant to be funny….Can we all calm down just a bit….Jeez….Get over yourselves…

  29. Marguerite Kendall says:

    This is absurb. Yiu r pregrent and want a safe & healthy delivery of that baby you r carrying. Yet you’re only concerned about some discount “wrongggggggggggggg”.

  30. cece moore says:

    This is the WORST Ad on TV….can’t stand it and will not buy State Farm. Bad taste and horrid axtress.

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