Progressive’s Flo Is “Maid For Us”

Poor Flo…she’s no maid, but everyone thinks she is in Progressive’s new ad, which features sitcom parody “Maid For Us.” Comments have stated it uses the set from “Everybody Loves Raymond”, which is possible, though I must admit that I’ve never seen that show. It’s all rather dumb and clearly has nothing to do with Progressive Insurance, but that theme song is a pretty spot-on sitcom parody.

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15 Responses to Progressive’s Flo Is “Maid For Us”

  1. Tom says:

    Not a fan if commercial. Like the others but not woman screaming “not the maid”. I say shut up

  2. Raymond says:

    Whose the singer? Sounds like that guy who signs Family Matters theme – Jesse Frederick

  3. J M says:

    You idiots……. The spoof is suppose to be “Dog With A Blog”. The fathers name is Regan Burns.

    Everybody loves Raymond???? How on earth would you even think that??? NOT ONE PERSON FROM THAT SITCOM IS EVEN IN THIS COMMERCIAL!!!!

  4. Dave says:

    Whose the young girl? Looks like Hollie Barrett from Life in Pieces.

  5. Chris Steckroth says:

    The font of the show name is a Family Matters rip off. They’re not parodying one sitcom in particular, just sitcoms in general.

  6. Linden Wilson says:

    Who is the african american male who at the end asks ” who’s your new maid?” Looks like the guy that did those Wells Fargo commercials back in the day. I’ve also seen him on two and half men episode “Evelyn’s New Family” I think his name is Wayne Wilderson. Someone please confirm this for me. My wife says I wrong. I say I’m right

    • Shaun Crawford says:

      Sorry Mr. Wilson but your wife is right thats not Wayne. That is Tim Meadows from the movie Ladies Man

      • kreg hunter says:

        And SNL

      • Linden Wilson says:

        Thanks Shaun……not the answer I wanted but my wife is gloating in her victory. I could have sworn it was him, striking resemblance though….thanks again!!

      • Diana Bauer says:

        That actor is too young to be Tim Meadows. Don’t know who it is, but it’s not Meadows.

  7. Tracie says:

    I’d like to know who the singer is… Thanks!

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