AT&T Says “Just OK” March Madness Announcers Are Not OK

AT&T continues with their “Just OK Is Not OK” campaign, and since they’re a major sponsor of the NCAA Tournament, these spots are March Madness-themed. The campaign presents scenarios where it would be wrong for things to be “just OK”, though examples they show are much, much worse than OK.  These have an announcing duo, with play-by-play guy Ken, and clueless color commentator Phil. AT&T has a huge number of these on their YouTube page, so I’ll just post some highlights. There’s one where Phil misunderstands when he’s asked to give some insight about his time as a player. Phil also thinks a guy who got a rebound is actually on the rebound, and shouts out “Freebird!” to the band. And goofy Phil thinks his job as the color commentator is to actually comment on colors…which he does quite well in describing Purdue’s hues. Haha. Mark Neely plays Ken, and Phil is played by Tim Baltz.


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41 Responses to AT&T Says “Just OK” March Madness Announcers Are Not OK

  1. Dr. Mike Rotch says:

    Actor is Tim Baltz. He played a role on The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. Pretty funny guy.

  2. Craig says:

    These commercials are terrible. Really bothersome makes so I can hardly watch.

  3. Frank Pizzalato says:

    These commercials are great!

  4. Phil ATT says:

    horrible , just horrible, the people that thought of this should reconsider their career choice

  5. Not Interested says:

    I saw one with Tarot cards and him saying he was procticing divination. Really?

  6. Jd says:

    Please make them go away. Worst commercials ever. I change the channel when they come on.

  7. Phil Huck says:

    freaking stupid!

  8. Chris Gorman says:

    Absolutely annoying!

  9. Joe M says:

    They are insulting, but what else is new from MSM and the #Metoo, BLM, corporate sensibility/responsibility era of cramming the dumb, hateful, dorky, cheating, etc. white guy down our throats.

  10. Phil says:

    Do all the Just OK commercials shit on white people or is it just the vast majority?

  11. Patrick says:

    Worst commercials of all time… will NEVEER get att service or phone now

  12. AngryPetey says:

    These commercials are terrible!! They’re not at all funny and they’re played non-stop!!

  13. Michaela Hafley says:

    While the commercials are cute, please know that yellow is NOT a secondary color. On the color wheel, red, blue, and yellow are primary colors. It’s hard enough trying to get my art students to remember this. Please don’t confuse the rest of the world. Thanks.

  14. Michaela Hafley says:

    Please know that yellow is NOT a secondary color.

  15. Kervyn Squuezy says:

    These ads are awkward, painful and awful n

  16. gomer says:

    These commercials are some of the worst ever

  17. robert says:

    they remind me of PHIL SIMMS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. robert says:

    great commercials making fun of Phil Simms who was just as painful to watch!

  19. time passes says:

    These commercials are just ignorant. Every time I see them it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  20. These adds are so annoying they make me want to turn the channel AWAY from basketball. Surely ATT can do better. And what is with the ‘Your Thing’ ending that looks like a person afflicted with Parkinson’s wrote it? Really?

  21. Rick Haas says:

    These are the worst, can’t remember commercials this bad before. Even the worst announcers are better than this guy. 5G is not worth it if I have to watch these commercials.

  22. Dave Oleson says:

    These advertisements are very irritating to watch. ATT should come up with something better.

  23. Betty says:

    Art commercials with “Phil” are inane and terribly annoying

  24. Charlie Farrow says:

    Terrible marketing…AT&T has always been behind the innovators. Their phone service is reflective of their approach to advertising, namely subpar

  25. Bonnie schmidt says:

    Commercials with color commentator Phil are VERY annoying. Makes me ill to watch him over and over. Not funny at all…

  26. Charles A Summers says:

    I am glad we dumped AT&T a year ago. If we had not done it then, we would sure have done it now. Those are the absolute dumbest commercials and one would think a big corporation would be able to figure that out on their own.

  27. Denis Pasquale says:

    Phil reminds me of a character from The Office really annoying Dwight Schrute like

  28. Ann says:

    You’d think that with all the money we’ve given AT&T over the years, the could pay an ad agency to come up with better commercials than this – they are terrible. Not funny, almost painful… and it looks like the announcer who isn’t Phil knows it.

  29. Tom Webster says:

    Phil is not funny at all on arrived March madness commercials. Get him off the air!

  30. Anoyed says:

    Stupid and stupid if that is what AT&T wants to know as!!!!!
    Stupid is not clever, just annoying…who wants trlcom who is stupid n anoying!!!!

  31. Philip says:

    I do not like your ads. I’ll watch all the other ads but not your dumb ones. Thanks for the fast forward

  32. E. J. says:

    These are the worst ads ever. It makes watching basketball an unbelievable torture every time one comes on. Whoever gave the ok for these should be made to watch an endless loop of them.

  33. Al says:

    Dumb as commercials

  34. Karen McClain says:

    The AT&T commercials are so stupid and annoying that I will change my carrier to Verizon. I can’t believe they launched these during the NCAA tournament. Really I’m okay is not okay! Right. Get another marketing company. You are definitely are paying them to much!

  35. RJ says:

    Simply put these ARE the worst commercials ever… right behind Progressive Auto Insurance – We switch channels during the commercials or hit simply mute and head to the fridge. No time for jackasses…

  36. BRAD M CALLAHAN says:

    Your commercials suck!!!!! Annoying!!!!

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