Tuesday Throwback: Subaru’s “Baby Driver”

It’s 2019, which means we’ll be seeing “Best of the 2010s” lists pretty soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Subaru’s “Baby Driver” on lists of the best ads of the decade. It’s a sweet commercial that I’m sure you all remember, but what makes it even nicer is that it features real-life father and daughters. Andy Lyons is the father, Georgie Lyons is the younger daughter, and Lanna Lyons is the teenage daughter who’s driving away.

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One Response to Tuesday Throwback: Subaru’s “Baby Driver”

  1. Catherine Riggs says:

    Why did the Subaru ad with the blind man guiding a couple add the emotion-less, female voiced narration that sounded like a reading of the storyboard? Did people misinterpret the ad originally? Shockingly terrible. It ends with the original voiceover which is predictably soothing and professional, in contrast to this new narration. What was the CYA decision Subaru had to make? Why RUIN an ad? A real low point for Subaru.

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