IHOP’s Bizarre Coin Flip Commercial

This is an odd one from IHOP. For a limited time, omelettes come with unlimited pancakes. So you don’t have to flip a coin between omelettes and pancakes…that’s good. But then IHOP shows a coin with what seems to be a bearded, black Ben Franklin. Ben is impressed, but then the coin hits the plate. Ow. The coin is also engraved with “Breakfast Is Yummy”, because well, just because. As I said, it’s odd. Mark Teich is the voice of the coin.

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10 Responses to IHOP’s Bizarre Coin Flip Commercial

  1. Diana says:

    Very unprofessional to change race on a person.

  2. Judy Harl says:

    Benjamin Franklin is not black commercials are getting so dumb not cute

    • Vikki says:

      I cant believe they have not been called out on this, putting Ben Franklin in basically black face, and shouting I am free, I am free? Why would they even go there, it is insult.

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you for the article. It bothers me every time I see it. alive been trying to figure out who the coined man is supposed to be. It feels disgustingly racist to me.

  4. Edward says:

    Im black no way is this racist. Its just an old dusty faded Qtr. There are more important things we need to worry about. SMDH

  5. Anthony Lemons says:

    ALL commercials currently are terrible. Marketing teams must be out of new and innovating ideas and simply resort to targeting the stupid demographic.

  6. Rachael Wells says:

    My first opinion about this commercial seemed racist. A black Benjamin Franklin saying he is free. Just did not sit right with me.

  7. Justin Case says:

    I find the commercial where Benjamin Franklin is black on the nickel is ABSOLUTELY offensive to me. How far is the advertising wizards of Wall Street going to go with this?? It is a disgrace to me and I will not be eating at IHOP ever again!!

  8. Amanda Cunningham says:

    It’s amazing how the whole time this commercial was being produced, you knew this was racial on so many levels. When is RACISM ever gonna stop.

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