Geico: A Lobster Relaxes In A Hot Tub With This Newlywed Couple

The lobster seems like he’s in such a good mood…ohhh, there’s a jet. The woman from the newlywed couple seems befuddled that they’re sharing a hot tub with a lobster, but the man is ultimately more pleased that they saved hundreds of dollars on their car insurance with Geico. Our lobster buddy quips that he’s afraid of commitment, because he’s been boiled a lot. Then he ducks underwater when the chef comes looking for him. Some astute YouTube commenters notice that the lobster gets redder as the commercial runs, which is a nice touch. The man in the hot tub is played by Tristen J. Winger, and the woman is Tyra Colar.

KFC: The New Colonel Sanders Is…RoboCop

In the last number of years, KFC has had so many actors playing Colonel Sanders in its commercials that its not even worth mentioning. But here’s a notable new Colonel: RoboCop. If he told someone the secret recipe, he’d have to kill them. It’s just a ha ha ha funny joke though…right? According to this longer video, set up as a faux-news story, the Secret Recipe was transferred by RoboCop to the Bahnhof Underground Data Center in Stockholm, Sweden (once home to WikiLeaks). There it lies in a nuclear bomb shelter 100 feet under a Stockholm mountain, built to survive armageddon. Very safe!

Burger King Is The KFG (King Of Flame-Grilling)

Well, well, well. Burger King is making quite the advertising push of late. Here, the King dresses up like Colonel Sanders to promote Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich. “The King always outranks the Colonel” is quite the commercial zinger (pun sort of intended).

Apple Watch Takes Flight And Goes Air Dancing In This Advert From The UK

Well, this is an intoxicatingly fun spot to watch. The woman in the commercial is Inka Tiitto, and now I’ll just let you watch for yourself.


Cottonelle Brings “Down There Care”

When you’re a toilet paper brand, you often have to try a bit harder to make a splashy ad. Even though people use toilet paper every day, it’s often something that you don’t really want to think about. That’s why you sometimes see toilet paper commercials that are a bit more memorable, like Charmin’s bears. And now enter Cottonelle with “Down There Care”. Something tells me that their “Vacation” ad won’t be the most popular with social conservatives, what with the reference to waxing and the suspiciously brown-stained peach. And though we’re evolving as a society, I’d say we’d still have a ways to go, judging by the YouTube response to the two boyfriends spot.


Charlize Theron Excels In Bar Games During Budweiser’s Oscars Commercial

The lovely Charlize Theron is at a dive bar, about to sip on a Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager like any regular Jane. Suddenly, Charlize spots some drunken bros causing a ruckus at the pool table and decides it’s time to regulate, lest they ruin her classy drankin’. She walks to the juke box with her beer, passes the curious bartender (is that Bubbles from The Wire?) and puts on Run-DMC’s “It’s Tricky.” Then Charlize releases her own bag of tricks, complete with some skillful pool shots, a darts bullseye, a record high score in a boxing game, and an arm wrestling victory. She’s so talented…and all without spilling a drop of her delicious, delicious Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager. In the last few seconds, we pan back to Charlize at the bar. Was it all a fantasy? Is she getting up to do all these things? Are we really to believe that Charlize Theron could sit alone at a dive bar without getting hit on? Will we ever know? According to Ad Age, Budweiser was planning to air a 30-second version of this spot during the Super Bowl, but decided to expand it to 60 seconds and hold off on airing it until the Oscars.


SafeAuto Presents The Body Heat N’Eat

When I saw this SafeAuto commercial, I thought to myself  “man, I haven’t seen a SafeAuto commercial in a long time.” It probably hasn’t been since the days of that infamous jingle. SafeAuto’s new campaign features faux-infomercials with “cool” new inventions like the Body Heat N’Eat, a bodysuit that also cooks food. Also Pepperoni Plates and Paper Towel Shirts. Nifty!


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