Liberty Mutual Presents The LiMu Emu (And Doug)

In its newest campaign, Liberty Mutual brings us a ’70s-esque buddy cop parody featuring an emu (the appropriately named LiMu Emu), and his human partner Doug. As LiMu gets confused after seeing his own reflection and vomits up change in the office, Doug explains some of the merits of Liberty Mutual. They’re pretty dumb but mildly amusing ads, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Will this have more, less, or the same popularity as Liberty Mutual’s campaign with people talking in front of the Statue of Liberty? Only time will tell. If you’re wondering, Doug is played by David Hoffman.





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143 Responses to Liberty Mutual Presents The LiMu Emu (And Doug)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Was talking about this at work today, watching insurance industry change trends.

    • Aaron says:

      This is a really stupid ad campaign. The Emu looks like it is being strangled by the shirt he/she is in owing it has a skinny neck less feathers. Even though I know it has short useless wings, it makes it look like the forearms have been hacked off leaving stumps. It looks disgusting. And cruel to the bird.

      • Carl Brackett says:

        I agree very stupid

      • Barbara J Fay says:

        This is the dumbest commercial ever!! I agree with Aaron that it’s a stupid ad! An emu isn’t exactly the friendliest creature to use in an ad for anything! Whoever came up with this idea should be canned! Or, better yet, locked in a room with the emu for a few hours.

      • Glenn says:

        I hate the Emu ads. Seeing an Emu throw up is just disgusting. In my case, it does not endear the company to me. But to each his own, Lots of people that love the ads. The fact that we are all talking about it says something.

      • Raven says:

        The Emu is a CGI (computer-generated image), so no harm was done to the “fake” bird.

      • Jenni Kirkland Johns says:

        The emu commercials are parodies of all the other increasingly tiresome insurance commercials which use sanitized CGI versions of various animals.

        The joke which makes the emu stand apart is in the lack of humanization of the emu – he acts like a real emu would, not speaking, not telling jokes, not trying to charm us into buying insurance. The emu couldn’t care less about insurance. Nope, he just tears into some paper and spits up on the desk. He’s doing his emu thing. I suspect there’s some CGI involved, maybe a puppet, but I could believe they just put a shirt and glasses on a tame emu and let the camera roll. Doug’s role as sidekick is to make the situation more ridiculous through inappropriate gravitas.

        As far as achieving the urgent goals of cutting through the clutter and creating a message that people will pay attention to, these commercials are a huge success. Well done.

      • Gail Woodham says:

        Worse commercial ever..wouldn’t buy that insurance ecause of it!!

      • James S says:

        I didn’t thing it was funny in getting Emu aggravated into hammeriing its beak into the store window either, could have injured it.

      • Ccatd1 says:

        Libity bibity… Hilarious commercial lol


        Of course, you are correct. The Emu is clearly uncomfortable. The Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials are abusive toward animals, there is no doubt about it.

        Please call Liberty Mutual and ask to speak with someone in Advertising. Tell them that you’d like them to stop using animals in their commercials. The phone number is 1-617-357-9500.

        I just called. I’m glad I did.

        There’s strength in numbers, … the more of us who call, the more impact it will make.

        Thanks for caring.

      • La says:

        I love Lemu Emu and Doug ! You all need to lighten up and get the joke

    • The Dowager Duchess of Dorado says:

      Animal abuse pure and simple. Screw Liberty Mutual. I will never buy from animal abusers.

      • Jenni Kirkland Johns says:

        I hope you are a vegan. If you ever saw the abuse a chicken must go through to end up on your dinner plate, you’d see an emu wearing a shirt is no big deal.

      • Starzie says:

        These commercials are CGI! So no harm to the Emu. I think the ads are brilliant and attention getting. Love the female Emu in the audience! Hilarious! Look how everyone’s talking about these ads. I think they should dress LiMu up with a Santa cap for Xmas. Come on people enter into the fun!


        Of course, you are correct. The Emu is clearly uncomfortable. The Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials are abusive toward animals, there is no doubt about it.

        Please call Liberty Mutual and ask to speak with someone in Advertising. Tell them that you’d like them to stop using animals in their commercials. The phone number is 1-617-357-9500.

        I just called. I’m glad I did.

        There’s strength in numbers, … the more of us who call, the more impact it will make.

        Thanks for caring.

    • frank barber says:

      I HATE THE EMU COMMERICALS with a passion. I refuse to watch them and turn the channel when they appear. They suck. They are beyond stupid; they are a waste or time and money. They make me dislike Liberty Mutual to the point that I will never do business with them.

      • Brian Henry says:

        They are the most stupid birdbrain ads I have ever seen, would never buy from liberty mutual just because I dislike these ads so much

  2. J Perry says:

    The emu commercials are the best by far

  3. Kathryn Kappler says:

    Love emu commercial, better than Geiko gecko, right up there with an ad with a camel in it, and a couple of great dog commercials. The team of emu and partner is outstanding. Very unusual, no doubt a lot of patience to shoot. MORE PLEASE!

  4. CCampo says:

    This is a BIG “swing and a miss” from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

    There is nothing remotely creative – or, humorous – about the “LiMu & Doug” spots. They’re simply derivative of the “off-the-wall”, non-sequitur comedy-infused commercials that other insurance agencies, such as GEICO and Progressive, have been running for years. Liberty Mutual was the proverbial “day late and a dollar short” in committing to such a campaign and, as a result, they’re efforts seem stale in comparison.

    Plus, it doesn’t help that GS&P’s approach in putting the spots together seems to have been of the “let’s throw a ton of crap at the wall and hope that some of it stcks” variety. Wacky and exotic animal mascot? Check! Eccentric human spokes-character? Check! Spoof of a familiar film/TV trope (in this case, the terse, loose-cannon cop or private detective? Check! Throw all of the ingredients into an ostensibly creative “blender” and hope that viewers don’t notice the spots are bereft of anything approaching true humor? Check!

    • joshw24 says:

      Excellent comment.

    • Rob says:

      Amen Brother!

    • Rosebud says:

      I agree – their ad company might have done okay with the long ago “Got Milk” campaign to me this is a complete fail. And for those comparing to Geico – well their ads weren’t lying to people and since I have shopped insurance and endinded up using Geico for a long period of time – I found their rates cheaper and didn’t notice a big change “once they got you signed up” like many do. The only reason I don’t have them is Because I signed up with Hartford through AARP due to a good rate but they went up the following year. Next year I will probably transfer my auto to my homeowners insurance Kemper that I have had since the 1980s – it will lower my rates all around. Kemper has been very good to work with and has been good to me through all our many vicious storms over the years even just food loss and hotel costs due to long power outages. I couldn’t stay at home in the heat due to lung issues – needed power for oxygenation plus refrig for insulin storage. I was really impressed. Besides that I had just restocked my frig and freezer due to a loss I didn’t turn in because of deductible from a prior bad storm. I could have done a combo policy (auto + home) with Hartford but they seriously underquoted the home value in case of total damage that was unreal – $75-85k under. They seemed to think I should be impressed with how much money I would be saving but that wouldn’t help me if home burned down and I couldn’t afford to have it rebuilt. They requoted when called on it but it didn’t leave me with a good feeling nor that they were trustworthy. – said they just made a mistake but over a two week period of time didn’t catch it and I’m sure it would have gone through as initially quoted. Thank goodness I had a home building resource and when I questioned the figure – he was like no way plus I had been looking at having a home built so I was partly familiar with new construction costs but the home builder friend really helped. When requoted, it wasn’t enough to make me switch from my current (Kemper) that I had years of experience with as to how they took care of their clients. I don’t like insurance companies that play all these silly games just to try and get you to switch.

      But Liberty spending $250 million a year for this type of advertising is a poor choice. Their overall retention was down last year (2018) and making a emu throw up isn’t my idea of humor – whether fake or real. But along the same lines, the premise that only with Liberty can you get only what you need/want in insurance is just wrong and makes it sound like they think people are just plain stupid. Anyone who buys insurance (auto or home) knows you can always choose the type and amount of coverage as long as you meet your particular state’s required levels and if you have a mortgage or loan – you just have to carry enough based on value. But anything above or additional riders are up to you. Those factors are the same for any insurance company. Liberty is just trying to play on people’s fears about overpaying and I think it stinks when they aren’t offering anything better than anyone else. In fact that is what their chief marketing officer Emily Fink says – she noted in an Ad Age interview “that the new work taps into consumers’ common fear of overpaying for insurance”. Like her name..Liberty is being a fink lying to customers and insulting their intelligence. Maybe they are a good company, I haven’t used them but this campaign certainly doesn’t entice me to to switch.

      Liberty would better impress me – putting a well liked sincere person on and saying – we could spend $250-$270 million for a maybe not well received ad campaign but we would rather lower our rates for our loyal customers. Or put the money to some other good use – like charity. That kind of money could really help one or more important charities. Or better yet, create their own foundation and help people individually. There is plenty of need.

      Per AdAge “The push, which uses a mix of real bird and CGI for the LiMu character, is a new direction from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Liberty first tapped Goodby in 2017 as its creative agency. …… “. “In 2017, Liberty spent $270.4 million on measured media in the U.S.; in the first 11 months of 2018, the brand spent $246 million, according to Kantar Media.”

      • Lyn Fleming says:

        Wow!! You really like to hear yourself talk.

      • Starzie says:

        The ads are so ridiculous they are funny! Quite brilliant because they are so attention getting everyone’s talking about LiMu Emu! I especially love his wife in the audience. Come on people, quit being so serious. LiMu’s really growing on me. Can’t wait to see what they do with him for the holidays! 😂

  5. R. Pilz says:


    • Mary says:

      Liked the ones by Statue of Liberty. However this one makes my not want to have anything to do with liberty as it is just plain stupid.

  6. Brooklyn Reader says:

    I’m curious how the ad was shot. Were the emu and “Doug” actually shot together at the same time in front of the camera, or was there some green screen and assembly required?

    • mlbhgc says:

      The emu is a CG (computer generated image). So the commercial was filmed/edited the same as other videos using CG images.

  7. Alyse says:

    Enjoying your emu ad change instead of the stilted people talking to the camera. Cute and clever!

  8. Frazier Beatty says:

    Horrible ….

  9. Jenni Brown says:

    What is that lady’s name in this commercial?

  10. SW says:

    I am very bothered & offended that you would show this lovely animal crashing his beak against a storefront window.
    The organization for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals should be protesting this tv ad!

    • Alan G. says:

      It did seem the emu was placed purposely in a dangerous situation to cause the hard beak strike to the glass, leaving a large mark on the glass. Poor emu.

      • mlbhgc says:

        Limu is NOT a real emu. It is computer generated. No emu was harmed making this commercial.

      • joshw24 says:

        Yes. It’s hilariously depressing how many people don’t see this.

      • Raven says:

        IT ISN’T A REAL EMU! It is a CG (computer-generated image.) So there was no harm done to the CG bird.

    • mlbhgc says:

      SW, please don’t be bothered or offended. Limu is NOT REAL. It’s a computer generated (CG) emu. As far as I know, CG wildlife cannot feel pain so I think PETA will be ok.

    • Ann says:

      I agree and posted my opinion, as well. There should be a way to report this!!!

  11. Cathy R. Smith says:

    With all the debauchery in the world, it i SO refreshing to see simple humor!!! Love these commercials. People have maybe lost their sense of humor. I for one would be proud to have a LiMu and Doug coffee cup!!!!!!!!!! Sensational ad campaign!!! Make more!!!!!

    • mlbhgc says:

      Agree. People need to loosen up a bit. This commercial gives me a chuckle every time I see it.

      • Kevin says:

        So Agree. It does seem that everyone has lost their sense of humor. Spent my life around large animals and even if Emu was real there is nothing that a big tough bird like that is doing that would harm it.I was hoping that the actor and the bird were actually owner and pet. Birds will imprint and I could see them working together.

      • Pamela says:

        I love the LiMu Emu and Doug commercials! In fact, I thought that this would make a great sit com! Keep up the great work! Really funny!

    • lena says:

      Amen to that! Simple, funny, non-political ad with a memorable jingle. Always makes me chuckle. A LiMu and Doug coffee cup is a great idea. Good job -Goodby Silverstein & Partners!

  12. Cyndi Costello says:

    This is the stupidest commercial ever! The Statue of Liberty ones were tolerable but this emu commercial makes me turn the channel. Ditch it. It insults my intelligence.

  13. Skip says:

    Having the bird peck his head into the window is nothing short of cruelty and not remotely funny.

    • mlbhgc says:

      Skip, Limu is NOT a live emu. It is a computer generated (CG) animation that was created by a team of very skilled artists. No live emus were used, or harmed, in the making of this commercial. Do a little research. You might be amazed at the effort it took to make the emu so realistic.

    • Starzie says:

      Hello???? LiMu’s not real!!! He’s computer generated!🤦🏻‍♀️Geese people, know the facts before you post! Personally, I love the commercials. With all of the depressing things going on in our government today, it’s great to be able to actually laugh at something! Of course, Bill Maher is helping! Lol Maybe he’ll feature LiMu in his comedy routine!😂

  14. Corve Ransom says:

    Finally Liberty has a commercial I love! LiMu Emu and Doug cracks me up. Yes it’s silly but it is also amusing. Emus glasses are so crooked and his head movements are hysterical. Doug fits right in with the old partner cop shows.

    • Jeanette says:

      I agree! I actually look for the commercials during commercial breaks. I also love emus glasses and his head movements. Liberty Mutual hit it out of the park with Limu Emu and Doug!

  15. Jim says:

    What year is the car in that commercial?

  16. Oliver Arostegui says:

    I hate this commercial, it is beyond stupid. Aside from it being inane, why are they using this animal in a dangerous detrimental way and disrespecting this bird as well. Leave wildlife out of commercials and actually use your brains to sell a product. Liberty Mutual disgusts me, I wouldn’t even consider this insurance company. PETA WHERE ARE YOU?

    • mlbhgc says:

      Limu is NOT a real live emu. It is a CG animal. Computer generated. If you take the time to do a bit of research, you will find there was quite a bit of artistic effort that went into making Limu so realistic. No live emus were used in the filming of this commercial so no wildlife was harmed.

      • Darrell Carlisle says:

        Calling the mistreated animal CG or CGI ( Whatever that stands for, ) does not make up for the fact a real bird is being abused for commercial purpose s.

  17. Debbie says:

    I love the commercial with LiMu and Doug, it made with laugh. With all the animal lovers out there I don’t think LiMu was injured pecking at the window.

    • mlbhgc says:

      Me too Debbie. And hey, animal lovers, Limu didn’t “feel” a thing when it pecked the window. Because, well, it’s NOT REAL! It’s a computer generated (CG) animation that took a great amount of skill to make it look so realistic. So no emu was harmed in the filming of this commercial.

      • Ann says:

        No, it’s a real, live emu.

      • Starzie says:

        If this was a real bird in these commercials and not Computer Generated, don’t you think PETA ( which I’m a member of PETA) would go into action and stop the abuse? Come on people, have a little fun in life and laugh at the absurdity of an Emu working at convincing people to buy Liberty Mutual insurance!😂Keep the LiMu commercials coming! Hey, LiMu in a Santa cap and beard would be so funny! Lol And Mrs. Claus in the audience!

  18. JAS says:

    Very stupid commercial Limu Emu. The other stupid Liberty commercial is the guy on the bicycle and his calves. Can’t you just have an ordinary tv commercial without trying to be funny.

  19. Madison says:

    LiMu & Doug rock!!! I love LiMu! I hope you make more emu commercials:))

    • Cody Cooper says:

      I don’t care for the commercials as they are kind of unoriginal…they’re using an animal just like GEICO, who is the king of car insurance commercials.They are also quite silly. But I can’t believe how many people think they actually used a real emu in them. There is no way you can train an emu for commercial use! Do you people think the Hump Day camel was a real camel as well? Good grief!

  20. Cheryl says:

    Based on this commercial alone I would not buy from this company. Anyone who thinks this stupid commercial is the best way to promote their product can not be trusted. They should fire their advertising agency immediately.

  21. Reeda says:

    This commercial is undoubtedly one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen. WOW is it stupid!!!!!

  22. Willa M Headen says:

    What’s the name of the blk female actress in the Liberty Mutual commercials with the Emu ?
    She looks like the DriveTime woman.

  23. Val says:

    Love Limu Emu & Doug. Simple and cute. Have you ever owned or been around emus? They’re great! A great change from the people in front of the Statue of Liberty!

  24. Judy Creel says:

    I love LiMu & Doug 😂😂😂 – more, more, more please! (And “lose the guy in protection” that jumps in the harbor)

  25. Deborah Shultz says:

    Limu is actually a health drink that’s made of sea weed. It’s not spelled LiMu, however, like the emu in the commercial. It’s still kind of dumb that name was used.

  26. Linda says:

    Can’t even watch the vomiting emu, gross!

  27. Renata Warner says:

    I LOVE these commercials!!

  28. Marianne Kasic says:

    I think limu emu and Doug are halarious, especially the one where they’re running down the street together. Something about the goofy looks on they’re faces while standing side by side and then them running down the street together. They seem to bring the goofiness out of each other’s facial expressions somehow. Idk. I laugh like hell everyone I see that particular spot. The others not so much except when the lady send almost to say, “your bird” instead of, “your partner”. That’s funny . Is like to see more of them running together and standing next to each other talking

  29. Ann M says:

    This commercial needs to be taken off the air. It’s animal abuse. Sure, it might give folks a chuckle, but putting clothes and sunglasses on an emu and forcing the animal to behave in certain ways is not natural and is abusive. It needs to be removed from view.

  30. Shirley Erickson says:

    Does the emu really hit the window with his beak? Seems to me that it would cause an a injury to it’s beak?

  31. Ann says:

    Everyone involved with this commercial should be arrested for animal abuse. This offensive, abusive, unfunny commercial should be taken off the air immediately!

  32. joe kristek says:

    Joe K says:
    What year and make of car is used in the emu/Doug Liberty Insurance commercial ?

  33. Laurie says:

    Great commercial awesome idea

  34. Laurie says:

    Great commercial awesome idea

  35. Jennifer says:

    I cringe ever time the Emu Limu commercial comes on,. I literally change the channel every time it airs. I don’t want to watch a bird throw up while I’m eating dinner. The commercials it’s self are stupid that it hurts. I just hate it with every ounce of my soul!!!!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I cringe ever time the Emu Limu commercial comes on,. I literally change the channel every time it airs. I don’t want to watch a bird throw up while I’m eating dinner. The commercials it’s self are stupid that it hurts. I just hate it with every ounce of my soul!!!! Who ever says that they love this commercial is stupid too!!!!

  37. Bromley Simon says:

    Thanks LiMu Emu and Doug. I finally understand what insurance is for and why I was born to laugh at it.

  38. Pittman says:

    Love that bird!

  39. FloridaSunshine says:

    At first I thought the LiMu the Emu and Doug commercials were dumb. I really disliked them. But, then, all of a sudden, I started loving them! Now I can’t wait to see them. I love singing out loud “LiMu Emu”. My husband is getting tired of listening to me singing the jingle. It’s a great spoof of the old cop shows, and LiMu is adorable. I’m thinking of going back to Liberty for my car insurance!

  40. L says:

    The Limu “and DOUG!” commercial ads are brilliant. Funny, memorable, and off the wall. They make me laugh every time. Kudos. And I’m an animal person – I think Limu is just fine. Get over it. More of the dynamic duo Liberty Mutual!!!

  41. Kevin says:

    Worst commercial ever

    What loser ad moron came up with this?

  42. Beth dematteo says:

    Stupidest idea for a commercial I ever saw. Sure falsd far behind geici, State farm and progressive. Go back to the drawing board!!!!


    • Jeff says:

      Boy you folks need to get a sense of humor. It’s a CGI bird! A simply hilarious commercial that hurts no animals and entertains all who view it. 😁

      • Lyn Fleming says:

        Love it!! I laugh every time. If it is a CGI then it’s perfectly done. I raised emus for years and everything about this is spot on. Before people make comments about that that they no nothing about they should bone up. Emus raised by people love to enteract with them.They are very loving birds and love the attention and although they are rather simple minded they can be “trained” or incouraged to do certain behaviors. His pecking the window doesn’t hurt him. He’s excited to see another emu and the little hop in the air means he wants to play, They peck much harder then this at things all of the time. As for doug, His mimicking the emu movements are great and very accurate. Make More!

  43. Gene says:

    What is doug eating

  44. Edvard Kass says:

    Very innovative and creative….and funny..
    The wacky trolls attacking the ads need to get a life. Makes me wonder if the Corp us a HOO contributor… or the TROLLS are competing insurance corp… dummies ?

  45. Edvard Kass says:

    Very innovative and creative….and funny..
    The wacky trolls attacking the ads need to get a life. Makes me wonder if the Corp us a HOO contributor… or the TROLLS are competing insurance corp… dummies ???

  46. Rosie Avant says:

    Love the Emu and Doug commercial. They are so perfect together.

  47. We love Doug and Emu!!!!!
    How amazing to see an emu doing a real
    Keep it up!!!!

  48. Shirley McCune says:

    I absolutely love the LiMu the Emu and Doug commercial for Liberty Insurance!! I laugh every time I see the commercials.

  49. Diana says:

    These commercials are hilarious.!
    The emu is real and has a handler… It is not CGI.

  50. Sandra Diaz says:

    I am so curious as to wheather or not y the Emu is real or not?

    Its a cool commercial, my Mom and I debate this question daily!

    Could you please settle our debate.

    Thank you,
    Sandra & Eileen

  51. Daniel McCluskey says:

    Such a stupid and annoying commercial.i immediately change channel when it comes on.i wouldn’t t even consider insurance with liberty mutual.

  52. Faye Kaiser says:

    Hate the constant repetitive commercials. Enough.
    Everyone I know hates them. Stop playing them all the time.

  53. Horace says:

    Who is black lady? Looks like Gina Torres?

  54. mc cloud says:


  55. Cliff R. Todd says:

    We really like the Limu Emu commercial. It is funny.

  56. Rick Stephenson says:

    I hope the emu is not a live animal. It is cruel to let an animal keep pecking at it’s image in the window.. Animals have hurt themselves that way. Stupid commercial.

  57. Cynthia Kimball says:

    You have the most stupid, elementary,
    Commercials ever!

    Would purchase your insurance
    From these commercials!

  58. Deb J says:

    PLEASE STOP with the Limu Emu Ads. I am so sick of these stupid ads. You are ruining your company with these lame ads. You don’t need to show them 10 times an hour or ever, for that matter. Just stop! Hire a different and better ad agency. Thank you.

  59. Serrrol Dubin says:

    Lighten up, people. If you do ten minutes of research you will find that Limu is computer generated… basically on the same sentience level as a cartoon … Daffy Duck, for example. you may as well be offended because of how many times Daffy Duck got his head blown off. (fortunately cartoon buckshot is harmless)

  60. Lynn Hash says:

    Wow! I always knew animal rights people were morons! This really shows it. No common sense at all, just emotional bull shit. Freaking use your brains! The damn bird isn’t REAL!

  61. Sabrina Davis says:

    You humorless putzes are overthinking this. The LiMu commercials are great! I love them!

  62. Bernadine Bednash says:

    I love Limu Emu! The funniest thing about this commercial is the bird brain, humorless souls who think the bird is real! Wow!

  63. ELLA says:

    Please make it go away!

  64. Jon Persson says:

    I just LOVE these commercials . . . they are so wacky and off the wall, I never get tired of seeing them . . . especially like the couple who ask what’s going on with your partner, the looks on their faces are so subtly disturbed, they’re priceless.

  65. Mrs LiMu Emu says:

    I HATE ads……
    ……But I LOVE these ads!!

    The bird is awesome, and Doug is the glue.

    When i first saw these, I figured he is likely the Emu’s trainer, just because of the way LiMu runs and walks with him.

    Goofy? Yes. Cute? Yes. Memorable? Absolutely!! Even the opening-closing jingle singers “LiMu…Emu…” (and Doug) as an afterthought. I’m sure the actor gets it. Hoffman is the glue. He’s Bud Abbott and LiMu is Lou Costello. Most people will love Lou Costello without appreciating the importance and mastery of Bud Abbott in the skits. So as long as LiMu and Doug don’t let their egos get between them, they will have a long run!!!

    I saw the other comments.
    Bunch of jealous unemployed actors.
    6 months since you posted this, And the advertisement campaign is stronger than ever! Long live LiMu Emu (and Doug)

    • frank barber says:

      Sorry, the campaign is stupid. There is noting of value to suggest anyone buy insurance. No catch phase, no song, just a horrible start music and dump script. If you want to compare to a very good commercial, check the Geico “I Want it My Way” spot. You have a Captain of a ship who can’t take the poor Karaoke singing of a crew member, to the point that he tries to leave the station. I love it when the other crew members say “No Captain, No! and they drag him back in. Very clever. Compare that spot to the bird crap.

  66. Roz says:

    These silly spoof commercials have grown on me. With everything now so serious, it’s refreshing to have a dumb laugh. Love the blond wigged emu girlfriend with sun glasses and LiMu Emu who freaks out when a pine cone falls on car. Yes, they are silly and Iike seeing them. And, I remember Liberty Mutual. Thats’s the point of advertising, to build brand recognition.

  67. Darrell Carlisle says:

    I want to know who the cute girl who sits in the stands and yells out her love for Doug is played by!

  68. Kathy says:

    Love this commercial it is actually brilliant Limu ( Liberty Mutual) the emu… witty and funny… emu

    Catchy/ memorable… which is exactly what adds are suppose to be— even if you hate it — u remember it

  69. ESSIELLEE says:

    I like the ads. I even go on the site to see them just for laughs. Keep the laughter coming.

  70. Reilly Simmer says:

    I’m looking to buy insurance, but NEVER from a company that would air such unpleasant and
    unfunny E and D commercials. I might have come to shop with you if I’d never seen those
    asinine spots. PLEASE STOP!!!

  71. Danny Tyson says:

    Best. Commercials on tv love them .

  72. Danny Tyson says:

    For the people who don’t like them you SUCK

  73. Kathleen Wells says:

    Please rethink this. The emu is a horrible idea and Dave is an idiot. You are better than this. The guy who can’t remember his lines is great and the past ladies who talked about unfairness were also great.

  74. jack says:


  75. Josh says:

    The Limu emu and Doug commercials are my favorite commercials ever. I laugh everytime I see them . Please make a few more with the female emu also. Would be great to see them on a date or at home together. Doug is just great in these spots. I hate most insurance commercials but not these.

  76. BobCranz says:

    It’s a CGI emu, so stop worrying.

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