Head & Shoulders Shows A Same-Sex Couple At A School Dance

In its new campaign “Headstrong”, Head & Shoulders presents a series of ads where characters stop doubting and are their true selves. I guess Head & Shoulders helps that by giving them flake-free hair. Anyway, in one, we see a teenage girl step out of a limo and give a corsage to her date. Her date, as it turns out, is another teenage girl. Elsewhere, a Patriots fan and Steelers fan put aside their sports rivalry to make out when they’re both on the Kiss Cam. The song playing is “Superhuman” by Campfire featuring Shane Eli.


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25 Responses to Head & Shoulders Shows A Same-Sex Couple At A School Dance

  1. ELAINE Speyer says:

    I hate the commercial of the prom couple.I have two teenage granddaughters and they hate the commercial too.Give the gay thing a rest.

    • Bette Dart says:

      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree. Will encourage anyone I know to not buy their products which includes my grandchildren.

  2. Victor says:

    Unbelievable what is the shampoo got to do with two lesbians what The hell is wrong with you people whoever thought about that should be fired!!😡😡 Disgusting

  3. Valerie cro says:

    What is wrong with this world? Everyone in my family thinks this commercial is disgusting and whoever approved for this should be fired. My grandkids watch tv and unfortunately this trash comes on as commercial. This subject has nothing to do with selling shampoo and neither would a straight couple making out on tv. Why does everything have to be sexualized. Trash! My husband has always used head and shoulders but will never buy their product again since this is what they resort to for tv commercial! I’m sure they won’t miss my few dollars but maybe other people who see this and use their product will feel same way. !

    • Bette Dart says:

      I totally agree with your comments. It’s a shame we cannot watch a commercial without being
      hit in the face with homosexuality. As you said, what does this have to do with shampoo except to promote a cause.

    • LC says:

      Agree Valerie. I’m done with Head and Shoulders and will avoid all P&G products.

  4. Terry says:

    Homophobes are the new normal, given permission by a hateful Whitehouse to say stupid things that hurt others. Kudos to Head and Shoulders for being inclusive.

    • Brian says:

      I am far from homophobic, but I do not believe sex of any sort has anything to do with shampoo. I think if you want politicize this issue, take a second and look at it from both sides. What does sex have to do with shampoo? Advertisers will tell you that sex sells. Ok, why not just show a beautiful woman, or man using the product. There is a point, a purpose for using a gay couple. We get enough politics, we do not need it in our shampoo commercials, and certainly not during family viewing time.

    • Peter Johnson says:

      You’re hateful towards conservatives.

  5. Serena Handy says:

    I’ll never use their products again!! Sick trash!!

  6. irene says:

    We are afraid to offend people but not all people!! Tv is pushing sex like they always have but I don’t think sex should be on commercials we have no choice but to watch commercials and watching TV why do I have to watch two girls kissing when I don’t believe that they should be any kind of sex on TV commercials.now head and shoulders I will relate to the two girls kissing on that commercial which I do not believe and I will not buy this shampoo again.

  7. Sheila says:

    Will be boycotting head and shoulders due to same sex ad

    • Lois says:

      Although I support “equal opportunity” in employment, etc., I find the prom commercial offensive. I will discourage my friends and family to veto products made by companies who push homosexuality.

  8. Erinn Beaton says:

    I have not seen the football commercial but the prom one is horrible. Confidence is one thing, but a gay couple kissing on television should only be allowed after 8pm!! Or on certain shows. But I should be watching the Jays game with my child and then have to explain that. Inappropriate Head and Shoulders. Not just a gay thing, but sexualizing shampoo at all is dumb!

  9. Dan O ‘Connor says:

    Really? You played that during a Disney Movie! We have absolutely nothing against adults deciding, but chilfren? You are scum for exploiting such a sensitive topic for money. We have head and shoulders in our house, will switch tommorow to Nizoral works better anyway

  10. Renee Salvatore says:

    Your commercial is highly offensive to me and my family !!
    I do not like to see two women kissing
    My children grandchildren should not have to be subjected to what I believe is appropriate !!
    You are selling shampoo not a political
    Agenda or a Gay agenda!!

    If I in particular should mention anything about my Christian values On a commercial I would would immediately be harassed and mistreated !! I certainly for one and many others are highly offended by this!
    I ask in true conscience you would reconsider these commercials for goodness sake!!
    Then again who is in charge of your advertising!!

  11. J.L says:

    Bad commercial all around.

  12. Ms. M. says:

    I’ve used Head & Shoulders for over 40 years but no more! Passionate lesbian kissing for a shampoo commercial!? Good grief! Whose bright idea was that? Bad decision. I shudder to think what you’ll come up with next. I think you owe the public an apology.

  13. No thank you says:


  14. Richard says:

    Tries to hard….and most of the viewership is left scratching their heads

  15. atomicdog says:

    omg. if it was a boy and a girl you would be fine. what the f is wrong with everyone? this is an awesome commercial. i notice no one commented on the commercial of the man and woman team rivals that kiss. are you serious about commercials not using sex, have you seen half the commercials on tv? you have no problem until it’s a same sex couple? wtf people.

  16. Ann-Marie Lebeau says:

    Gays, minorities, and mix raced couples are So over-represented on TV today. I don’t watch TV anymore. It no longer represents life but life as the liberal left dreams of it . . . A world with No genders and in which white people (especially men!) have been obliterated. Have you Ever heard of a culture that destroyed itself? I think this is unheard of in history.

  17. frank gauvin says:

    what a stupid commercial!

  18. Vicky says:

    Not pressed with this “Corsage” commercial of Head and Shoulders. What does being in a relationship a same sex person have to do with Shampoo. This commercial should be taken off the air every time I see it come on I turn the channel. I dont want to see this kind of ad, don’t get me wrong I have Gay friends, but they don’t flaunt it. This Ad should be taken off the air. IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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