This Commercial Sucks: Cricket Wireless Says “Hiyeeee!”

Hiyeee! There isn’t much to say about this Cricket Wireless commercial, other than that it’s really, really annoying. Biyeeee!


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22 Responses to This Commercial Sucks: Cricket Wireless Says “Hiyeeee!”

  1. Rowanneblane says:

    Oh please! Everyone loves it!!!! Byeeee!!! ❤️💕❤️😍

  2. Dora says:

    I absolutely love this commercial! It makes me laugh ok, byeee!

  3. Joe says:

    I can’t stand this commerical. Makes my blood pressure spike.

  4. Cathy Johnson says:

    OMG the cutest Commercial I’ve seen in a long time!~

  5. Stephanie Stitt says:

    My one year old loves this commercial

  6. P Howard says:

    This commercial is the most annoying thing I have ever heard. It sounds like a stereo type of Chinese girl’s trying to speak English. The sponsors should know that I change the channel when this comes on because I know it will be shown at almost every commercial break. I hate it that much!

  7. Jane James says:

    I hate this commercial with a passion and what vexes me is that it never seems to stop especially ESPN+ college basketball commercial breaks are filled with this fkin commercial and one of these days Ill punch a huge gaping hole into my tv and head to the nearest Cricket store, purchase a plan for family and then burn all the phones. Yes Ive a lot of time and money to waste so it would not even be that farfetched of an idea for me to do, most likely Ill end up doing it. It is the dumbest, idiotic, no-sense making, money wasting, infuriating, stupid fkin commercial Ive seen in a long long time. Such a waste of money and yes me breaking a tv and bunch of phones is also a waste of money but obviously non comparable to what Cricket is doing which is close to a travesty.

  8. kathydip says:

    It’s funny and cute! Doesn’t interest me in getting the product though (obv it’s purpose) or even researching it further and I can see why some would find it annoying.

  9. Micheallogan says:

    Is that you C.Pitts of Ga. In the black pants?,I think I know you.

  10. Seven Of Nine says:

    Hate it with a passion. So annoying. I purposely would choose NOT to do business with this company based on the annoyance factor of this commercial alone.

  11. Camille says:

    This is the BEST COMMERCIAL.
    You’re dumb. Okay byeeeeeeee

  12. Kerry Glidden says:

    I love this commercial and I haven’t seen it in quite some time are people complaining about it is that why I’m not seeing it my husband and I say hi and bye when we’re talking to each other on the phone I just think it’s cute

  13. Chap says:

    I pause TV or change the channel as well. In fact, just turned the channel on this annoying crap 20 seconds ago.

  14. Abe says:

    The only people that like this commercial are women and gay men.

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