That TD Bank Commercial With “Rhythm Is A Dancer”

When this TD Bank ad came on, I immediately started bobbing my head. So it’s easy to see how the banker working after closing time would be dancing around and overall having a grand time. He’s got some great moves! And then he’s caught by a father and son who had an appointment to meet with him. They’re late, but it’s alright. The banker is played by Julian Rozzell Jr. and the song is Snap!’s catchy 1992 dance classic “Rhythm Is a Dancer.”

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7 Responses to That TD Bank Commercial With “Rhythm Is A Dancer”

  1. Neal says:

    Looks like the singer from Faithless… I can’t get no sleep guy.

  2. eurodance4ever says:

    Recent: Someone mentioned it being their high school acting teacher Julian. The comment got a reply from a Julian Rozzell. Seems legit (no sarc).

  3. Karen Walsh says:

    I love this commercial and the guy dancing, I can’t help but start dancing myself! ! Rhythm is a Dancer!!

  4. April Sandi says:

    It’s actor Julian Rozzell Jr.


    Oh my goodness!!!! I absolutely LOVE this commercial. Every time it airs I stop in my tracks and get in a rhythm and move type of mode. It instantly brings laughter, joy and gotta get up and move thrill. This should have been a Super Bowl commercial. Thank you for spreading this JOY,

  6. Rob says:

    Love this guy and this commercial. Makes me smile every time!

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