Progressive Shows Jamie’s 40th, Including His Big House And Beautiful Wife

I’ll admit that Progressive’s long-running campaign with Flo (played by Stephanie Courtney) has become kind of a commercial blind spot for me. The campaign has just been around for so long and with so many ads that I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to them. But this one caught my eye. From what I gather of the Progressive saga, Jamie (Jim Cashman) is kind of the butt monkey of the agents. So when everyone comes to his place for his 40th birthday, surprises abound. Jamie’s house that he claims “is not much” is actually quite modern and spacious. Also, Jamie has a bunch of kids, an incredibly sexy wife (played by Xian Mikol), and a beautiful, operatic singing voice. Who knew?

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12 Responses to Progressive Shows Jamie’s 40th, Including His Big House And Beautiful Wife

  1. Pita Espinoza says:

    My new ALL-TIME FAVORITE COMMERCIAL EVER! Love it!! What a twist, a great twist!! Most people root for the “underdog “ so to see this sweet guy getting the last laugh is just great!
    I wanted to see more!

  2. Richard Robinson says:

    Would like to know if it is really Jamie singing or is he just lip sinking
    P.S. how can I get invited to meet and have dinner with Jamie and his family

  3. Christopher P Coker says:

    What the heck song is he singing? It’s annoying.

  4. WiccanWoman says:

    The commercial song is Mexican ballad by Jim Cashman (Jim Cashman is Jamie). However, this song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

  5. Jason E says:

    I was thinking if that were to be Sofia Vergara since the wife happened to be hot and sexy. That would’ve worked if that was her.

  6. Liz says:

    Is Jimmy singing if not who is please

  7. singer67214 says:

    I’d like to know if that is Jamie singing too. If it is, it’s like comparing Jim Nabors’ real singing voice, operatic, to his voice as Gomer Pyle, hicksville. Jim Cashman should release any song in his real singing voice for download or purchase, the one on the commercial or another one. I would certainly download it or buy it.

  8. tumbalena says:

    Get rid of Jamie!
    His beautiful wife has no manners, esp when she referred to a short adult woman to a child.
    Flow is much better.
    The last one where Jamie said don’t spoil your dinner, have carrots make no sense.
    The kid said your not my father.
    Jamie is no a good representation of your product.

    • Lynn Dolan says:

      Are you kidding? Jamie is the hub of the most recent Progressive commercials, & I wonder if they had planned to make his character grow over the years from the start. It’s the 1st commercial to have an underlying script as the Progressive commercials carry on. Pure genius. I keep wondering, how is Jamie going to impress us next? Keep Jamie…keep Flo…keep them all…great humorous chemistry which sells a product well! It’s working!!!👍

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