Pizza Hut’s $5 Commercial With Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln brings back a bounty of $5 Pizza Hut items to his family. They seem unimpressed by his declaration of the power of the $5 bill. See, his wife (who looks nothing like Mary Todd) explains that a lot of people have their faces on currency: Andrew, Alexander, Ulysses, and Benjamin Franklin…even though he wasn’t even president. She didn’t mention George, and Alexander wasn’t president either. I like the musical fadeout of “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Abe is played by Braden Lynch…anyone know who the wife is? I wonder if people will be amused by this one, or if they’ll think it’s disrespectful to the legacy of Abe Lincoln.


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9 Responses to Pizza Hut’s $5 Commercial With Abe Lincoln

  1. dogman15 says:

    Who plays the dad who resembles Abraham Lincoln?

  2. Andy says:

    More appalled Pizza Hut and crew thought Hamilton was a President.


  3. Andy says:

    It’s disappointing that the Pizza Hut crew thought Hamilton was a president.

    Not professional.

  4. Sara E Deweese says:

    Is that Ssth Meyers?

  5. Jim long says:

    Mmm. Good. I like

  6. Pennyaline says:

    It’s not disrespectful, just stupid and annoying.

  7. Lee Thompson says:

    I agree wit Pennyaline: stupid and annoying! What’s the accent btw? Reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch accent.

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