A New Purple Mattress Brings Back Ronnie’s Long-Lost Father

This ad for Purple has been online for two months now, but I just saw a shortened version on TV. And it’s a memorable one. Ronnie’s dad suddenly comes to the door after 20 years. Dad heard his Ronnie got a new Purple Mattress, and he just has to try it out. Ronnie and his family thought his dad was dead…but it turns out he was just dead tired. And of course Dad goes on to ignore Ronnie, because he’s more interested in snoozing on that Purple Mattress. Hahaha. The closing music really adds to this one’s tragicomic feel. I cracked up, but kinda felt like a terrible person for doing so. And I totally understand why some would hate it.

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5 Responses to A New Purple Mattress Brings Back Ronnie’s Long-Lost Father

  1. Rebecca Harris says:

    I find this commercial absolutely SICKENING! Coming from a single mother that has FOUGHT 20 years to get any type of help from my child’s biological sperm donor this commercial just proves that a father would and could consider a stupid MATTRESS over their own CHILD! Makes me SICK!

  2. Rebecca Harris says:

    Let’s get the opinions of children who had to grow up without a father on this commercial. How they have struggled from a very early because we all know how much it costs to raise a child. Try doing that with one income. I’m sure this company will have a line of fatherless children lining up to support this company.

    • Jay says:

      I grew up never knowing my real father, but I’m not offended.. Because this commercial makes absolutely no sense! The guy looks to be about 40 years old and says his dad has been gone for 20 years. So if he was 20 when his father left, how did he grow up without a father?

  3. Jay says:

    This commercial makes absolutely no sense, the son has to be about 40 years old right? And he says the dad was gone for 20 years, so how did he grow up without a father?

  4. Big Al says:

    This commercial is garbage. The person in charge of advertising is insensitive or somehow oblivious to the pain associated with living without a parent. I am shocked this commercial made it to television. The fact that it did says alot about the company. I will never buy one of their mattresses. My sons mom abandoned him. Yeah, she came back like that man did-for the wrong reason. I would burn your mattress before I would sleep in it.

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