TurboTax Free 2019 Really Emphasizes That It’s Free

TurboTax has a funny new campaign to advertise its Free 2019 edition. It uses various parodies of film…a courtroom scene, an action movie credits scene, and my favorite, a stereotypically inspiring football story. All of them repeatedly use “free” throughout…you know, to emphasize the freeness of TurboTax Free 2019. Elsewhere, TurboTax also has a Live edition where you can speak to a tax expert in real-time. That especially comes in handy when a woman named Lena (played by Adriana Trajkovski) wants to avoid interacting with a tech bro named Chad. Cat-culator…haha. The fact that Chad and Stacy are names used in the commercial also doesn’t seem like an accident.

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18 Responses to TurboTax Free 2019 Really Emphasizes That It’s Free

  1. Laura Campbell says:

    Is she the same actress in the conference room scene in the other turbotax commercial where the guy is pretending to be on a yacht?

    • Robin Bartsch says:

      These free free free free free commercials sucks. Who is running your advertising department? If this is the best you can do you need to seek professional advertising agent. This does absolutely nothing for your company and a big disappointment for your consumers.

      • Mark says:

        these are by far the stupidest commercials out there. I mute the tv when they come on. They should fire the ad agency that come up with this ad

    • Ken Dowler says:

      The most terrible set of commercials today with the Big Kick and the Spelling Bee leading by far. Anyony who would be swayed to use Turbo Tax by those ads deserves to owe! Okay, back to watching Li’l Sweet pushing Diet Dr. Pepper.

  2. ian martell says:

    hello turbotax my names ian martell. I will be boycotting your service until you give us better ads. Free? free free free? free my existence of this abysmally unsatisfactory add. Give us your best appeal to our favor and we will give you our patronage

  3. Lola says:

    I don’t know how you can say it’s free when it’s not and your commercials suck, who makes your commercials should be fired they are annoying I can’t change the channel fast enough when it comes on

  4. Gregory Russell says:

    These TT ‘free’ commercials are stupid, and annoying. The trend of commercials is to be as annoying as possible, since advertising companies link annoying with memorable. It is crap, and I won’t consume it.

  5. SM Willing says:

    NOT FUNNY! Absolutely annoying. Would never again use. Last thing needed is more stupid advertising!

  6. Sue L. Remington says:

    I have used Turbo Tax for years but your inane, condescending, idiotic commercials (free,free,free,free) have truly disrespected intelligent tax payers nationwide. I will never use your software again. Be smart. Not dumb advertising.

    • Dave Parrish says:

      I can not think of a word to describe the Turbo Tax commercials….I think the lowest live moron cold dream up a more intelligent commercial then that!!! Low class shit that offends any one with any intelligence at all

  7. Becky Crocker says:

    Some of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen. Right up there with Choice Hotels.

  8. Susan R. says:

    Worst, most annoying commercials ever! What moron thought these were a good idea? Bunch of dolts!

  9. Andrea Anderson says:

    Horrible “free-free-free” commercial !!! I immediately turn the channel when it comes on – I would never use you because of this free commecrial – its irritating and stupid !

  10. Judy Packer says:

    Dumbest commercial ever, there have been dumb ones but this takes the number 1 worst ever! Stop it, people are not that dumb, I turn it off every time it comes on, I’m going to H & R Block, just because of the stupid commercials!

  11. Teresa Walker says:

    I absolutely despise the “free” commercials. They are horrible, condescending, annoying, and I cannot tolerate them. I have used TurboTax in the past, but not now.

  12. Jason says:

    these commercials are annoying. not as annoying as some like flo or the sprintern. but damn close. why is it 90% of commercials are just plain stupid. the worst is the douchebag from verizon. i would smack the moron out of him if i could

  13. GEORGE BAKER says:

    And just who besides maybe a 4 or 5 year old, could call these commercials “funny”?

  14. Robert says:

    Funny ad campaign. NOT. This is by far one of the worst, irritating grating ad campaigns i have ever been witnessed to. Not to mention they say free, matter of fact that’s all they say, but the reality is you pay pay paypay. I had thought of switching over to TT but after being completely irritated i’m saying no no no no no. And btw no one i know likes the free.

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