AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK”

In this amusing new campaign, AT&T depicts a number of situations where “just OK is not OK.” Like you wouldn’t want your surgeon to be deemed just OK right before you’re about to go under the knife. Or a babysitter that’s just OK with kids…not OK. You wouldn’t want your first tattoo to look OK, and a mechanic that’s OK with brakes? Nope. And don’t even get started on sushi that’s OK. Have I written OK enough in this post? As for actor/actress info, Phoebe Neidhardt plays the babysitter, Cyndi Melendez is the sushi server and Sara Amini plays the “is it fresh?” sushi customer. I’ll add the names of others as I find them.






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20 Responses to AT&T Says “Just OK Is Not OK”

  1. brad starr says:

    This is a TOTAL INSULT to those of us that either own or work at Independent Auto Repair shops. I’ve owned my shop for over 16 years. This ad disgusts me! We work hard everyday to insure the safety of my customers. I have never had any lawsuit, complaint, or failure due to incompetence or negligence.

    • kurillium says:

      The point of the ad is to say “this kind of scenario is NOT ok”… implying that you wouldn’t accept this kind of service at your auto shop, why should you accept it for you wireless provider?

      They’re not coming after auto repair shops, they’re coming after their competitors like Verizon and Sprint. If anything, the ad shows auto repair shops in a positive light because people know that shops aren’t actually like this!

      Hope that eases your mind a little:)

    • Mike B says:

      Where are you Brad, because I can’t find a decent shop around here !

  2. not forutoknow says:

    Why are all the stupid and incompetent people the only white people in each ad? I will never buy an AT&T product and as soon as my directv contract ends I’m switching to Dish.

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  5. jackie Danser says:

    AT&T Did an outstanding job with these commercials!!! They really are a must see. Even if you see them once, you’ve got to see them again & always laugh 😁

  6. CRK says:

    Whenever these commercials come on, I either change the channel or hit the mute button and look somewhere else until they’re over. They’re very annoying. Sure as hell doesn’t make me want to buy anything from AT&T. Complete opposite, actually.

  7. Jim says:

    Why are the two uncles, or the dad and his friend asking all the questions to the babysitter? And why would his friend care so much? Isn’t that mom’s job? Where’s mom? Did she die? Are we supposed to figure this out for ourselves? It’s a short commercial. Just have mom and dad, (married not shacking up), there to ask the questions to the babysitter. Two dudes asking questions is too confusing and we have to figure out why mom isn’t there.

    • joshw24 says:

      Uhh, I think it’s a gay couple, Jim.

      • JIm says:

        Whaaaaaaat?!! How did I miss that one?!!

        Oh yeah, because I was being sarcastic. I don’t like it when company advertisements try to jam their PC-ness down our throats. Pun intended. 😉

        I said my peace. I’ll stop now.

  8. Wally10 says:

    Did you watch the commercials? They are terrible. So stupid. Find some creative talent. Fire the writers. Or the decision makers

  9. Your Phil commercials on NCAA basketball are AWFUL.

  10. John Harrington says:

    AT&T is just better than just OK… Wow, I really want to switch from AT&T to anyone else. Compare yourself favorably to the best out there, impress us with how great you are. Not just better than stupid.

  11. Scott says:

    Their new advertisement is horrible.

  12. Kim says:

    Who’s the actor who plays the ride operator in the just okay carnival ride?

  13. Jason Wall says:

    I will decide what is ok !!!!!!! You think I so stupid I can’t figure it out???????

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  15. Derek Carr says:

    White racism is blatant. DO NOT use AT&T, voice your disgust.

  16. L says:

    Gorget the ads and actors. I can’t STAND the woman’s voice who narrates the commercials!!!

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