This Commercial Sucks: GMC Goes “One For You, One For Me” On Black Friday

When the revolution comes, I swear it’ll be in part buoyed on by ridiculous ads like Lexus’ “December to Remember” and this GMC Sierra spot. Do normal people buy cars for themselves and their spouses during the holidays like it’s a rational, ho-hum event, and not a big-ticket purchase that requires a lot of planning and conversation? Though judging from the size of their house, maybe buying two GMC Sierras wouldn’t even make a big dent. Of course, if they keep spending like that, maybe they won’t be in that house for too long. Who are they even targeting this commercial to? Ugh, ugh, ugh. If you’re wondering, the husband is played by Daniel di Tomasso, and the wife is Morgan Matthews.


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39 Responses to This Commercial Sucks: GMC Goes “One For You, One For Me” On Black Friday

  1. Stephen says:

    The worst of the worst

    • tom b says:

      commercial is disgusting. Doesn’t say how the thirty something bimbo and his snobby wife spent over hundred thousand on those junks. Or how they plan to pay for them or the fact that both vehicles lost at least ten thousand in value the minute they left the showroom

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking the same. I conclude that they got rich off of bitcoin, or won the lottery.

  3. Julie T Byers says:

    Not a ringing endorsement of any GMC car/truck! Selfish, self-centered woman and doormat husband…what a turnoff!

    • Gerrn Blanston says:

      So true. Had to research if others feel the way I do about this abysmal spot. One character is despicable, the other is pathetic.

  4. G Augustine says:

    What a terrible ad; spotlighting a selfish, me first woman and a doormat husband. I switch it off as soon as I see what’s coming on.

  5. KS says:

    I hate it. I hate it.
    Of course, everyone lives in a mansion with a fancy driveway and a perfectly decorated fence. And then we buy not one but two trucks for Christmas.
    Rediculous, annoying and nauseating.
    I hate it. I hate it.

  6. Dixie says:

    I have the impulse to slap him and then see the truck blowup when she says “ I love it”. I then Invision seeing him run for the garden hose (which he has to search for because he has no idea where it is) so he can put out the burning truck debris … and realises there’s no water! Then he runs to the house whimpering to get his cell phone and the door is locked. He’s then is forced to watch both trucks, now on fire burn to rims. He sinks into a fetal position at the front door …perhaps one hand still gently resting on the nob to obviously insinuate “ he did all he could”. Camera then zooms into the red hand print that was slapped on the side of his face. ( music in the background to a fade out to birds chirping with an occasional pockets of light explosions) The end

  7. sheila peyton says:

    I love it !!!

  8. Elsie says:

    This is my most abhorred ad at this moment. I’m sure it was the director’s call to make the wife such a spoiled and selfish bint complete with those hate filled, threatening looks she gives her husband. Those lines could have been rendered much differently. Instead we are treated every 22 minutes to an emasculating twit and her milquetoast of a target. Yep makes me want whatever it is they are advertising.

    • Gerrn Blanston says:

      “Well, honey, I just dropped $80K, but my lack of spine prevents me from engaging in a mature discussion about whose vehicle belongs to whom.” I hate this spot so much.

  9. Dwayne says:

    No kidding. And he doesn’t know she wants a truck? Lane.

  10. Arthur varner says:

    I like it make some money and enjoy why everyone wants to come to usa

  11. Jon says:

    I literally walked onto a Ford lot and bought an F-150 and an Expedition because of this commercial. What a C. that complete B. of a wife is. So ugly.

  12. Art says:

    What did she buy for him?

  13. Stacy Suarez says:

    I hate this commercial. Please find a new commercial to run. This commercial is the worst GMC has put out ever

  14. Laura B. says:

    I love this commercial. We live in the greatest nation in the world. If we can I don’t see anything wrong with buying a love one a vehicle.

  15. John Wajda says:

    I agree the guy should be kicked in the ass an the gal should bitch slap and what kind of crap is she giving him

  16. Greg says:

    Quit playing this commercial! You have ran it into the ground!! I have seen it 8 times in the last hour. Christmas is over and this is a terrible commercial! Stop

  17. John Smit says:

    Dumas as hell! I HATE IT…..pause live TV to skip it on purpose. Government shit motors!

  18. Monica McLoughlin says:

    I dispise this commercial. She is so selfish and spoiled. He shouldn’t have gotten her a thing. Just shows the ridiculousness of how our society has put value on pocessions and not what is really important.

  19. Someone says:

    I can’t believe this commercial is still running two years now. I still would bitch slap her and kick him in the ass

  20. Ken says:

    Yeah you would never see a woman buying his husband a truck and then the guy acting like that cuz that would be abusive.

  21. ANNOYED says:

    WHY AGAIN??? I thought we were done with this one after last year. I HATE THIS STUPID COMMERCIAL.

  22. Sheri M says:

    I still can’t tell what she buys for him! Fitbits?

  23. Gustavo Ramos says:

    Yes the commercial sucks!!! What a dumb ass guy letting his wife take the truck. Selfish spoiled woman.

  24. Pfsears says:

    I change the channel every time this emasculating commercial comes on. It pissed me off last year and we are again subjected to this crap again in 2019.

  25. Murphy Mouse says:

    She takes the truck and still does not put out.

  26. Newport Livery says:

    This ad hit its burn factor 2 years ago, but it’s still shoved down our throats every 20 minutes. Doesn’t GM realize that ads that piss off their target audience will cost them sales? I’ve been done with GMC and Nissan for awhile now because of their “wokeness”.. And besides, that cuck of a husband shouldn’t be driving a pickup truck in the first place. He belongs in a candy apple SUV!

  27. Diane Dudley says:

    I would NEVER purchase a GMC becuase of these holiday ads. The GMC Holiday ads are obnoxious! and way over played! We turn it off and skip over it as fast as we can! Doesn’t GM realize that ads that piss off their target audience will cost them sales? I did purchase a new car this year. The ads are unrealistic for most people and create a message of snobbery, entitlement and a pretentious atmosphere. This ad ignores the common hardworking audience and portrays an unrealistic message to most people and children which creates discouragement and encourages a negative stigma.

  28. Deborah Sawyer says:

    She bought him a red Fitbit, and the blue one was for her. He should have known right there about the color of the truck that she would pick.

  29. Stanzi says:

    OK, this MeToo movement has gone way too far! You, the husband or boyfriend, buy two vehicles “one for you one for her.” Take the one you want! Do not let her take over what you wanted for yourself. Grow a pair.

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