Progressive’s Babyman: What Do You Think?

Progressive’s “Babyman” rides in the shopping cart seat, knocks boxes off grocery store shelves, spills candy everywhere, drinks milk straight out of the carton, and is in daycare despite being an adult. A childish adult, but an adult nonetheless. Because Progressive says “Act your own age, get your own insurance.” So is Babyman insulting to the intellectually challenged, insulting to millennials, or not insulting at all? Are people too easily offended? Is it an ad that’s stupid or funny? A lot to consider here from a silly commercial. Also, anyone know who plays Babyman? He looks like he could be John Oliver’s little brother.

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5 Responses to Progressive’s Babyman: What Do You Think?

  1. Pat says:

    My husband finds it incredibly tacky and he’s 70 yrs old. I tend to agree—what’s the point? More policies? Why would anyone young want to get one from Progressive after seeing that?

  2. Margaret Quitoni Dupuy says:

    The minute I saw this ad I was sadden by the direction mentally challenged children and their families were being portrayed. I then realized Progressive thought this was funny and had no idea that their ad was potentially hurtful. I certainly pray they will apologize and withdraw the ad.

  3. cindy884 says:

    This is absolutely one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen.

  4. Nancy Farley says:

    This new add campaign showing a grown man in a shopping cart has certainly missed the mark. Having someone in the family with sever disabilities, I can assure you that this characterization is not funny. It is totally insensitive and inappropriate, especially in today’s enlightened and inclusive programs we are promoting with Special Needs children in schools. This shows it’s ok to laugh at someone who is not quite able to navigate in the “same lane” as you instead of helping guide them with compassion and kindness.
    I would be shocked I’d someone connected with the Disabilities Act haven’t already contacted your company. The brain power in your marketing department who put this together and those that approved it need to be sent to sensitivity training. This totally give Progressice a black eye.
    Stick with Flo and her price gun. She has class.

  5. Jake says:

    I’m a millennial who has paid for his own car insurance for over a decade at this point. I’ve never gone with progressive because progressive never had anywhere near the best rates. After seeing this commercial, I can safely say I never will, either.

    Seriously, what were they thinking, trying to insult the group they are supposedly targeting?

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