Chrysler Pacifica And Kathryn Hahn Get Super Dorky In Their Caroling

It’s November now, which means we’ve officially entered Christmas/the holiday season, whether you like it or not. These Chrysler Pacifica commercials with hot mom Kathryn Hahn have all been quite dorky (sometimes delightfully and sometimes cringey), but I think this one might be the dorkiest. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have a strong contender for “whitest commercial of all time.” The hip-hop themed carol is “Lit Christmas” by Scott Stallone ft. MC Rellik.

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6 Responses to Chrysler Pacifica And Kathryn Hahn Get Super Dorky In Their Caroling

  1. White is good. I love it.

  2. catlover420 says:

    If the Lit Christmas commercial is what white is, then white is very bad, and I welcome the impending race war.

  3. Mabby says:

    Finally, I get this commercial!! The Weather Channel has played a shortened version of this the while time, starting with the kids getting out of the van…no context of what is happening. Even my co-workers have been like, “I don’t get it…did the kids just bring the van around to dance for their parents? Is the one driving even.old enough to drive?” (Because it just looks like 3 kids getting out of the van) FINALLY they played the part where she says, “Let’s get our caroling on.” Still didn’t know it was Kathryn until coming here and reading.

  4. Chris Buczik says:

    This is the worst commercial i have ever seen, how this utter shit got by and someone actually thinking it’s “cool” is beyond me. I would like to drop the stupid mother off in the middle of the ghetto and let some real rappers run a train on her – now that would be cool! I would not drive a Chrysler if given one for free.

  5. John Irwin says:

    That lady is hot! I could watch her dance all night

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