McDonald’s Shows Bad Luck Brian Winning In Its Trick. Treat. Win! Game

If you’ve spent time online (which by definition of reading this, you have), you’ve probably seen the meme “Bad Luck Brian.” The real Bad Luck Brian is named Kyle Craven, and his famous photo was taken as a joke. Fortunately, Kyle has enjoyed his Internet fame. And now he’s in this McDonald’s ad for the Trick. Treat. Win! game, and he’s won a Big Mac. Turns out that Bad Luck Brian’s luck is turning around. In another spot, we meet Dylan McWilliams, an outdoor enthusiast who was attacked by a tiger shark in Hawaii. That was a few months after being attacked by a black bear in Colorado, and that wasn’t long after being bitten by a rattlesnake while rock climbing in Utah. The odds of all three happening to the same person is 893.35 quadrillion to one. You have to think Dylan’s odds are better since he’s an outdoorsy type, but still. And now he won a McFlurry!


AT&T Invents A Clock With More Time

With the new iPhone on AT&T, there’s more entertainment than people have time for. So this AT&T employee invented a new clock with more time on it. Sounds great…but it’s just a regular wall clock with a 13 drawn on it. It’s a prototype though. The woman is played by Mary Holland…anyone know who Daniel is?

Mentos Gum Says To Small Talk It

When you think of Mentos advertising, those classic commercials from the ’90s come to mind. While these new spots aren’t quite on that level, they’re still good for a chuckle. Each involves an already somewhat awkward protagonist placed in an awkward position. One is at a party with “cool” people, and the other has a guy alone with his new girlfriend’s manly dad. In both cases, Mentos Gum helps bring on the small talk. Heh. And that “Who says no to Mentos Gum?” jingle is pretty catchy.

Tuesday Throwback: This Young Couple Wants No Onions In Their McDonald’s Drive-Thru Order

In this McDonald’s commercial from 2000, a teenage girl is on the phone with her friend. She says her boyfriend hasn’t kissed her yet since he’s really shy, but thinks tonight is the night. Later, we see the couple hit up the McDonald’s drive-thru. They get two Quarter Pounders with cheese, and she’s insistent on no onions. You know, because of the kissing thing. He has a sheepish look when he realizes. I guess McDonald’s is also advertising the electronic board here, so you can see that they actually got your order down right. It’s a cute and innocent ad that’s also pretty corny and dated.

Sling TV: Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Are Slingers

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have been married since 2003. They parlay that real-life relationship in these new spots for Sling TV, created by The Martin Agency. The freedom of slinging is exhilarating, says Nick. But make sure to limber up before slinging, lest you pull a hammy. Haha.

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