Hyundai: This Family Takes A Journey In Their Santa Fe

The family in this Hyundai Santa Fe commercial takes a road trip, much to the surprise of Aunt Tracy, whose voiceover we hear. She just can’t believe they’re not flying. But they like driving. And with scenery like what they see and adventures like they have, it’s not hard to tell why. The ad was filmed in and around Vancouver, for those wondering. And the song playing is “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron.

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4 Responses to Hyundai: This Family Takes A Journey In Their Santa Fe

  1. James Ryan Halmi says:

    Aunt Tracy sounds like a miserable old b@#€}

  2. Jay says:

    Is that a reindeer or an elk? Got a bet going.

  3. Close guys. It’s actually a bit more inland near Hope BC and on the old TransCanada Highway 1 headed west towards the Okanagan.

    Stunningly beautiful. There’s a super-highway near there now that you can use to bypass it, but why?
    Well,… Donner Party winters and avalanches, but other than that…..

    I can’t recommend any trip/drive more anywhere than a summer drive from Calgary to Vancouver, or even better to Victoria on a ferry.

    The Pacific Coast Highway is a very close second. And that is almost life-changing, to be fair.

    Should be on everyone’s bucket list

  4. Oh, and you can’t beat the USD / CAD exchange rate. They almost pay you to visit.

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