The Song From Apple’s iPhone XS Commercial

Apple tends to use striking music in its commercials, and this song in its ad for their new ridiculously big and expensive iPhone (ironically called the XS) is no exception. So what is that song? It’s “Nothing Burns Like the Cold” by Snoh Aalegra featuring Vince Staples.

9/28 update: Were you looking for the song from this iPhone XS ad where everything grows incredibly big? That song is “Catch My Breath” by Confidence Man.

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5 Responses to The Song From Apple’s iPhone XS Commercial

  1. T says:

    It’s so close to Glory Box by Portishead! At first that’s what I thought it was til the singing started

  2. When I heard it I wondered why they didn’t use Portishead. Interestingly, Glory Box is in one of the episodes of this season’s American Horror Story Apocolypse.

  3. JR says:

    It’s a ripoff of Portishead. Some joker producer was hired to create a jingle that sounds like Glorybox without having to pay Portishead royalties or promote them at all. Either Portishead is too rad and would never lend one of their classics to a stupid Apple commercial, or Apple are cheap and would rather plagiarize, than get a wholly organic production. All they have to do is change a couple notes and they can’t be sued, but the opposite isn’t true, if an artist even comes close to a song owned by the music industry they will seek and destroy. Jerks. You be the judge { }

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