That Pizza Hut Commercial With Excited Steelers Fans

Wrong, you’re not raising her right, because she roots for the Steelers. Yeah, I’m a Bengals fan. By the way, father and daughter are played by a real-life dad/daughter duo: Joshua and Jaidyn Triplett.

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23 Responses to That Pizza Hut Commercial With Excited Steelers Fans

  1. Jennifer Olsen says:

    I just love this commercial. Even though I’m a die heart Dallas Cowboys fan. You can tell she loves her Pittsburgh Steelers.

    • Jeffrey O'Brien says:

      THIS COMMERCIAL is AWFUL!!!!! Get rid of the Steelers and ESPECIALLY showing kids that it is ok to be SPOILED BRATS! SHAME ON YOU PIZZA HUT!!

      • Jenna says:

        First of all I’m not a die-hard sports fan of any kind. However; when I heard this commercial yes that right. I heard it 1st before actually viewing it. I was like why is there all of this screaming on this Pizza Hut commercial. 😮.. Commercials are loud & design to get the attention of consumers. Guess what ??? it’s a commercial she was paid for her screaming skills. Why does every thing have to be about color. Many actress & actors have done commercials & other things before a big break. RELAX ALREADY.. if you don’t like the commercial change the channels. BTW did you see the real life idiot who screamed at a kid for cheering her favorite HOUSTON TEAM !!!

  2. Crush says:

    Big thumbs DOWN👎👎

  3. Corina Tressler says:

    this is the worst commercial….first of all no child needs to have that kind of reaction to a stupid game, and if she learned it from you the parent then you need professional help. and secondly what does that reaction have to do with pizza? if you are promoting that behavior in combination with your pizza then I will find something else to eat.

  4. Chris Smith says:

    Pizza Hut – nothing about this commercial makes me want to order from you. Badly behaved kid taught by nasty Steelers parents and throwing your pizza at the tv… yeah.. No thanks!

  5. Elena Reichert says:

    I hate this commercial. Get her some therapy fast. NOBODY should ever rage over a game like that HUGE thumbs down !

  6. Shelly Bug says:

    It’s commercials like these that show children it is okay to become angry sports fans. I think it is very wrong and you should be ashamed to even broadcast this particular Pizza Hut commercial. I will now be banning Pizza Hut.

  7. Lee says:

    Awful commercial. Why encourage a chiled to have a fit over food or football.

  8. Deborah Adell says:

    A truly appalling commercial. “Raising her right”? Ok, if raising an angry, out-of-control child that thinks it is ok to throw a fit of rage is your intent. A perfect example of why we see road rage, domestic violence, and generally out of control people. You are normalizing it. No more Pizza Hut.

  9. camiesmiles says:

    I feel you about not being a Steelers fan. However, I love, love, love this commercial.

  10. mn says:

    Raising another “mad black woman”

  11. Jeffrey O'Brien says:

    Get rid of the Commerical…IT IS AWFUL!!

  12. Joe says:

    You people talking about domestic violence, road rage, poor parenting and so on are ridiculous. It’s a commercial, purely for entertainment purposes. If you want to “ban” Pizza Hut from your lives, I’m sure they’ll survive without you. This is why our country is going down the shitter, sensitive ass people. And for the record, i hate the commercial…it’s annoying. But I’m not going to let it impact my life for fucks sake.

  13. Michael Evans says:

    Truely the most ridiculous commercial on tv,my kid ever acted out like this there would be some counciling involved.By the way…not all of us adore the Pittsburgh Steelers – consider some. Local / regional teams.

  14. Denise says:

    I agree. Stupid commercial. Yeah. Let’s ‘raise her right’ to be a seething, overbearing, screaming human.

  15. Debra Atanasyan says:

    How can you guys say you’re raising her right if my child ever did that and show that kind of Rage I don’t care what team is winning or losing I would not call that acceptable I do not like this commercial at all

  16. Don Root says:

    I cant believe you would think thats a good way to portray a young girl.That commercial is terrible..I will never go to pizza hut

  17. Margo Lopreste says:

    I don’t care what team she’s a fan of. If my daughter showed that kind of rage over a pizza/football commercial she’d be off football for the season. A fan is different than a raving maniac. Kids learn by example. What’s that say about the parents? Maybe they should take classes on child rearing? The daughter could end up as President of the U.S. with that rage. Then what??????

  18. Jane tomas says:

    Worst commercial ever. Will never buy with this type of advertising.

  19. nyctraffic says:

    Obnoxious. What idiot thinks hearing a spoiled child screaming will make them want to order from pizza hut?

  20. DA says:

    Keep trying to picture this commercial with a white couple and white little girl. Would it come off with the same effect, or even more disturbing.

  21. Martha Valle says:

    That is horrible behavior for a child to display, she is portraying anger and ugliness, this commerical should be banned. If a child has a favorite team and is cheering it should be displayed as happiness on a positive note. Not in angry hateful ways as this girl is showing. Not a pizza hut fan anymore.

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