Snickers Brings Us Elton John Crooning In A Rap Battle

Sir Elton John might be one of the most iconic singers around, but he is decidedly not a rapper. In this new Snickers spot from the UK, there’s a rap battle at a house party. And Elton John emerges…crooning “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” But after eating a Snickers, the real rapper Boogie comes out and does his thing. Because you’re not you when you’re hungry, of course. It’s an amusing ad from AMV BBDO.

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One Response to Snickers Brings Us Elton John Crooning In A Rap Battle

  1. Kittin says:

    I usually love the snickers ads this campaign, but I have to say, this one left me stunned. And its what is NOT said that is blaringly offensive. The gay-bashing in rap music (albeit more prevelant in the US than the UK I would wager) makes what can be taken from this completely off mark from what they were trying to say….if it were a party in the US like that, the friend would have called Boogie a sequin-and-boa wearing fa**ot” and it would have been incorporated in to the opposing sides comeback. I can only think that The way this is perceived in the UK is completely different than many would perceive it here. And as a person who not often gets offended by ads or really anything, for something to leave me sputtering and nearly speechless….and offended enough to talk about it online….well for me, that’s giant. I just really feel this ad missed the mark. And is offensive. Very offensive.

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