Dawn, Ducklings, And “Lean On Me”

Dawn is the best-selling dishwashing liquid in the United States. Its status as a frontrunner means that the packaging on stores’ generic dishwashing soap often contains the words “compare to Dawn.” But if you asked the average person their first association with Dawn, you’d probably hear “ducklings.” That’s because for the last 40 years, Dawn has used its grease fighting skills to help remove oil from animals affected by oil spills. Cleaning up an oily duckling and restoring it to cute and quacky is pretty much advertising gold, so that’s been Dawn’s main marketing angle. In its newest spot, Dawn shows oily creatures being cleaned up, most notably the aforementioned ducklings, but also other adorable animals like sea otters, geese, and seals. The commercial is soundtracked by a pretty cover of the classic Bill Withers song “Lean on Me.” The cover is performed by Paris Ray. Here’s more from Adweek.

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10 Responses to Dawn, Ducklings, And “Lean On Me”

  1. Marie Yates says:

    The cover is by Paris Ray, a 22 year old singer songwriter from Long Island, NY! parisraymusic.com

  2. Anon. says:

    @parisraymusic on instagram. She’s awesome I’d give her a follow

  3. Ann-Marie Mastrati says:

    This commercial I’ve just watched looks very staged, I’m sure ducks have been saved as well as other animals from oil spills, but I find that this commercial looks as if it was purposely done.

    • kevin zak says:

      I agree.
      It is my opinion that they put that “stuff” on the duckling. I film wildlife and rescue birds of prey. It looks staged.

  4. Starr says:

    Thankfully the adorable animals manage to distract from that poorly sung version of a classic Bill Withers song. It manages to be cloying and pitchy/slightly off key (ties 2or 3 during the layered harmony spots—eek)- I cant stand the assault on my ears- I change the channel when it comes on. I’m glad you included the name of the singer (Paris Ray, whom I’ve never heard of) so that I can avoid like the plague on any playlist I run across-

  5. Cayton Wiley says:

    I’m looking for information on how the makers of the commercials for Dawn grease up those ducks and otters. What is that muck all over them?? Why are they pretending to be so concerned about these animals and then they treat them like this to make a commercial?

  6. Mercedes E. says:

    This is a lovely commercial. I love the ducks but wish that the little otter and other animals were also included. Unfortunately, the commercial was shortened just to show ducks. Can you expand on the use of Dawn and their work on the environment with different animals in another commercial or in a documentary, etc?

  7. GARY C SMITH says:

    I personally love that commercial with the little duckling being washed with dawn to clean off the oil . I only wish that at the end of the commercial when the little guy is all clean and walking and quaking that they add audio of the quaking

  8. Connor says:

    Terrible rendition of lean on me takes all the soul out of it. 1/5 stars

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