The Buick Enclave “Yes” Commercial

Kids ask a lot of questions. That’s the premise of this new spot for the Buick Enclave. An inquisitive boy keeps asking his dad different stuff during a family road trip, ranging from “can we open the sunroof to “is that how cows are made?” His dad’s answer to every question is a yes. I kinda doubt a youngster his age would really care about kombucha, but whatever. When they finally get to their destination, the boy asks if a bear just pooed on their tent. Clearly, yes. Good times, everyone. I’ll update with actor/actress info on this one when I get it.




POM Wonderful Tells The Inspirational Story Of A Man Who Was Impaled By A Dolphin

Now here’s a memorable parody of pharma advertising from POM Wonderful. We meet Jeff, who was impaled by a dolphin last July, and nearly died. But now he’s feeling better than ever, thanks to POM Wonderful. Before the dolphin incident, Jeff was overweight and didn’t exercise…then after it happened, he started drinking POM Wonderful and taking a more active approach to his health. He still notices the dolphin though, mostly on chest days. We also hear from Jeff’s wife, Karen, who discusses the changes the dolphin caused. Jeff is also more successful at work, and his memory has improved. But don’t ask Jeff if he feels lucky that he got impaled by a dolphin…that’s a really stupid question. And shorter videos further show Jeff’s and Karen’s healthier lifestyle (but not healthier sex life). Funny stuff. Here’s more about it from Adweek.


Sandwiches Love Heinz’s New Mayonnaise

I’m a huge fan of both sandwiches and mayonnaise, so I heard about the introduction of Heinz Mayonnaise with some interest. Heinz, of course, is best known for their ketchup, but I guess they’ve decided to expand their portfolio with some creamy white stuff. They’re also apparently releasing “mayochup”, which Utahns have long known as fry sauce. Anyway, in this spot for Heinz Mayonnaise, sandwiches (or uhh, people dressed up as sandwiches) line up at the Heinz Deli, eagerly awaiting to get topped. “Yesterday’s Mayo” doesn’t seem so happy though.

NBA: Kevin Love And DeMar DeRozan Discuss Mental Health

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors are currently playing each other in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Kevin Love of the Cavs and DeMar DeRozan of the Raptors have both experienced well-documented struggles with mental health. In this spot, Love and DeRozan talk about how it’s good to ask for help. A very important and effective ad from the NBA. Walks It Out

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Unk’s catchy song “Walk It Out.” But if there’s any place in advertising where its usage seems appropriate,, a dog walking service, seems high on the list.

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