Mazda’s “Feel Alive” Ad

Mazda’s first commercial from its new “Feel Alive” campaign is certainly ambitious and visually attractive. It’s been getting a lot of views (7.1 million since being released on April 2nd), but it’s also been getting very mixed reviews. Is it inspiring or pretentious? I’m leaning more to pretentious. The song is “Outro” by M83.


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2 Responses to Mazda’s “Feel Alive” Ad

  1. Joe says:

    This is a STUPID commercial – all the one words, like some guy reading a list of spelling words to his 3rd grader. When you think about a Mazda, you think about economy, reasonably well built, guppy mouth grill, etc. – but SOAR…give me a break. A bit of an over reach don’t you think?

  2. Dan says:

    The Mazda Commercial is the most irritating on tv today. Gay dancers in locker rooms, shooting pics of birds, chasing whales, damned liberal crap. No real jobs. Not Now and forever is when I’d buy a Mazda.

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