Snickers: It’s Almond, Not “Ahmend”!

Have you ever been irritated by the way someone pronounces (or mispronounces) a word? If so, you might relate to this funny Snickers spot, where a guy takes extreme measures to get away from his buddy who keeps pronouncing almond “ahmend.” Of course, you probably wouldn’t bail out of your car, causing it to crash into a mailbox…but you overreact when you’re hungry. Those guys are great. And if you want something a little darker, Snickers also has a commercial featuring a meter reader doing an impromptu confession.

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13 Responses to Snickers: It’s Almond, Not “Ahmend”!

  1. Carol Bowie says:

    Sorry, but the Snickers commercial is wrong. The correct pronunciation of the word IS “Ahmend,” with the “L” silent, Check it out at I learned this in my “Voice and Articulation” class at Wayne State University in Detroit around 1970.

  2. susie says:

    soooo glad someone else is upset at the WRONG pronunciation…the L is silent!!!

  3. Rudi says:

    Really stupid commercial but a great idea to develop. Some idiot will try the car bale stunt and end up with massive head injuries and/ or death. The lawyers will use the “ Snickers made him do it” excuse at trial in line with the SF mayor/twinkies argument.

  4. Charmaine Cartagena says:

    Such a horrible commercial showing the driver of a car throwing himself out of the car to the ground as the car erratically jumps a curb! What the hell are you thinking???????? Children are watching this! I’m appalled that you would stoop this low. Stick your Ahmend Snickers where the sun don’t shine! I’ll never purchase your products again.

  5. David says:

    This is a terrible add. Now we can see a bunch of kids trying to jump out of their car while still moving.
    This add should no longer be played

  6. Victor says:

    The “l” is silent….this is just another dumbing down. It should be taken off the air.

  7. Cheryl Pizzino Pizzino says:

    it’s not even funny. You’re showing people who aren’t a smart as they should be that they can jump out of a car and not get hurt

  8. M. Beaman says:

    I LOVE Snickers, but as long as this commercial is aired, I will NOT purchase this product. The commercial is displaying a dangerous message to the younger, vulnerable generation and literally destroying the appeal to purchase an otherwise yummy product. In my opinion, the only statement this advertisement portrays is distorted thinking. A mature, “sane” person would not jump from a moving vehicle just because someone mispronounces a term (by the way, “almond” wasn’t mispronounced). Your advertisement agency and company missed it’s goal for this customer to remember your product, almond Snickers; the only thing I’m going to remember is why I’ll NEVER purchase your product again.

  9. DIYGirl says:

    Are you people SERIOUS? Are you really upset that someone may try to roll out of a car just because of this commercial??? Do people NOT have brains with which to THINK? So our population is so stupid that just by watching a commercial that they think they can do this too? What a sad, sad situation we are in as a society if this is so. So its SNICKERS fault if some stupid adolescent tries this… not the stupid kids lack of any common sense? Geez. It’s a funny commercial! Have you NEVER been irritated by a near by coworker’s constant coughing, or sucking on a cough drop, or clipping their fingernails… it’s the same concept. Sort of like being constantly irritated by ignorant people who want to blame everyone else for their actions and NOT THEMSELVES FOR NOT THINKING! Unbelievable.

  10. Toni Tuminella says:

    Yes, I AM an English teacher. But you don’t have to be one to know that the L in “almond” is silent. IT SHOULD BE PRONOUNCED AHMEND.
    But worse than that is the dangerous showing of that fool jumping out of a car. Take it off the air! Absurdly dangerous for kids to watch!!!!!

  11. Jen says:

    It is not pronounced with an “L” like the commercial says… The “L” is silent!!!Please research the correct pronunciation before making a commercial.

  12. Jacob Lightner says: – totally irresponsible commercial. If that is the best you can do – find another job. Better yet, find another profession than creating commercials that bow to the base level of humanity. A letter will be sent to Mars Corporate/VIPs/ I am sure they do not care but at least I will have the satisfaction that I made a statement.

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