Sling TV Introduces A Couple Of Slingers

Once, I was at a work party and my boss excitedly told me “there’s weed in the back.” He wanted me to go back there with him, some of my co-workers, and a few other higher-ups. I went back there, intrigued at the potentially awkward experience of marijuana with managers. After heading back, I realized that I had misheard. There was Wii in the back, not weed. Which was cool anyway…we played Wii bowling. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I thought of this story after watching this new Sling TV commercial, where a simple misunderstanding leads to awkwardness. One couple is hosting another, and a wife suggests “slinging with us.” There’s a moment of discomfort, but the other couple agrees. They head to the couch…and start watching Sling TV. Red-headed wife realizes they said Sling, and then admits she thought they said they were something that rhymes with slingers. Her husband, who seemed much more open to “slinging” also is confused…and he’s unbuttoning his shirt. Whoops. It’s a funny spot created by The Martin Agency (best known for their Geico work), but one I’m sure the fuddie-duddies won’t like. The slinger wife is played by Tiffany Elle, and the unbuttoning husband is Dan Gill.


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22 Responses to Sling TV Introduces A Couple Of Slingers

  1. Stupidest commercial ever! You are a real loser if you think this a good commercial. I just want to break my TV every time it comes on!

  2. davidparacka says:

    Isn’t that pro-slinger guy the ex-husband on Mom? He was in breaking bad, too!

    • joshw24 says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen numerous comments saying that it’s the guy who played Badger on Breaking Bad. Don’t have any confirmation, but it sure looks like him.

  3. Tremingo says:

    My cuzin T say he gonna gets some sling when he get his tv back

  4. L phelps says:

    Well I HATE the sling swingers commercials. I mute it immediately and fast forward to get past it.

  5. enlevez says:

    Very poor taste and because of the indecent commercial I will not try it

  6. Amanda says:

    It’s sick that our children are seeing commercials with innuendoes like f***ing swingers….Really?….So Sling is promoting swingers, and sleeping with multiple people at the same time? WOW!

  7. jessie ball says:

    I am not offended by the commercial, but I don’t think it’s very funny. It also is not a very good pun-mishearing “swingers” instead of “slingers”, since the term “slingers” is a made-up term created by the sling company.

  8. D. Keck says:

    We are offended by this commercial that is in very poor taste. Baseball is meant to be family entertainment and this suggestive commercial is offensive. I would not consider using a product promoted this way.

  9. david says:

    what is the womens name that invites them in

  10. Keith says:

    Is the red-haired woman in the “Slingers” commercial Amy from Ghosthunters? Sure looks like her and sounds like her….

  11. Kat says:

    The husband “undressing” is Dan Gill

  12. tamara fowler says:

    these are the WORST ads. i would never use sling because of them. and as a side note? i have never had a weekly tv watching party.

  13. gurnseth says:

    Man, something wrong with you people… the only thing I don’t like about the “slinging” commercial is that I didn’t think of it! Its a commercial… it is only sexual in it suggestiveness, and only to adults! Children do not understand things they have not experienced. So how could they understand what this play on words is suggesting. All Ya’ll, need to relax, and enjoy the humor in life… It don’t come along this good, often enough!

  14. gurnseth says:

    Thank You! then that makes 2 of us…

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