Geico: People Talk Baby Talk To Dogs, Even McGruff The Crime Dog

Remember McGruff? The crime-fightin’ pooch introduced in 1980 makes a comeback in Geico’s newest spot. McGruff walks into the police station with a hot lead, but unfortunately everyone just wants to talk baby talk to him. Haha.

Bonus link: This McGruff didn’t practice what he preached.


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6 Responses to Geico: People Talk Baby Talk To Dogs, Even McGruff The Crime Dog

  1. Melanie Rodriguez says:

    I hate this commercial stop making fun of Magruff the crime dog he’s one of the good ones from my youth dam is nothing worth showing the positive side anymore we have enough showing only the stupid things in life. What a tragedy .

  2. Michelle Pantene says:

    Horrible commercial, classic case of bullying !!! This commercial should be pulled from viewing, I don’t want my son to see anyone being bullied.

  3. Christine Correa says:

    This is a disgusting commercial! We try to teach our children not to be bullies and don’t allow anyone to bully them. Then Geico makes commercials that glorifying bullies. Do they have to rely on this type of advertising? I don’t think so. I find them completely disgusting. I always change the channel. I just hope they realize they are catering to the lowest possible denomination.

  4. Meg Anderson says:

    This insurance company now has TWO ads making fun of bullying. WHY?? We, as as a nation, are actively fighting bullying and it’s consequences. Their marketing people’s mindset is in the gutter.

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