The Subaru Outback And A Blind Man Help This Couple See The World

Subaru has long had a crunchy, left-of-center image, and this is also apparent in its sentimental, whimsical, and adventurous advertising. In its newest spot from longtime agency Carmichael Lynch, an outdoorsy couple seeks to explore the “Peninsula Trail.” An older, bearded, blind man hears their inquiry and tells them that they won’t be able to find it on a map. He’ll take them there. They look surprised, y’know, because he’s blind, but they’re down for an adventure. And off they go! Despite not being able to see, the man leads them to a crab shack, an ocean overlook, and finally the trail in the dark. The scenery in this one is absolutely beautiful, and what makes it even cooler is the the blind man is George Wurtzel, who’s actually blind. In real life, George is an artist and woodworker who works at Enchanted Hills Camp and Retreat, and leads sighted people on guided trail walks. Very nice spot from Subaru.


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16 Responses to The Subaru Outback And A Blind Man Help This Couple See The World

  1. Anne Swatfigure says:

    I love my Subaru Forester and the blind man giving directions to the Peninsula Trail is one of my all time favorite ads. Way to go Subaru!

  2. El Stone says:

    Maybe I’m just a cynical but that commercial is about as realistic as Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • You had it right the first time. You are just cynical. The man portrayed is in fact blind and is in fact a nature guide in that area. Not a good reason to buy their car but the events shown are based on real life.

      • Gabe says:

        Blindness understood, but how is the average viewer expected to know he’s a nature guide?

  3. Pablo Blanco says:

    Should have made him a blind lesbian pansexual gender neutral guy. fuck off Subaru with your bigoted commercials.

    • Huh? What does ANY of that or bigotry have to do with a kindly blind man helping people discover the natural wonders of his area? The gentleman in this commercial is in fact blind and does work at a camp and takes people on nature walks

      • Stentor says:

        Haters gonna hate Sara, just tell him to go pound sand up his ass, that’s the only way to deal with a bully, even a rhetorical one.

  4. I love the warmth of this commercial. TY

  5. Richard says:

    I’m an avid hiker and love this spot!

  6. Paul D Morales jr says:

    Very nice and touching commercial being partially handicapped I view the commercial from both ways this commercial move me in a way to find out who the blind man was very good commercial and I’m pretty sure everybody else will feel the same way keep up the good work

  7. Paul D Morales jr says:

    Very nice and touching commercial being handicapped you get the view things in both ways.This commercial moved me in a way that I wanted to know who the blind old man was. To find out he is really blind and works at a camp for the the blind and handicap great way to do a commercial, being true. Keep up the good work.!!!

  8. Tim says:

    Who is the blonde woman?

  9. Barbara Crowell says:

    Beautiful commercial.

  10. Al Gillis says:

    Very nice work… Near the end, the smile on the young woman is excellent as they listen to the Owl and other forest sounds! I like the version found here on-line much better than the one I’ve seen on TV. Kudos to Carmichael Lynch.

  11. Coot says:

    OR you can think like most people and say nobody in their right mind in 100 years would take a complete and total stranger on a trip into midnight to find any d@mn thing…

  12. Gabe says:

    Just curious…why are these people pretending to be airplanes while ‘listening to the whales? Seems really stupid.

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