The Women From Those Buick Commercials

A blog reader wrote to me wondering the identities of the women in a Buick commercial. They have numerous ads running, so I’ll cover a few of them. The first one isn’t even new…it came out at least a year ago, but has been getting aired again. Two friends are going to their friend’s baby shower. One picked up a cake that says “girl.” Only problem is that the baby, who’s going to be named Taylor, will be a boy. So they run back to the bakery for a “boy” cake. The brunette is Caitlin McHugh, and the blonde is Arielle Vandenberg, who also played the wife in State Farm’s popular “Never” ad.

In the second commercial, a woman parks her Buick Enclave and a bunch of kids pop out. Another woman passing by comments about how much room it has for “those little maniacs”, and suggests to her husband that they should have a ton more kids. Only they have three active ones already. Vanessa Rubio plays the Buick Enclave mom.. The husband of the stroller mom is Robert Belushi, who’s the son of Jim and the nephew of John. The song playing in both commercials is “It’s Alright” by Matt & Kim.


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18 Responses to The Women From Those Buick Commercials

  1. Tim Drumhiller says:

    Who’s the Mom pushing the stroller in the Buick little maniacs commercial. Seems like I’ve seen her in a movie.

  2. jarlady says:

    Is it Hannah Dunne?

  3. Maureen says:

    Enclave commercial with the “maniacs”, could have used other words like maybe rugrats. Words with better connotations and what they used.

  4. lisa says:

    I don’t like the remark little “maniacs” either. And I don’t like the woman agreeing they’re maniacs. Change the wording!!

    • Cbsells says:

      I can not even believe that Buick thought it was good marketing to refer to children as maniacs. Poor choice. Disrespectful.

  5. Jermery Jam says:

    Ahhhhh man! What about the black woman with the curly hair. She was in the passenger seat when her friend received the crazy emoji text!

  6. Brenda Pawloski says:

    She says “a ton more Keds” not “kids.” She wants more shoes. I think it’s intended to be annoying so we don’t ignore it, from the “maniac” comment to the brain dead sounding stroller mom who wants a ton more Keds.

  7. But what about the ONE woman you didn’t identify? The one that wants a ton more kids?
    That’s the only one I actually wanted to know, sadly.

  8. Linda Himes says:

    Yes but what is the message from Jill at the end of the commercial?

  9. Pearl Quake says:

    The woman who liked the buick billboard is…?

  10. Jiliann says:

    The pathetic commercial with the woman saying they should have a ton more kids is Dumb.
    Don’t care who the woman is, the comments and words used referring to children are so
    Annoying. I will quickly turn off the tv so I don’t have to hear it. I suppose she is just going by a script, obviously written and approved by morons. All the Buick commercials are dumb.

  11. Regina jones says:

    i don’t think is was a nice thing to call the kids in the Buick commercial little maniacs that should be struck from that commercial how does the buickdealer think that’s appropriate very inappropriate dis tasteful and sounds very ugly should be taken off.

  12. Regina jones says:

    Everyone though the buick commercial with the lady calling the kid’s getting out of the buick car little maniacs was a very cruel thing to say about kids they should take that commercial off the air thats terrible and should be cut and buick should be ashamed of them selfs

  13. Jennifer Vickery says:

    Agree with comments where our children are referred to as maniacs. What’s wrong with Buick? Does the CEO of this company refer to his children as maniacs?

    • Ana says:

      Oh shut up you people are ridiculous. Ever heard of referring to kids as “little rascals?” You damn boomers are insane. It’s a funny little term of endearment. Get a life.

  14. NS says:

    What about the Asian actress in the one Buick commercial? She’s wearing a gold-ish sequin 2-piece outfit, and is with an Asian guy. They are the 1st one in the commercial. I’ve identified the actor. Was surprised to find out that he’s from Toronto (where I’m from). I cannot find boo about that hottie though! Boo-Hoo! She REALLY needs to fire her agent!

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