TurboTax Says “At Least Your Taxes Are Free!”

TurboTax only advertises heavily for a few months each year, so it makes sense that they’d go all in during that time. A few days ago, I wrote about a TurboTax ad starring a dancing teddy bear that’s been getting great feedback. Now they have a campaign featuring people who find the silver lining in the worst situations. You may have fallen overboard off a cruise ship or had a car fall on you, but hey, at least your taxes are free!

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One Response to TurboTax Says “At Least Your Taxes Are Free!”


    I ABSOLUTELY HATE the TurboTax commercial of ‘the Mailman’s baby’!!
    As a women who is dealing with a cheating husband, I find it heartless and cruel. It hurls people of both sexes who, in the past, present, and even future, have dealt/ are dealing with adultry. This commercial is NOT FUNNY!…It is painful as salt in wounds.
    I am a repeat TurboTax user but now…..

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