This Commercial Sucks: iPad’s “What’s A Computer?”

This Apple iPad Pro ad has been out for a month now and racked up nearly six million views on YouTube. For the most part, it’s not a bad spot following a young girl named Scout using her iPad Pro during a day in her Brooklyn neighborhood. The song (“Go” by Louis the Child) is decent too. But the reason I think this commercial sucks is the same one most of its detractors have…that final line of “What’s a computer?” Ugh. So annoying and pretentious.

Kraft Has A Tearjerker Of An Ad About Parenthood

Earlier this year, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese had a lighthearted campaign about parenting foibles, emphasizing that parents aren’t perfect. Now, Kraft has a more serious campaign, dubiously called “Family Greatly.” Despite the stupid name of the campaign, the first long-form spot is quite touching. Real parents are interviewed about their insecurities about raising their kids and the pressure to be “perfect.” But then when their kids are interviewed, the parents see what they say and realize that they’re doing a great job. Aww. Here’s more from Ad Age.

A HoneyBaked Ham Is Much Better Than A KellyBaked Ham

According to Adweek, this spot is HoneyBaked Ham’s first TV ad in 10 years. And it’s an amusing one. We see attractive shots of a HoneyBaked Ham contrasted with the struggles of a KellyBaked Ham, attempted by the hapless Kelly. The repetition of “A HoneyBaked Ham…or a KellyBaked Ham” becomes positively hypnotic. I especially appreciated the quick scenes of Kelly fighting her dog for the ham. Nice work from BBDO Atlanta.

Toyota: Jan’s Christmas Song Features A Falling Eyebrow

This Toyota Christmas commercial with a singing Jan (played by Laurel Coppock) is getting a lot of attention for the wrong reason. Specifically, Jan’s eyebrow is falling off near the end. Toyota has the tagline “Let’s Go Places”, and well, Jan’s one fake eyebrow definitely is going places. Haha.

New York Lottery Shows An Adorable And Determined Bodega Cat

One of the best parts about life in NYC are the bodegas, which are often home to cats, employed partly for their friendliness and partly for their vermin killing. In this charming spot from the New York Lottery, we see a bodega cat, Cyrus, who tracks down his store’s owner at home after closing and gives him an unexpected Christmas present while he sleeps. Cyrus even takes the bus and climbs down the chimney like Santa Claus…adorable. The song is a cover of “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)”, performed by Julia Stone.



Geico: This Space Captain Misplaced His Keys

Do you misplace your keys on occasion? Of course you do. Everyone does. Even powerful space captains, as happens in this new Geico ad. He last had them on a silver carabiner, guys. The captain is played by Steve Talley, while the male and female soldiers are played by Ali Ghandour and Heather Woodward respectively. Also, Steve Tom is the spokesman.

Lincoln Makes It Snow For Olivia

As I’m writing, New York City is getting its first snow of the season. It’s the same storm that brought snowfall to places that rarely get it, like Corpus Christi, Texas. When you’ve never experienced snow before, it can be a magical experience. A young girl named Olivia lives in sunny Southern California. She shakes up a snow globe, and suddenly the fluffy white stuff starts falling from the sky. It becomes a magical scene, complete with mistletoe, reindeer, and dancing. The song playing is Suite for Variety Orchestra No. 1: VII. Waltz No. 2 composed by Dmitri Shostakovich and performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra. Nice spot from Lincoln.

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