Dilly Dilly! Check Out Bud Light’s Pit Of Misery

Bud Light’s “Banquet” commercial has been an extremely popular one for the last few months that I for some reason didn’t write about on here. In particular, the repeated and silly “Dilly Dilly!” quote became a memetic catchphrase. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger even used a “Dilly Dilly!” cadence in last week’s blowout win over the Tennessee Titans. So, responding to the ad’s popularity, Bud Light has made a followup spot. We see Greg making the Pit of Misery somewhat less miserable by bringing back some Bud Light? Is it dumb that he escaped the Pit of Misery, only to return to give Bud Light to his fellow miserables? Probably, but whatever. Dilly dilly! Here’s more from Adweek.

About joshw24
31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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