Downy Says Don’t Be Half-Washed

If you showed up for a first date with a V-neck that looks like a U-neck, Downy says that shirt’s been “half-washed.” Quite diplomatically, the woman on the date says he looks “amazingly comfortable.” Oof. Shannon Hollander plays the woman, while Jim Mahoney is the man. In another awkward situation, a guy (Brian Kimmet) encounters his boss (Jason E. Kelley) when his T-shirt (actually, a polo…) smells like a T-Bone. His doctor’s appointment excuse falls apart, since he was actually at a steakhouse.


About joshw24
31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

3 Responses to Downy Says Don’t Be Half-Washed

  1. Cesar says:

    Who stops at a steak house for breakfast ?

  2. Doug Moore says:

    So if he used Downy he would not smell looks the steakhouse he just came from ?

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